The Differences Between Hashish and Marijuana

The Differences Between Hashish and Marijuana

Reading Time 6 minutes   Marijuana and hashish, though derived from the same plant, have key differences: hashish is made from concentrated resin, resulting in higher potency and an intense flavor, whereas marijuana includes the dried flowers, offering a variety of flavors and milder … Leer más

Absinthe with Cannabis: A Fusion of Flavors and Sensations

Absinthe with Cannabis: A Fusion of Flavors and Sensations

Reading Time 5 minutes   Cannabis absinthe is an innovative variant of the classic spirit, enriched with cannabis THC, which offers a unique and potentially more intense experience. While it shares ingredients with traditional absinthe, its consumption involves additional safety and legality considerations, adhering … Leer más

Kratom and alcohol, the trendy cocktail

Kratom and alcohol, the trendy cocktail

Reading Time 5 minutes   Alcohol has always been combined with other drugs to enhance their effects, from ancient times to nowadays. The Egyptians mixed wine with Blue Lotus to induce altered states of consciousness and enhance sexuality. The Mayans used Balché, ancient Europeans … Leer más

Ayahuasca, the mother of all entheogens

Ayahuasca, the mother of all entheogens

Reading Time 7 minutes   The usage of Ayahuasca has spread considerably over the last 50 years thanks to numerous publications, but even today there are many questions related to this substance that remain a mystery. When did they begin to use this brew? … Leer más

What You Should Know About Mescaline Cactus

What You Should Know About Mescaline Cactus

Reading Time 7 minutes     Used for centuries by Native Americans, mescalina is a very powerful alkaloid that produces hallucinations and is found in some types of cactus. Considered as a dangerous drug, the truth is that the latest studies that have been … Leer más



Welcome to the Pevgrow blog category where we talk about natural drugs, a space dedicated to exploring the amazing realm of natural substances present in various plants and organisms. In this section, we will delve into what natural drugs are, their classification, notable examples and how they have influenced culture and medicine throughout history.

What are Natural Drugs?

Natural drugs are chemical substances found in nature that can have psychoactive or medicinal effects on humans. These substances can be present in a variety of plants, fungi and other organisms, and have often been used for ritual, recreational or therapeutic purposes.

Natural drugs can offer a fascinating insight into the interaction between plants and humans throughout history. From the worship of sacred plants to the search for natural treatments for various conditions, these substances have played a significant role in culture and medicine.

Classification of Natural and Synthetic Drugs

Drugs can be classified into two main categories: natural and synthetic. Natural drugs are those whose active substances are found in nature, such as San Pedro which contains mescaline, while synthetic ones are artificially produced in laboratories, as is precisely the case with synthetic marijuana. This classification is fundamental to understand how these substances affect the body and mind.

The classification of drugs into natural and synthetic is crucial to understand their origin and how they interact with our body. Natural drugs often have a long history of use in cultures around the world, while synthetics are usually products of modern scientific research.

Examples of Types of Natural Drugs

In this section, we will explore some notable examples of natural drugs, from those that affect the brain to those commonly used to promote sleep and well-being. We will discover how these substances have influenced history and culture around the world.

Natural Brain Drugs

Within natural drugs, some directly affect the functioning of the brain. Examples include caffeine, present in coffee, and THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid of marijuana. We will explore how these substances can alter our perception and mood.

Natural drugs that affect the brain have been the subject of study and debate for centuries. From the stimulating effect of caffeine to the psychoactive properties of THC, these substances have influenced the way humans experience the world around them.

Natural Sleep Drugs

Sleep is fundamental to our health, and some plants contain natural substances that can promote better rest. We will discuss examples such as valerian and chamomile, traditionally used as natural remedies for insomnia.

Natural sleep drugs offer an alternative to synthetic sleeping pills. Throughout history, people have turned to plants like valerian and chamomile to improve the quality of their sleep and promote relaxation, but on this blog we obviously prefer as always marijuana for sleep.

Plants that Contain Natural Drugs

Nature harbors a wide variety of plants that contain substances with medicinal or psychoactive properties. We will explore some of these plants and how they have been used throughout history in different cultures, like the famous blue lotus used in North Africa since the time of the Egyptian civilization.

Plants that contain natural drugs have been appreciated and used by different societies around the world. From tobacco and coca in South America to ayahuasca in the Amazon, these plants have played a significant role in cultural and spiritual traditions.

Effects of Natural Drugs

Natural drugs can have a wide range of effects on the body and mind. In this section, we will discuss how these substances can influence people's perception, cognition and emotional well-being. We will also highlight the importance of responsible use.

Understanding the effects of natural drugs is essential for their safe and responsible use. From the expansion of consciousness with psychedelics to pain relief with natural analgesics, these substances have a variety of applications and can have diverse impacts.

Legal Natural Drugs

Despite the potent effects of some natural drugs, some of them are legal in certain parts of the world. We will explore this topic and discuss how the regulation of these substances can vary depending on geographical location. Many people don't think about it, but they spend the day drugged with natural substances like tea or coffee, but there are many more.

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