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Buying cannabis seeds online is sometimes a difficult task. Thousands and thousands of times I have read cases of scams, bad service, scam, etc.

And this should not be so.

Since PevGrow was created 10 years ago, the quality of the product and the almost more important quality of customer service have always been pursued.

But don't trust what I tell you.

Trust what the more than 6000 growers who have left a review on PevGrow say.


eKomi is the review page where most customers have left their opinion. But honestly, if I were in your place I would want to check that information.

That's why I want you to know more sites where Pev Grow customers have left their review.

+400 Google My Business reviews
4,7 de 5
+500 Google My Business reviews
+300 Trustpilot reviews
4 de 5
+300 Trustpilot reviews
“Absolutely can be recommended”
“I have never had a problem buying from Pev Grow”

I suppose that you have already realized that we are not "anyone"

in this internet and cannabis thing.

The truth is that we have an advantage, 10 years in this sector gives many reviews and a lot of experience.

But in case you still have any doubts, let me clarify the following.

Is it safe to place an order on PevGrow?

It should be noted that we have the latest internet security. We know first-hand that for a grower discretion and security is paramount.

That philosophy is what we maintain from data collection to shipment.

The first thing to keep in mind is that we only take the necessary data to place the order.

Secondly, the payment is completely secure, whether by bank transfer, cryptocurrency or credit card.

And thirdly, the shipment, we ensure that you will receive your package yes or yes. If a package has an incident in the shipment, we will resend it free of charge.

Small reflection for the savvy of the internet:

Scamming doesn't make any sense.

At an economic level, a customer who buys 10 times is much more profitable than a customer who buys only 1 time.

If you scam a customer, they don't come back, they only buy once. Therefore it doesn't make sense.

It's for idiots.

Is PevGrow legit?

If you mean you will receive quality seeds.


We are a Spanish Grow Shop, specifically located in Valencia, cradle of the best and main marijuana seed banks.

So we are very close to all the suppliers that work with quality seeds.

And well, in the rare event that a seed does not germinate, we also have a solution with our Germination Guarantee.

How long has Pev Grow been in business?

About 10 years (month up month down), but if you really want to know us, the best way is to read about us.

There you will face Alan (CEO of PevGrow) and the entire team that makes this grow shop an experience.

Should I buy from Pev Grow?

Absolutely yes.

Go shopping

If after reading this page you have questions, contact our customer service team.

So you can also see the support that our great team gives.