Drugs and Sex, a combination that does not go out of style

Reading Time 6 minutes   It is interesting to see how many ancient representations from different cultures symbolize the relationship between drugs and sex. Archaeological sites with hundreds or thousands of years where objects related to parties or rituals were discovered where the participants … Leer más

New Growdiaries competition with new prizes

Reading Time 3 minutes     Welcome, growers! I have the pleasure to announce the most interesting contest in this 2020, the Spanish breeder PEV Seeds pulls the boat out and offers really interesting prizes for just writing a diary of any of its … Leer más

How many cannabis plants can I legally keep at home in 2020?

Reading Time 6 minutes   This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and that is because this issue is not always clear in some countries. That’s why we decided to create this article, in which we will try to make as clear … Leer más

Weed smoking games and weed video games

Reading Time 6 minutes     There’s a magical combination of fun: cannabis and games or video games and if these are related to marijuana even better. Today we’re going to look at the games that all of us smokers have tried at some … Leer más

Homemade Cannabis Liquor: recipe, effects and properties

Reading Time 3 minutes   When we ingest cannabis we can enjoy its effects 100%, being the form of consumption that makes the best use of cannabinoids. In this blog you can find a lot of recipes with cannabis, both to eat and to … Leer más

Cannabic things we can do during confinement

Reading Time 5 minutes   What’s up, fellas? How’s that quarantine going? We are living with Covid-19 an experience that we never thought could happen to us, a kind of horror movie in which we are living locked up at home. This obligatory confinement … Leer más

THC Valencia Cannabic Association

Reading Time 8 minutes Today, I want to talk to you about the Cannabis Association THC Valencia, one of the smoking clubs with the longest history in the capital of Turia. This association of cannabis smokers has been with us for more than a … Leer más

2020 Calendar for outdoor marijuana growing in Europe

Reading Time 17 minutes       ⭐ CALENDAR 2020 FOR OUTDOOR/NORTHERN EUROPEAN CROPS     Tired of this climate so cold and desiring to grow marijuana in your garden? Old Europe is multicultural, tolerant and open-minded, but its climate is cold and even … Leer más

The 2020 Marijuana Conventions

Reading Time 14 minutes   Welcome back to the PEV Blog! The marijuana conventions are one of those events that all cannabis lovers enjoy as real children, because you share your passion with many thousands of others, with whom you can share knowledge, experiences, … Leer más

How to lower weed tolerance

Reading Time 7 minutes     Oscar had long noticed that smoking pot no longer caused the same effects. “I’m sure those bastards are giving me grass from the ground,” he said to himself while smoking his joint. What Oscar didn’t know is that … Leer más

Series on netflix to see while you are high

Reading Time 9 minutes     Welcome one more week Cannalover! I have something very special reserved for you, what are the best series on Netflix to see stoned? This is top! Let’s go to it!? As a good geek I consider myself, there … Leer más


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