Poems about weed

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Escena de Romeo cantando un poema de amor a Julieta que esta en un balcón pero representada por una planta de marihuana.
Scene of Romeo singing a love poem to Juliet on a balcony but represented by a marijuana plant..


Who doesn’t like to be told how handsome, smart and nice they are? Everyone, right? Well, our favorite plant is no exception, and so you can see that what I say is true, in this article you will see a few poems dedicated to weed, written by amateur poets in moments of smoked and delirium … I hope you like them.



🔥 The Green Muse



Oh, the Green Muse, a plant divine,
With leaves so verdant, a treasure to find,
Her fragrance wafts upon the air,
A scent so sweet, beyond compare.

Her leaves, like emerald fans unfurled,
Inviting me to explore her world,
Her flowers glisten with crystals bright,
A dazzling display, a stunning sight.

Her colors shift from green to gold,
A masterpiece, a story to be told,
She sparks my creativity, sets me free,
A muse that ignites my reverie.

Her effects take me on a flight,
To realms unknown, a soaring height,
In her embrace, I find peace and calm,
A gentle balm, a healing balm.

The Green Muse, a gift from nature’s hand,
A treasure found across the land,
Her magic, ancient, her power true,
A muse for me, a muse for you.

So let us celebrate this gift so rare,
With reverence, respect, and care,
The Green Muse, a muse of inspiration,
A source of joy and pure elation.


Imagen de un frasco de perfume de donde emana aroma representado por hojas de marihuana
Image of a perfume bottle emanating an aroma represented by marijuana leaves.



🎯 Weed: Nature’s Wonder


In fields and meadows, you abound,
A treasure hidden in the ground,
With leaves of green, and buds so bright,
A marvel of nature’s pure delight.

Weed, you are nature’s wonder,
A plant that thrives, a plant of thunder,
With resinous flowers and pungent scent,
A gift from nature, heaven-sent.

Your leaves so intricate and fine,
A symphony of nature’s design,
With trichomes glistening, crystals gleaming,
A sight that leaves me dreaming.

Your effects, a calming bliss,
A moment of tranquility, I never miss,
You ease my worries, calm my mind,
A gentle friend, so soft and kind.

Weed, you are a gift so true,
A treasure found, a joy anew,
In nature’s kingdom, you hold a place,
A symbol of resilience, a touch of grace.

So let us cherish you, weed so fine,
A miracle of nature’s design,
A plant of beauty, a source of awe,
A treasure found, forevermore.


Imagen de un escritor sentado frente a una ventana donde se ve un jardín con una planta de marihuana al centro
Image of a writer sitting in front of a window showing a garden with a marijuana plant in the centre



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✅ The Hashish Dream


In smoky dens where shadows dance,
And pipes are lit with daring glance,
A dream unfolds, a haze of bliss,
A world of wonder, a sensual kiss.

Hashish, you hold a mystic charm,
A potion potent, a seductive arm,
That takes me on a journey deep,
To realms unknown, where secrets keep.

With resinous texture and fragrant smell,
You cast a spell, a magic spell,
That lifts me high, beyond the skies,
Where time dissolves, and worries fly.

In visions vivid, colors blend,
A kaleidoscope, a transcendent trend,
Of swirling patterns and cosmic art,
A journey of the soul, a mystical part.

Oh, hashish, you are a muse divine,
A treasure rare, a gem to find,
In smoky dens, you hold your sway,
A dreamy haze, that lures me away.

So let me wander in your embrace,
In hashish dreams, a sacred space,
Where mind and spirit intertwine,
In a haze of bliss, so sweet and fine.


Imagen de La creación de Adán de Miguel Ángel pero aquí con las manos superpuestas y entre ellas un trozo de hachís
Image of Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam, but here with his hands superimposed and a piece of hashish between them.



🚀 The Green Garden


In a hidden nook, tucked away,
A secret garden, where plants do sway,
With emerald leaves, and buds so tight,
A canvas painted, with pure delight.

The gardener tends with loving care,
Watering, feeding, with patience rare,
Nurturing the soil, and pruning with grace,
Watching them grow, at a steady pace.

The sun shines down, with warming rays,
As the plants reach up, in an endless praise,
Stretching towards the sky, in eager quest,
For the light that feeds them, with nature’s zest.

The days go by, and the weeks unfold,
With careful monitoring, and stories untold
As the plants mature, and the buds take shape,
The gardener waits, with anticipation, and escape.

Then one day, the time is nigh,
To harvest the fruits, of labor and sigh,
With scissors sharp, and hands so steady,
The gardener reaps, the harvest ready.

The scent is pungent, the colors bright,
As the buds are dried, and cured just right,
A treasure trove, of nature’s gift,
A bounty rich, a soulful uplift.

In this green garden, a labor of love,
A gift from earth, and skies above,
The marihuana grows, a magical plant,
Bestowed upon us, with nature’s enchant.


Imagen de una planta de marihuana con diferentes etapas según pasa el tiempo
Image of a marijuana plant with different stages as time goes by.


Do you know any poem dedicated to cannabis, hashish, or anything else related to the marijuana plant? If so you can put it in the comments so that all the rest of us can see it.


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