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Top quality marijuana seeds online. Buy your seeds at cheap prices from the best seedbanks / brands, tutorials and much more.

Everything at your favorite cannabis seed grow shop online!

Types of marijuana seeds

In our seed catalog you will find more than 3400 varieties organized in regular, feminized and autoflowering seed formats. In addition you have more than 150 seed banks, where you will find find the most important in the world.

  • Regular or natural seeds are the marijuana seeds known as they naturally occur in nature, so that the new seeds germinated will give rise to male plants and female plants indistinctly.
  • In case of feminized seeds, these are seeds that produce female plants almost exclusively. With these sort of seeds you are guaranteed to collect buds plagued with resin at the end of the crop.
    Female plants differ from the male in the "Little hairs" or white pistils that the plant shows at three or four weeks of growth. The detected males in the grow space should be removed from the crop to avoid pollination.
  • If we speak about autoflowering seeds or automatic seeds, these are also feminized, the main difference lies in the fact that these plants do not depend on the photoperiod to flower, that is, they do not depend on the number of hours of light they receive, and they flower automatically; Thus, you can obtain your harvest in about 3 months, depending on the variety.

The genetic reserves of our commercial varieties (PEVbank) are developed and produced from the highest standards of quality and good practices.

We develop quality seeds for medical applications (patients) and for the most demanding users (cannaseurs), that is why we adapt each plant developed to the new uses demanded by the market.

¡Open your mind to new experiences, and find out your favorite marijuana seeds in Piensa en Verde!

Which are the cheapest?

The cheapest marijuana seeds that you will be able to find in our catalog are those of our exclusive PEVBank, since we are producers and we do not buy from any intermediary.

As a curiosity I can tell you that Valencia (Spain), our headquarter, is one of the places in the world where more cannabis seeds are produced.

Also in our online catalog you will be able to find your marijuana seeds from any other seedbank at the best price, with a wide range of experiences and varieties.

All these varieties, correspond to different flavors, effects, aromas and colors, that will make your pot gives you what you really expect.

So, ¡you already know! ¡If you are looking for seeds with the best price / quality ratio, we suggest you to take a look at PEV Bank!

In Piensa en Verde we know that we have a wide catalog with the best varieties for different sort of cultivation, but ...

Is there any difference between indoor and outdoor seeds?

Taking into account carefully selected clones for the development of our varieties, it is very important for us to clarify that any cannabis seed can be grown both indoor and outdoor.

If you plan to make an indoor crop we recommend you look for varieties with a fast flowering to save on electricity consumption.

In our technical product sheet you can find this icon that indicates that this seed correspond to a fast flowering strain, also you can make use of our filter selector "Features"> "Very fast flowering".

If you are going to grow making an outdoor crop in a climate far from the equator, take a look at the most suitable seeds for growing in humid and cold climates, or in winter.

In our technical product sheet you can find this icon that indicates that this strain is resistant to humidity, in addition you can make use of our filter selector "Features"> "Resistant to the humidity".

As a curiosity I tell you that in the course of time, many pure landraces that were adapted to tropical climates and long photoperiods have been "domesticated" to indoor crops, to give maximum production in a shorter time, with higher THC values.

At present time the concret inception for each genetic are practically unknown, and do not correspond to a clear descent, since the majority of genetics have been passed from breeder to breeder using both clones and / or seeds.

However, In spite of their high stability, there have always been variations between crops along the time, resulting in the loss of traits characteristic of the initial genetic, but giving rise to the appearance of new features, very interesting and valued in modern marijuana strains.

By using modern techniques of genetic characterization of marijuana varieties in the laboratory, researchers are beginning to uncover the primitive origins of each variety, as well as their probable modern evolution, distinguishing in fact the genetic traits expressed in modern phenotypes, which have been sought out by more experienced growers.

¿Which are the most productive marijuana seeds?

We know that one of the most interesting features for cannabis growers is productivity, in our catalog you will find your favorite marijuana seeds, although we will give you a clue, from our experience any hybrid Kush or Widow could be worth. These varieties are also adapted to indoor and outdoor crops, offering excellent yields, with very good quality of resin.

In addition we understand that other important properties for you is to know which are the most psychoactive, the most medicinal and the fastest, all this you can find it out using our advanced online searcher.

You should keep in mind, even if you choose one of these seeds that we recommend, the way you cultivate, the nutrients you apply and the external factors , because all of these facts will affect the productivity of your plants. ¡Enjoy your pot!

In our technical product sheet you can find this icon that indicates you that this seed is the most productive, in addition you can make use of our selector filter "Features"> "Great producer"

¿Which have the highest potency?

To explain it correctly, we should not only rely on the high level of THC.

It is also very important the levels of other cannabinoids, which will determine the type of effect you are searching to experience:

  • -Stoning
  • -Creative
  • -Cerebral
  • -Medicinal
  • -Narcotic…

You will be able to find out all these types of effects using the filter selector of the website: "effect".

¡Take it easy! ...¡we have very psychoactive genetics!

As Piensa en Verde sets its vision and values in the recreational user, as well as to the medicinal user, we cannot forget how our breeders have been adapting the development of all produced varieties, with profiles of cannabinoids determined for specific medical indications adapted to different ailments and / or treatments, offering genetics THC rich (Sativa strains like Haze or Thai), or CBD rich (Indica as OG Kush or Afghani) and special hybrids THC: CBD.

¿Is not enough clear to you yet? We make it easy for you!

We invite you to browse our website!

Piensa en Verde offers you an extensive catalog of products and interesting tips on our blog about:

  • -The most important features about marijuana seeds of landraces.
  • -New modern genetics.
  • -Innovation in cultivation methods.
  • -Differences between hemp and marijuana.
  • -Profiles of cannabinoids and terpenes for medical and recreational purposes.
  • ¡And a large bunch of knowledge more!
And remember that, with each order you will get an original gift for free!