Is medical and recreational marijuana legal in the state of Maine?

Reading Time 5 minutes   Yes, right now both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are legal in this northeastern US state. However, there are limits on purchase, possession, cultivation, and consumption, so you are interested in reading this article carefully, where we will reveal … Leer más

Growdiaries Manual

Reading Time 5 minutes   Growdiaries is one of the most important pages of the cannabis industry on the Internet. It is a website where users share monitoring of the marijuana plant crops they are doing at all times, providing a lot of data … Leer más

Marijuana seeds for sale on Amazon, a risky purchase

Reading Time 2 minutes   Can there be people interested in buying marijuana seeds on Amazon? Well, the answer is yes, although it seems strange, some people end up buying everything in the largest store in the world, and then what happens happens.   … Leer más

420 the secret code of cannabis lovers

Reading Time 4 minutes   You will have seen the number 420 many times in a context related to marijuana, in names of companies in the sector, forums, blogs, fairs, drinks, etc. You may wonder why their relationship was born, where it came from … Leer más

Is Completely legal in the entire state of Colorado ?

Reading Time 4 minutes   Yes, Colorado became the first US state to fully legalize marijuana, for both adult and medicinal use. In fact, it is one of the most permissive places in the world with this plant, and quality cannabis is quite easy … Leer más

Mapa de Alaska con un fondo de plantas de marihuana

Is recreational and medical marijuana legal now in Alaska?

Reading Time 4 minutes   Yes, both medical and recreational marijuana have been legal in Alaska since November 2014. This cold state became the third in the USA to allow recreational or recreational use, after Colorado and Washington, although the therapeutic use of cannabis … Leer más

Is medical and recreational marijuana legal in the state of Maryland?

Reading Time 4 minutes   Medical cannabis is legal in Maryland since 2014, when the bill 881 of the House of Representatives was launched. From that moment on, the was created Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, which establishes a registry of patients diagnosed with diseases … Leer más


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