Cannabis laws in California, what can be done and what do not?

Reading Time 5 minutes     California seems like the promised land of cannabis lovers, with thousands of dispensaries scattered throughout the state, it can openly boast of offering the best marijuana in the world, but is everything as beautiful as it seems? This … Leer más

Can you use cannabis in Arizona? All the info in this article

Reading Time 4 minutes   Arizona has a love-hate relationship with marijuana for many years, but during the last 3 decades have changed a lot the measures that determine the legality of this plant, and in order to make good use of cannabis In … Leer más

WHO supports the legalization of cannabis

Reading Time 5 minutes Those of us who have worked in the sector for many years thought that this moment would never come, but it seems that we are getting closer and closer to the legalization of marijuana worldwide. Lately there is a lot … Leer más

What is the best thing to cure a hangover?

Reading Time 4 minutes   The answer came from space. Yes, it is water. Just like our planet, our body is made of water and this is the “fuel” for the liver and diuretic functions. The ones that ultimately have all the dirty work … Leer más

2021Calendar for outdoor marijuana growing in Europe

Reading Time 17 minutes       ⭐ CALENDAR 2021 FOR OUTDOOR/NORTHERN EUROPEAN CROPS     Tired of this climate so cold and desiring to grow marijuana in your garden? Old Europe is multicultural, tolerant and open-minded, but its climate is cold and even … Leer más

How many cannabis plants can I legally keep at home in 2021?

Reading Time 6 minutes   This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and that is because this issue is not always clear in some countries. That’s why we decided to create this article, in which we will try to make as clear … Leer más

What happened to Lamota?

Reading Time 4 minutes   The Inxer-Toro operation carried out by the Civil Guard and the Tax Agency last September shocked an industry that seemed perfectly established in Spain, namely the sale of cannabis seeds and accessories for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Lamota, an … Leer más

The United States is close to legalizing cannabis federally

Reading Time 3 minutes   The legalization of cannabis at the federal level in the USA is closer than ever. After the last House of Representatives vote, now under Democratic control, it became clear that the majority of Americans are in favor of using … Leer más

What about Dinafem?

Reading Time 13 minutes   On September 15th, 16th, and 17th, a police intervention shocked the entire cannabis sector: Dinafem, the well known marijuana seed bank and a benchmark in Spain, was being investigated by the National High Court. The Inxer-Toro operation had begun … Leer más


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