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Cannabis cryptocurrency

In  PEVGrow, we are always thinking about how to continue making life easier for our clients, and our latest idea was to offer as payment Bitcoin virtual currency.   

I do not know if you've heard of the popular virtual currency Bitcoin, this is a very safe and anonymous alternative to make internet payments, its use is very simple, similar to payment purse Paypal.  
This currency does not need intermediaries, it is not imperative that a bank is involved when making transactions with bitcoins. Bitcoin is not listed on stock exchanges and base can not be manipulated by governments, on the contrary, complex mathematical algorithms are used to maintain its stability and that can not be controlled by any partisan purpose. If you have a computer and internet, you can already start using the completely decentralized virtual currency.
If you need more information about what is and how it can help Bitcoin virtual currency this, you can see this video and visit the following sites: - home of the original open source project Bitcoin.
Bitcoin Charts - real-time quotes of all major stock Bitcoin. - data and statistics of the Bitcoin network.
Bitcoin Wiki - wiki hundreds of articles on various topics about bitcoin. 

Why we recommend using Bitcoins to buy cannabis seeds? 

Bitcoins transactions are the safest in the world regarding privacy, its only method of coding, called chain blocks, makes it impossible to trace the movement of Bitcoins. In addition to more secure, the savings are considerable for the buyer, you will not pay any commission to your bank or other online payment methods.  
How to buy cannabis seeds for bitcoins? Now you can buy all products on PEVGrow through transactions with bitcoins. If you do not have an account you must battle your bitcoin one, but do not worry it's easier than it looks. Once you have your bitcoin account and you bought bitcoins you're ready to purchase goods with virtual currency. More and more shops and services that allow this method of payment.   

What is a bitcoin account?

When you own a bitcoin account you can receive and send bitcoins unlimited online transactions. When you buy bitcoins, these are transferred and stored in your bitcoin account. We will give you an example to help you create your account. For example in a Coinbase account, a type of bitcoins account used by people worldwide, with this tool do transactions become simple.   

How to create your own Coinbase?   

Step 1: Enter in your browser and register with your email address and password by filling out the required fields.  

Step 2: After making the check, be sure to accept the terms and conditions of the site.  

Step 3: After you will have a message in your email to confirm and verify your account Coinbase. You are now already your own Coinbase account.

Now you can make and receive transfers with bitcoins of all persons working with this coin.

Send a payment bitcoin to Grow Shop PEVGrow:   

Step 1. When you reach the confirmation page of your order PEVGrow, you can select the payment method in bitcoin.   

Step 2. Appears on your screen page payment details. This page includes all the information to make the payment of your order with bitcoin.
WARNING: if you already have an account bitcoin, do not click on the button that says, "Pay bitcoin." Instead, collect the following information: A. Search the bitcoin address PEVGrow. B. Record the total payment to be made. C. Record the order number.

Step 3. Go to your account bitcoin Coinbase and open it.  

Step 4. Click the button "Send Money". a page like this will appear.  

Step 5. Just enter or paste the address bitcoin Royal Queen Seeds on the screen that says "For."

Step 6. Next, enter or paste the amount where it says "amount".  

Step 7. Finally, enter or paste the order number in the area of "message".  

Step 8. Click "send money", you will activate your bitcoin account to complete the transaction. Once payment is received, we will ship your order. Any doubt be happy to help you, enjoy the experience of buying marijuana seeds with Bitcoin on your trust Grow Shop.