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    Extraction and filtration of marijuana resin
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Dear Cannalover!

Welcome to one of our favorite sections in PEV, Grow Shop in Spain, the cannabic paraphernalia.

It's one of our favorites because it means you're going to harvest your plants imminently, and you'll be able to enjoy your harvest the way you like it most.

If you are about to cut, and want to peel your buds in a comfortable and effective way, do not hesitate to check out our sub-section dedicated to Peeling/cutting machines, where you can find from the simplest pruning tools to the most sophisticated automatic peeling machines.

If you have already cut and peeled your crop, and you are in the curing and drying stage, you will be able to enjoy all the items related to this stage in our section Conservation and drying, in which we offer you all types of drying nets, air dryers, vacuum dryers and storage and conservation stuff, as well as conservation cabinets with humidity control, perfect for dispensaries and cannabic associations.

Once you have obtained the corresponding drying and curing, you can now choose your favorite form of intake for universal medicine. To do this we offer you a complete catalogue of Grinders, with different prices and qualities, as well as the best and most advanced cannabis vaporizers, so that you can vaporize your marijuana without suffering the typical toxic effects of combustion.

The dosages can be prepared in a very precise way, thanks to the entire range of scales and weighing equipment we offer.

And if you want to make your own extractions... you have the most advanced technology in marijuana resin extraction and filtration supplies such as centrifugal resin extractors, high performance BHO equipment, special vacuum pumps, elements for decarboxylation and terpene capture, and hydraulic presses for clean Rosin Hash extractions.

We are also at the forefront of BHO Accessories, so that you can handle any type of extraction and any feature in the way you want, its aroma, flavors, and its medicinal ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Don't forget that we also have a wide range of objects for camouflage, all types of paraphernalia for smokers, such as pipes, shishas, paper... and electronic cigarette (E-liquid), a category where we incorporate the E-liquid with CBD....

... and talking about CBD!

Do you know that in our CBD Shop section you can find the best brands of oils, capsules, extracts and infusions with CBD?

Brands such as myCBD, Endoca, Sensi Seeds CBD... all the medicinal marijuana oils you want in a multitude of concentrations and formats.

And if you want to do some activism, we suggest you visit our section of Marijuana T-shirts or DVD and books, which will teach you everything you need to learn about the cannabic world...

... although you can also learn a lot by visiting our blog ehh!!!!!!!!!!!

We hope you enjoy it

Peace & Love!