Is marijuana legal in the state of Oregon?

Reading Time 5 minutes     Yes, both medicinal and recreational marijuana are legal for adult use, and it is also one of the states in the USA where this controversial plant is most accepted. Oregon, like the rest of the west coast states … Leer más

The Prohibition of Cannabis

Reading Time 7 minutes       In recent years we have seen a slow legalization of cannabis throughout the world, especially in more developed countries such as the USA, Canada, Israel or Germany, among others. It appears that many therapeutic uses for this … Leer más

Smoke and steam: differences

Reading Time 9 minutes   Steam is much healthier of smoking but there are consumers who resist the pleasant experience of smoking a cigarette. Let’s see, first, the definition of both terms. Let’s take culturetas: the Royal Spanish Academy of Language (RAE) states that … Leer más

Marijuana can also help overcome the pandemic Covid-19

Reading Time 5 minutes   We knew that cannabis is one of the best medicines that the planet can provide, is very effective as a relaxant, analgesic, antidepressant, sedative, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, whet the appetite and now appears to help prevent or overcome diseases … Leer más

1 Daily = 10 Euro, directly and without sweepstakes

Reading Time 3 minutes   PEV Seeds is launching a new contest on thepage Growdiaries, and this time all participants will have a prize, and  you don’t have to be among the first to win gifts, and the best thing is that if you … Leer más


In this section of our blog you will discover the latest news about the sacred plant. You will learn about the latest news on marijuana legalization and learn about the scientific advances that are produced in the world.

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PS: The history of marijuana is convulsive, its use in the world comes from ancestral times and even today still causes controversy in some countries, and all this being the substance that have never caused any death.


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