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Welcome to our CBD Shop, where you will be able to discover the best products on the market with high CBD content and of proven quality as is the law in all the products we offer at PevGrow.

If you still don't know what CBD is and what its origin is, don't worry because we will explain it to you. CBD or cannabidiol is one of the most abundant chemical compounds in cannabis plants, which unlike the other major component THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, does not cause psychoactive effects to the smoker. If you want to know more about CBD, click here.

Usually the CBD is used by patients or lovers of medicinal and relaxing marijuana, and in our CBD Store you can find:

- CBD Oil
- Hemp Flower with CBD
- Cannabis lotion
- Groceries with CBD
- E-liquid with CBD
- CBD Extractions

Where can I buy CBD?

You are in the right place, you can find the best products rich in CBD of course, in our CBD Shop, which is constantly evolving and developing, always looking for the best products rich in Cannabidiol, so you can discover and enjoy the properties of CBD.

Don't forget that at PevGrow, we have a professional ethics based on people and a business model whose foundation is to offer a product of the best quality and safety. Can you think of a better place to buy CBD online?

Products with CBD

If you visit our CBD Store you will be able to find an infinite number of products, which we will detail below so that you don't miss anything and get to know the whole catalogue of Cannabidiol rich products that our experts have selected specifically for you. We hope you like them!


CBD oil is one of the most common and desired uses by CBD consumers, available in different strengths, thanks to its ease of use and its great discretion, as it comes in a droplet glass bottle, similar to a medicine. We particularly love the Cibdol CBD Oil. Also, in this section you can find CBD oil for dogs and CBD oil for cats. Brutal!

Buy CBD oil by visiting our CBD Store and discover our wide range and choose the one that best suits your needs.

- Hemp Flower

Welcome to the world of "Light Marijuana", the long-awaited legal marijuana you can already discover in our CBD Store. The hemp is found in a natural way, and is cultivated and extracted without chemically altering the cannabidiol that we can find in it.

We're sure you'll especially love the "Legal Marijuana" flowers from My Growing Company, like the Hemp flower CBD Light Widow or the Hemp flower CBD Lady Haze.

Buying Hemp buds is now possible and very simple, just visit our grow shop.

- Marijuana Cream

The essential oils produced by cannabis plants are really beneficial for skin treatments, shampoos, facial creams, etc... Among others, it acts as an anti-inflammatory cream presenting itself as a cream for muscle aches, moisturizes the skin, etc...

My favorite, the Cibdol creams, as they are really effective for treating skin diseases such as psoriasis and other skin inflammations.

- Groceries with CBD

In this section you will find a great variety of edible products rich in Cannabidiol, but from our wide range of products, we will be able to offer you a recommendation, because the popular Cannawine is a marvel. It came with CBD, the best ally for your dinners with friends, with an impressive taste, that will make you drool!

- E-Liquid with CBD

Another of the products you will find in our CBD Store are the E-Liquids with CBD. These are inhaled through electronic cigarettes or E-CIGS devices that are used as a substitute for tobacco. The liquid marijuana flavor, not only used for recreational use, but also have a great therapeutic facet. Our favorite, the ARAE vaping liquids, thanks to the terpenes and the CBD full spectrum, you will experience an entourage effect of film. You can find them in many different flavours and strengths, visit our CBD Shop and discover them.


- CBD Extractions

The best virtue and differentiation of CBD extractions is that they concentrate a high concentration of Cannabidiol in small products.

There are different types of Solid CBDs, each of which is characterised by varying percentages of CBDs and textures, and of course you can choose the one that best suits your preferences in our CBD Store.

Crystal, 99% CBD concentration
Hash, 3,8% CBD concentration
Pollen, 6 and 22% CBD concentration
Jelly, 22% CBD Concentration
Wax, concentrations ranging from 12 to 66% CBD

Why buy CBD?

The benefits of CBD are extensive and scientifically proven in recent years, becoming used by conventional medicine for certain treatments that were not achieving results.

The main benefits of CBD are the following:

- Anti-inflammatory:

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, whether muscular or otherwise, reducing it naturally and without side effects.

- Antioxidant:

It helps the skin to hydrate and regain its lost youth, as well as being effective in cancer treatments and the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

- Neuroprotective:

It helps to slow the progression of neurodegenerative diseases and in some cases has managed to slow them down completely.

- Anxiolytic:

It is perfect for treating disorders caused by stress or anxiety, helping to calm us down.

- Antidepressant:

Helps to overcome depressive states by increasing serotonin levels, promoting more positive vision.

- Analgesic:

The CBD is a very good pain neutralizer, which will help you with muscle aches, headaches, etc....

- Anti-tumour agent:

Helps prevent the onset of cancer, linked to its antioxidant effects.

- Antipsychotic:

The complete absence of THC guarantees a clean, relaxing experience.

All these benefits are supported by scientific studies, which corroborate the benefits and amazing medicinal properties of cannabidiol.

You are just one click away, buy CBD oil, buy Hemp buds, etc... and all this in your trusted CBD Shop.