At PevGrow we know that when we talk about money the subject gets tense.

It's normal, my alarm also goes off when I have to drop dough.

Therefore, we have put a wide range of payment methods.

You can literally pay with almost any method safely.

What's more, I'm not telling you, I'm showing you:

Credit/debit card

We accept all major credit/debit cards online or over the phone.

Our online sales are 3D Secure, 256-bit encrypted and safe from hackers.

Wire transfer

The bank details to make the bank transfer are as follows:



Account Number: 2100 7393 9102 0002 3641

(IBAN): ES58 2100 7393 9102 0002 3641


Important: Once the total amount of the order has been received (fees charged to the customer), you will receive an email informing you of the payment made.

Do not forget to indicate the reference of your order in the transfer description.

Cash on delivery

Pay when the package arrives.

This payment method is only valid for the following countries: Spain, Portugal, France and Belgium. In the rest of the countries it is not valid for reasons beyond our company.

This payment option entails additional costs of 5.00 euros.

Not for pleasure.

Those €5.00 are not for us.

It is the commission charged by the company that manages cash on delivery payments.

Cash payment by mail

If you prefer to send us the money in cash you can also.

These are the steps to follow:

1. Put the money in an envelope.

(In this step I recommend you put the money between two white papers)

Remember that in this payment method we only accept Euros and US Dollars.

2. Write your order reference number on a piece of paper and put it in the envelope.

3. Send the envelope to our address:

Site of Shops Online SL

C/ Archbishop 7

46183 -L'Eliana Valencia


I recommend you send the envelope by certified mail, so you can track the money and know where it is going at all times.

Cash deposit at La Caixa ATMs

You can deposit money in cash at any La Caixa ATM.

This payment method is valid only for orders from Spain.

Steps to follow to make the payment:

1. Go to a “Caixa” ATM.

2. Select operate without passbook

3. Select banknote entry without envelope

4. Enter the details of the PevGrow account:

Site of Shops Online SL

(IBAN): ES58 2100 7393 9102 0002 3641

5. Indicate in the entry concept your order number.


Be careful with this payment option that has a gift!

If you pay with Cryptocurrencies you get an automatic 10% discount.


Our provider to manage payments for cryptocurrencies is the well-known and giant CoinPayments.

Good things about using CoinPayments?

- They are the largest and safest on the market.

- You can pay with more than 70 different cryptocurrencies.

- A very simple system.

I show you the steps to pay:

1. You select the payment method.

2. You are redirected to the CoinPayment page.

3. You choose the Cryptocurrency with which you want to pay.

4. Fill in name and email.

And ready.


If you prefer to make the payment by bizum you can also. It will be for options!

Steps to follow to make the payment:

1. Have your order number and order amount ready

2. Access your bank and look for the payment option with Bizum

3. IMPORTANT in the concept of payment write down the order number

4. Indicate the amount of the order on your Bizum screen and add the following phone number as the payment destination


5. Our technicians will review your payment, make your order effective.