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To all the cannalovers in the world.

One day I dreamed of a world without borders. In a world where kindness and respect go hand in hand, no matter where you come from, your skin color or your way of thinking.

Our thoughts are multi-colored, like fragrances, and as such they arise from innumerable corners, without political barriers and with no impositions by the laws of men.

Nature doesn’t understand about that. Nature understands about order and chaos, about scales of green colors, about multiculturalism, about life generating life, since death is not an end but a means…

The Science, our science, which belongs to all of us, animals and plants, is there to tell us the truth, and no less do so with our goddess plant, our beloved cannabis.

Because we already know that it treats many types of pain, it is able to mitigate epileptic seizures when no other medicine works, it is a potent anti-inflammatory that under new clinical trials proves its effectiveness day by day…. despite governments, despite hatred, despite economic interests….

We are nature….

In PEV Grow we are participants of it, we feel and beat with it, that’s why we work spreading this knowledge, sharing this simple dictionary with you… so that your hearts beat with ours… in synchrony….

For a universal medicine…..

John G.”White”





Abscisic acid: It’s a phytohormone that controls the growth and development of plant organs, as well as the adaptive response of the plant to light stress that indicates the onset of flowering. It is a plant hormone that keeps the seeds dormant so that they are germinated under favorable conditions.


AC (Alternating Current): Electrical current in which the direction of the electrical charges changes periodically.


Acaricide: A chemical product which exerts a systemic or contact action, which attempts to control or eliminate pests of small arachnid insects. Products such as Pelitre, an extract derived from chrysanthemum flowers rich in pyrethrins and their synthetic derivative compounds are known to be used in marijuana crops.


Acclimatization: Acclimatization is the process of adapting to the new conditions for new cuttings and seedlings. It is a stressful process for the plant that is carried out by inducing the development of new roots to start the new vegetative cycle of growth. This process also corresponds to the change of conditions when passing plants from indoor to outdoor and vice versa.


AC / DC: Clone selected from the Cannatonic variety, widely used in medical dispensaries throughout the United States. Its THC: CBD ratio is 1: 1, so it has a fairly bearable effect but with many therapeutic properties. Taste and aroma Diesel, acceptable production and around 9 weeks to bloom


ACE Seeds: Another truly genuine Spanish bank, as they continue to work with pure strains. Dubi, her main breeder, is passionate about Sativa selections and has been collecting seeds and cuttings from all over the world for more than 20 years.


Advanced Nutrients: Canadian fertilizer brand created by Michael Straumietis (BigMike) who was already a distributor of crop nutrients since 1996. Its product range is very broad, very specific additives which, when used well, offer very satisfying results


Adventitious roots: Roots that grow in unusual places, such as in the pericycle (stem) of an older root. The auxin level influences this type of roots.


Aeroponics: A highly specialized high-performance cultivation method, in which the roots of the plants are in direct contact with the air, without any type of substrate, so that the nutrient solution is supplied in a controlled manner by means of pumps that exert water pressure through a closed circuit. Read more here


Afghani: Marijuana genetic from the Hindu Kush Valley, with phenotypic traits corresponding to plants of the subtype Cannabis Sativa Indica L. expressing medium sized plants, large leaves with wide petioles, early flowering, narcotic relaxing effects and aromatic scents of noble woods and earthy flavor. Read more here


Air conditioned: Air trated to provide the ideal conditions to the crop, in order to promote a correct climate in the growing area by adjusting its relative humidity, temperature, oxygen and CO2 concentration, and flow rate.


Air Layering: New A cutting technique where it is rooted directly in the mother plant, without removing the branches until they have roots.


Air ventilation: Circulation of fresh air from outside. An extractor and intractor create adequate ventilation in the growing space.


Alcaliber: Spanish company dedicated to the production and sale of morphine for more than 40 years. In October 2016, it became the first company in this country to obtain a license to produce, export or process cannabis.


Alchimiaweb: One of the best known online Grow Shops in Europe. Born in 2001, and on the Internet since 2003, in addition to being a sales point, it maintains one of the reference information blogs in the sector, a doctor’s office and a team of over 50 people.


Alcohol: Organic compound, liquid at room temperature, which is used as an extracting solvent for the purification of cannabinoids and also as an antiseptic for both, culture spaces and the laboratory stuff of cannabic preparations.


Alkalinity: Relative to substrate, irrigation water or any substance with a pH above 7.0. Read more here


Alkaloids: Organic compounds with narcotic pharmacological properties that can be isolated from certain genus of plants (“opium poppy” is the best known). They are called alkaloids because they are known to give alkaline pH in aqueous solution.


Allbud: Helps web users in the US find the marijuana strains they are looking for, both medicinal and recreational, but with a state license. This page connects dispensaries with customers and also provides a lot of information on genetics.


Alleles: Copies of the same gene that are found in their corresponding homologous chromosome in the nucleus of cells. When the two copies are the same, this gene is expressed with force, providing very homogeneous and robust plant traits in its phenotype, such as flowering time, leaf size and shape, pistils color, number of trichomes per cm2, cannabinoid ratio… etc….


Amanda Feilding: British aristocrat, pro-legalization activist and founder of the Beckley Foundation, which promotes the responsible use of psychedelic drugs. She is the author of numerous studies and theories relating to the alteration of consciousness, she was an extreme psychonaut in her youth.


Amnesia: The most potent Haze hybrid on the market. There are 2 original versions, that of Hy-pro in clone form and the seeds of Soma Seeds. From our point of view the former is the best, and many feminized have been made with it, as it is very tasty, productive, strong and above all powerful.


Amps: Unit used to measure the current of an electrical current. A 20 Amps circuit is overloaded when it consumes more than 16 Amps.


Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds: Amsterdam cannabis seed bank created by Joe Green, a breeding and breeding enthusiast who has been developing various genetics in regular, feminized, autoflowering and CBD-rich versions for more than 20 years.


Anemophilous: Plant that is pollinated with pollen scattered by the wind. Natural pollination with undefined pollen.


Anti-feeders: An anti-pest product that acts systemically or by contact, whose mechanism is to prevent the insect from feeding, slowing its reproductive cycle, thus reducing or eliminating the pest.


Anti-odor filter: Cylindrical device that is connected by a tube to the extractor, and inside it contains activated carbon, which in indoor crops serves to clean the air so that it comes out without the smell of cannabis.


Aphid: New An insect that can cause pests in cannabis crops, where it can appear on the stem or roots. Read more here


Aphria Inc: Large company located in Ontario (Canada) specializing in growing cannabis plants in state-of-the-art greenhouses, which are then used to supply clean and pure medical marijuana to a large number of patients.


Apical meristem: Plant tissue in division from which new cells are formed, corresponding to the tip of a root or stem.


Apical: New Main tip or top of the plants, when we say “apical pruning” we mean cutting the tip to encourage branching. Read more here


Aquaponics: Technique that mixes aquaculture with hydroponics and is based on the balance and symbiosis that is achieved by raising fish and plants with the same water. This system has many advantages, as it is 100% sustainable and saves water and fertilizers.


ARAE CBD: Spanish brand specializing in the sale of cosmetic pharmacy products rich in cannabidiol. Their flagship product is CBD oil, although they also offer e-cigarette liquids and their terpenes are believed to be the purest in the business.


Archive Seeds: One of the best cannabis growers in the US, ThaDocta, created the Archive Seeds seed bank nearly 20 years ago with the intention of preserving the unique collection of cannabis genetics he had collected over the years.


Arlite: Medium size gravel of ceramic material whose function is to absorb moisture. It is part of many commercial substrates for marijuana plants.


Aroma/Fragrance: Slight scent that comes off the marijuana plants which sometimes allows to differentiate between phenotypes. That is caused by the terpenic profile characteristic of the strain.


Asexual propagation: Reproduction which is not used in natural media or is not carried out in a natural way. One example of asexual propagation are the cuttings (clones), they express an accurate phenotype of the parental plant.


Aspirin: A compound of acidic character well known to all but used by some hydroponic growers to lower the pH of the nutrients solution. It has been proposed that using aspirin triggers hormonal reactions in the plant to enhance final yield.


Associated crops: Growing of another plant species at the same crop space where we put cannabis, such as garlic, marigold flowers, or other species, for two purposes: to camouflage the smell of cannabis, and/or to naturally prevent the proliferation of pests.


AUNT MARY: A homophobic term used derogatory in some countries to refer to homosexuals. It was later also used to name the low-quality marijuana that is sold in some places.


Aurora Cannabis: The second largest company in the world by capitalization. Created in 2006, it wasn’t until 2014 that it obtained its first license to grow cannabis and now operates in more than 25 countries around the world.


Austin Reggae Festival: Festival of reggae music and culture that takes place in Austin (Texas), in which in addition to concerts, conferences and collaborations are organized with the Central Texas Food Bank, to which it has already donated more than 1 million dollars.


Autoflowering: Plant with Rudelaris genotype characterized for being not depend on photoperiod variation, that is to say, the number of hours of light nor the light spectrum. Read more here


Auxins: Vegetal hormones that trigger vegetative growth and root development including compounds such as AIA (Indolacetic acid) and IBA (Indol-3-butyric acid), the latter is the well-known active ingredient in the famous rooting hormone product named CLONEX. Read more here





Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt): Bacillus thuringiensis is a bacteria used in biological control. It produces deadly toxins for caterpillars, larvae and worms, avoinding their propagation, being harmless to higher animals and the environment.


Bacteria: A unicellular micro-organism that lives colonizing other higher organisms in a symbiotic way (intestinal microbiota, soil microbiota, etc.) or in a pathogenic way (they cause pests in plants and animals).


BAKED: In Anglo-Saxon countries, the term “cooked” is used as a synonym for a person in high or heavily smoked, that is, when a person has consumed a lot of cannabis and it is noticeable to the naked eye. It literally translates as “baked”, and in Spanish it is rendered as “planchado”.


Ballast: Stabilizing unit that regulates the electrical fluid and starts a lamp. It consists of a capacitor and a starter. Read more here


BARETO: Although it can be applied to refer to bar, in our jargon it is synonymous with joint in some countries, especially Latin America. Attention, any type of rod is not valid, it must be well rolled, not flake, homogeneous, pull well and look good.


Barney’s Farm: Famous coffee shop in Amsterdam which later started selling its varieties also in the form of seeds. Right now it is one of the most dedicated Dutch banks for trendy genetics in the United States.


Bastard Seed: It is the seed that a friend gives you because his marijuana has seeds and does not know what to do with them. They are seeds that you don’t know what they are or what they will give.


BATE: In Panama it’s a marijuana joint or a marijuana joint with tobacco.


Ben Dronkers: Founder of Sensi Seeds, the Dutch seed bank that has become the largest in the world. In the early 90’s he bought The Seedbank and incorporated all his genetics into the catalog, dominating the market ever since.


Beneficial insect: In biological control it is an insect that devours the insects which parasites of the plant.


BENGAL: Another way to call a joint.


BHO (Butane Hash Oil): Extraction of cannabis with butane gas. The commercial butane gas bullets for this purpose have a fairly pure butane, although it always has impurities of Isobutane and Propane. They are very flammable gases so it is advisable to perform the extraction outdoors, and please … do not smoke!
Although it extracts cannabinoids very well, it does not seem to me to be the best method. It leaves residues of butane in the extract. Read more


BioBizz: One of the best-selling organic cannabis fertilizer brands in the world. Their products are very easy to use, being few compared to other brands. Its quality / price ratio is hard to beat, as it allows for good performance and unique organoleptic qualities.


Biodegradable: Biologically degradable by microorganisms, or in biochemical way by means of biological catalysts (enzymes), decomposing the toxic compounds into other non-toxic or naturally occurring compounds (biocompatible).


Biosynthesis: Synthesis of a chemical compound mediated by living organisms.


BITURBO: Double barrel, which can be assembled by joining 2 separately even with a single paper.


Biscotti : Another of the great creations of the Cookie Fam estates. In this case there is some controversy, as some say it is a cross between Gelato # 25 x GSC x Gorilla Glue and others that it is Gelato # 25 x South Florida OG. The fact is that it is very potent, tasty and exaggeratedly resinous.


Black Mamba: Cannabis strain presented by Blimburn Seeds. It is a backcross of Skunk, in this case Critical Mass x Skunk, which intensifies the traits of this plant, namely strength, yield, intense fruity aroma and flavor, rapid development and good effect, although tolerance develops quickly


BLUNT: A type of paper for rolling a joint made from tobacco leaves, widely used in the United States for years, when Phillies Blunt brand cigars became popular and from there the term was coined that is still used today.


Bob Marley: Jamaican singer who died in 1981, a reggae legend and a reference in the cannabis industry for his struggle for the normalization of this plant. His songs include “One love”, “No woman no cry”, “Jamming” and “I shot the sheriff” among others.


Bonnaroo Music Festival: Music and art festival held in Manchester (England) with a hippie air reminiscent of the 60s, but adapted to modern times. A special event to spend 4 days of disconnection from everyday life.


Bonsai: Small cannabis plant or atrophied in a natural way or by artificial methods.


Borneol: This terpene has been used extensively in traditional medicine since time immemorial. Very present in plants such as camphor, it is known to help THC access the bloodstream, thus enhancing its effect; it also acts as an anticoagulant and antiseptic.


Boron (B): An indispensable chemical element as plant micronutrient. It is incorporated in the substrate as borax salts.


Botrytis: Very destructive grey mold, which spreads very quickly when humidity and temperature conditions are not efficiently controlled.


Bract: Vegetable mass in the form of a tip that grows along the bud and supports the highest concentration of resinous trichomes.


Breeder: New Grower of new varieties, in this case of cannabis. In our industry there are some famous breeders like Dj. Short or Shantibaba among others.


Breeding: To produce cannabis seeds or clones by controlling the genetics by mean of mother plant keeping or other more sophysticated methods.


BRICK: The block, in our world, refers to the compact block that is created by stacking the buds of marijuana and squeezing them, to give them a cubic and rectangular shape, and therefore take up less space and facilitate transport.


Bud enhancer: Organic products generally made with extracts of seaweed with high content in natural Gibberellins to enhance the production fattening the buds. They are also accompanied by PK-13-14 as fertilizer for the end of flowering. Read more here


Bud: What you usually put in salads, sometimes can be lettuce and sometimes not. I was kidding you…You already know what I wanna mean. Read more here


Budder: New BHO texture where oxygen molecules are mixed with the resin through the emulsion caused by the movement. Read more here


Buffer: Chemical solution that dampens pH variations on the nutrient solution. It also refers to the chemical solutions used for calibrating pH measuring equipments.


Bulb: Outer glass cover that protects the tube from a high-intensity source of light.


Bulbous trichoma: A ball shaped plant gland that is loaded with resin.


BUTTER: The typical stoner, the one who doesn’t stop smoking for a single day, the one who basically devotes his life to cannabis use.





CABBAGE: Cabbage, which in our industry is synonymous with low-quality bud of weed. It is also called “Cabbage Patch Weed”, referring to marijuana of a slightly higher quality than “Cabbage”, but without being good cannabis.


Cachimba or Hookah: Device used to smoke minced tobacco, although it is also used for cannabis or hashish. It consists of a bowl in which the substance is burned, from which a tube comes out and is inserted into the consumer’s mouth to inhale the smoke.


Callus node: Tissue made of undifferentiated cells that is generated in the cuttings prior to the appearance of roots with the help of some phytohormonal complex rooting.


Camp Bisco: Music festival held in Scranton (Pennsylvania) where thousands of people from different parts of the world participate every summer to enjoy a weekend of summer camping in the middle of nature.


Cambium: Layer of embryonic meristemic plant tissue cells that divides and differentiates into Xylem and Phloem being responsible of plant growth.


Canada: First G7 country to legalize cannabis for recreational and medicinal use. It was one of the proposals that the current president, Justin Trudeau, had in his program for the general election that he ended up winning. The early years of legalization resulted in cannabis shortages due to high demand.


Candela (cd): Measurement of luminous intensity of the International System. It corresponds to the luminous intensity in a given direction of a source emitting monochromatic radiation with a frequency of 540×1012 Hz and of which the intensity radiated in that direction is 1/683 W (watts) per stereoradian. A fluorescent lamp of 40W corresponds to 200 cd.


Cannabacea: Scientific family in plants kingdom to which our beloved Cannabis Sativa L. belongs, and also his esteemed cousin brother, the hops (Humulus Lupulus L.).


Cannabiculturist: Cannabis grower, the person who takes care of the development of marijuana plants from germination to harvest. It takes care of watering, pruning, fertilizing, etc. He is also the person responsible for maintaining optimal growth parameters.


Cannabinoid profile (ratio): Composition of cannabinoids of a particular cannabis chemotype which informs us about the rate of psychoactivity and its medicinal properties. Read more here


Cannabinoid: Different families of organic compounds, either of plant origin (phytocannabinods) or animal origin (endocannabinoid) and that are susceptible to interact with the families of CB1 and CB2 cell receptors in animals, generating multiple biological response actions. The fucking masters. Read more here


Cannabiogen: Authentic seed bank, its breeder Kaiki is considered the best in Spain. It emerged in 2002 and has since created an extensive catalog, in which Sativa Destroyer and Indica Peyote Purple must be highlighted.


CannabisCafé: Cannabis forum created in 2001 by Cantu, a Mexican weed enthusiast who wanted to make Overgrow content available in his own language, and gradually becoming the most important marijuana information portal in the Spanish-speaking world.


Cannabis Sativa L: Scientific name of the marijuana plant. The word cannabis comes from the Latin and means “double reed” referring to the way this plant grows. Sativa means grown or tamed by humans (not wild).


Cannafest: One of the largest cannabis fairs globally. It has been held in Prague (Czech Republic) for 11 years, and has not stopped growing since then, so much so that the last edition attracted almost 300 exhibitors and more than 30,000 visitors.


Cannarado Genetics: One of the trendy growers today. He rose to fame in the industry in 2010, but had already been working on his cannabis crosses for many years. He has collaborated with other great breeders such as Karma, and now he sells his strains in feminized versions.


Cannaweed: The largest online French-speaking cannabis community in the world, where you can find information on many growers, seed banks or varieties of marijuana from around the planet. In addition to the forum, they have many guides and often share news.


CannTrade: This California-based company based in Laguna Beach is the connecting link between growers, manufacturers of derivatives and sellers of industrial hemp, as well as other products related to cannabidiol and medical marijuana.


Canopy Growth: The largest cannabis company in the world by revenue, based in Canada, born in 2015 from the ashes of the late Tweed Marijuana Inc. It handles the majority of medical and recreational marijuana sales, mainly in the United States, Canada, UK and Germany.


Carbohydrate: Family of organic compounds that the plant uses as energy currency for its biological development (vegetal energy consumption), are compounds that the plant synthesizes through the mechanism of photosynthesis. Your body uses them too, don’t despise them.


Carbon dioxide (CO2): Colorless, odorless gas found naturally in the air and responsible for the greenhouse effect. It’s necessary for plant life because it is the gas that plants capture in order to carry out the photosynthesis process. If used well in indoor crops, it is very suitable for increasing the yield of cannabis buds. Read more here


CARBURAR: Smoking without stopping, without passing or letting the joint go out. It is the way to consume when you have not smoked for a long time.


CARETO: Argentine slang for being hit, going blind.


Carl Sagan: Astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist and well known internationally thanks to a television program he presented called “Cosmos”. On top of all this, Sagan was a huge cannabis fan and a good friend of Dr. Lester Grinspoon, another reference to cannabis.


Carmagnola: The Italian industrial hemp variety par excellence. It is dioecious and produces very high levels of CBD, which is why it is also used to obtain flowers and biomass. There is a selection of this genetics that can reach 25% cannabidiol.


Carola Pérez: President of the Observatory Español del Cannabis Medicinal (Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis), activist and well-known user of this plant for therapeutic purposes to treat her pain, caused by a fall while skating when she was still a child.


Caryophyllene: The most important terpene in cannabis, not only because it is one of the most common, but also because it has medicinal properties. It is the molecule detected by police drug dogs and you can also find it in basil, cloves or black pepper.


CASHED: While literally translated to mean “cashed,” in some Anglo-Saxon countries this word has been adapted to refer to when a bong or other smoking device is consumed, and only cannabis residues or ashes remain in the bowl.


CATNIP: Catnip is the plant that attracts cats and when they eat it they enter a state of intoxication. It is now also used to call low-quality (or fake) weed. By “fake herb” we mean sage, spices, K2 and similar herbs.


Caustic: Irritant chemical product that can cause skin burns. They are products with highly basic pH such as sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), or quicklime (calcium oxide). pH-up products are solutions of some of these compounds. They serve to raise the pH of the nutrient solutions.


CBC (Cannabicromene): Non psychoactive Cannabinoid that can be isolated from leaves with newly formed trichomes in narcotic cannabis plants showing also certaing analgesic, antibiotic, THC side effects reducer, and anti-inflammatory activities. It also shows cytotoxic activity in some cancer cell lines. A very interesting cannabinoid.


CBD (Cannabidiol): Nonpsychoactive cannabinoid that forms the active principle of the drug Epidiolex of the company GW Pharmaceuticals. The drug is indicated for certain types of refractory epilepsy in children.
But it is only one of its many applications, the CBD is an excellent antioxidant at the neurological level, anti-inflammatory, and has demonstrated apoptotic properties in various cellular models of cancer.
Its action is enhanced by the presence of THC, in addition to reducing its psychoactive effect. Read more


CBD Chrystal: Pure CBD between 98 and 99.5% of purity. Other crystalline cannabinoids that can be isolated are THCA, CBDA, CBG and CBGA. THC is an oil in pure form. Other cannabis-related crystals are the fertilizers we use in crystalline form as can be urea, potassium phosphate, potassium nitrate or ammonium nitrate (watch out with the latter, since is a controlled substance).


CBDV (Cannabidivarine): Cannabinoid with the same structural nucleus as CBD, but with the difference of a shorter carbonate lateral chain (three carbons), and with anticonvulsant properties.


CBE: cannabinoid that can have therapeutic properties similar to CBD, as it is created from it. The problem is that this compound, like others, has barely been studied, but hopefully now that marijuana is becoming legal in more countries, more research will come to light.


CBG (Cannabigerol): Non-psychoactive cannabinoid precursor of both THC and CBD. It possesses antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Read more


CBGM: Another little studied cannabinoid, also because it is also minor, while having a high probability of being medicinal, because it belongs to the CBG family and shares much of its molecular structure. It is thought to be narcotic and is more common in Northeast Asian varieties.


CBL: Cannabycyclol or CBL is a minor cannabinoid, as it is usually found in trace amounts or in small quantities. Very little research has been done so far, but thanks to a study by Steep Hill Labs we know that this cannabis compound may have anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties.


CBN (Cannabinol): Cannabinoid generated during the curing of marijuana. It has very low affinity for CB1 and CB2 receptors but with sedative effects along with THC. It is used in seizures of marijuana and its derivatives to assess the Psychoactivity Index as follows:

Psychoactivity Index =[THC]+[CBN][CBD]

Where [THC] ,[CBN] and [CBD] are the area of peaks that appear in gas chromatography (GC-FID) analyzed for each cannabinoid.
If the Psychoactivity Index is higher than 1, the substance seized is considered to be a drug. Pay attention, it is widely used for those who work with hemp, to distinguish hemp from marijuana.


CBT (Cannabitriol): Family of compounds with the same structural nucleus as THC but with diol groups in ring A (the same ring that defines THC as delta-9). You cannot imagine the amount of cannabinoids that exist with pharmacological activity not yet described.


CCL (Cannabiciclol): Cannabinoid in a very minority concentration, featured of highly consensed structure in the form of several cycles in three-dimensional form. There is another family of compounds of this type, with effects and medicinal value still to be investigated and documented.


Cellulose: Polysaccharide or complex carbohydrate that provides structure to the plant cell wall. Outdoor plant stems have more cellulose, as they are plants whose stems become woody, since they can be converted into 3-metre high plants.


Celsius: Unit of the Celsius temperature scale, where 100 would be the boiling point of water at atmospheric pressure.


Chalice: Pod which contains male and female reproductive organs.


Cheese: The name says it all and its aroma reveals it: deep, sweet and with an impressive cheesy undertone. The only downside is that it smells too much and can betray you, but the taste is incomparable, it stays in your mouth for hours. Relaxing effect and good production are its other qualities.


Chelate: Metallic nutrient that is embedded in an organic molecule with the purpose of improving its solubility in water, and therefore also its absorption and distribution to vegetal tissues. One example is the EDDHA-ortho-ortho iron chelate, which is used in many liquid and solid fertilizers for fertirrigation.


Cheryl Shuman: American cannabis entrepreneur, born in Buena Vista (Ohio) considered the queen of marijuana in Beverly Hills and one of the most prominent faces of activism in this country. She survived cancer with the help of cannabis, so she defends her like no other.


Chillum: Pipe used in India and other countries to smoke cannabis in a very particular way. It is a thicker cylinder at one end than the other and is related to religious ceremonies, particularly by the Shadu.


Chimera: A plant (or organism) with at least two genetically different parental tissues. It is given in grafts, but in marijuana they are rarely used.


CHIRUZA: Marijuana with a mild or low THC content. It doesn’t have to be bad cannabis, it can taste good too, but chiruza weed isn’t very potent.


Chlorophyll: A family of organic pigments found mainly in the chloroplasts of plant cells and is responsible for capturing the sun’s luminous energy. They’re the solar panels from the plants… and by the way… very efficient.


Chlorosis: Condition that we can identify as leaf burning or yellowing due to cell death (where there are no cells there is no chlorophyll). It can be due to multiple causes, the most common are excess or deficiency of nutrients, due to an imbalance in pH, or simply burning the plant because it is too close to the light source. Using LEC lighting techonolgy do not be too concerned about distance to the bulb. Read more here


Chocolate: Name commonly given to hashish in Spain. Named for the similarity in appearance between this food and the type of cannabis concentrate, which after oxidation of the resin takes on a dark color and glossy texture.


Chromosomes: A mixture of protein and DNA found entangled in the nucleus of the cell. They become visible when cell división occurs. Cannabis has 10 pairs of chromosomes. Each species, whether animal or plant, has a specific number of chromosomes, human being has 46 (23 pairs).


CHRONIC: In addition to a mythical genetics from the Dutch seed bank Serious Seeds, the Anglo-Saxons refer with it to marijuana of excellent quality, harvested mature or at the optimum time, hard and resinous buds with withered hairs


CHUFLO: Another way to call a joint.


Cigarro de la risa: Eine andere Art, einen Cannabis-Joint zu nennen.


CIGARRO DE MOÑO: Colombian slang for marijuana or marihuana joint with tobacco.


CIJA Preservation: This Spanish company is one of the few companies that can supply marijuana genetics in the form of clones or seeds in a 100% legal way; It is important to point out that its customers are pharmaceutical companies previously licensed in their country for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis.


CIRIGUAYO: Puerto Rico slang. for marijuana joint or marijuana with tobacco.


Clay: Substrate made of organic particles and minerals. A typical clayey soil is the substrate used for growing orange trees in the Valencia County (Spain). It is not suitable for marijuana because it’s a soil that retains too much moisture and does not aerate roots. Read more here


Climate: Environmental conditions that make up the growing medium. If it is artificial there will be conditions we provide (indoor growing), if not (outdoor growing), it will depend on latitude, altitude, relative humidity, temperature and rainfall regime. Outdoors you should always be the one who irrigate the plants, the rest is done by nature. Marijuana is a plant whose roots require a lot of oxygen demand to develop. Read more here


Clone: Rooted cutting of a plant. It is applied to cuttings but also at the cellular level in biotechnology. Bayer-Monsanto is already applying the cloning of genetically modified marijuana, would you cultivate it?…. I hope not. Read more here


Closet: Referring to the cannabis industry, this refers to the cabin we use for indoor cultivation of marijuana plants, which is composed of a metal structure wrapped in a canvas, reflective on the inside, and opaque on the outside so that it does not come out the light.


Coconut: New It is a kind of substrate used in the cultivation of cannabis, it is a fiber that can come in blocks or pellets or in bags. Read more here


Coffee shops: Famous places in the Netherlands where cannabis in all its forms has been sold and consumed in them since the late 1970s. The most famous are those in Amsterdam, which attract thousands of tourists from all over the world every year.


Colchicine: Poisonous alkaloid compound extracted from plants of the genus colcium. It is currently used as an anti-gout drug. In plant biotechnology we use it to develop polyploid individuals, i. e. plants with a greater number of a copy for specific genes. A complicated substance to handle.


Color Spectrum: Wavelength within visible light and measured in nm (nanometers), which gives us the color variations from violet (short wavelength) to red (long wavelength).


Compaction: Condition of the substrate when it is tightened too much, eliminating porosity and therefore aeration. It is recommended not to press the substrate too much so that the roots are properly oxygenated.


Copper wire: Electricity conductor wire used in the assembly of lighting equipment for the installation of an indoor crop.


Coral Reefer (YouTube): Famous influencer in the cannabis industry, great connoisseur, with many followers on social networks, where she shows hundreds of bongs and vaporizers, as well as all kinds of marijuana strains and concentrates.


Corentin of PEV Grow France (Grow Shop PevGrow France): an experienced grower and a great connoisseur of cannabis in general. The videos of him on YouTube are very successful, especially the recipe ones … if you don’t know him you don’t know what you’re missing.


Cotyledon: First pair of leaves after germination which serve as food storage for the plant until the true leaves start to make photosynthesis.


COUCH-LOCK: Or even Couch-Locked, a person really out for consuming too much marijuana that “nails her to the sofa”. This term began to be used in the 1970s, and became popular with some films of the time that have gone down in history as classics of the genre.


Crop King Seeds: US seed bank, founded in Hollywood and world famous for distributing commercial marijuana genetics. They are not growers, but they buy bulk seeds from many producers which they then resell under their own brand.


CROSS-FADED: Being drunk and drugged at the same time, to the point of losing consciousness. Typically used to refer to the high from mixing alcohol and cannabis, it is also used when mixing other drugs.


Cross-pollination: Pollination of females with different types of males.


Crumble: New BHO finish form that has a waxy texture and small holes caused by the application of vacuum. Read more here


CRUZADO: Synonymous with a hangover in some South American countries, but not only a hangover from alcohol, but also the one that comes from mixing it with marijuana.


CSC: New Acronym for “Cannabis Social Club”, they are locations of cannabis associations and are widespread in Spain and other countries. Read more here


CUERO: Rolling paper or fine cigarette paper, which we use to make up.


CULERO: Slang in Spain, refers to hashish that has been moved from places of production to places of sale and consumption by a mule, a person who crosses a border with drugs in the stomach to avoid police checks.


Curing: Slow drying process that makes marijuana more pleasant to smoke. It is also the procedure by which we heal a sick plant. Read more here


CustomGrow420 (youtube): Well known YouTuber and very, very stoner. In his videos of him, you can see smoking outrageously large cannabis extracts in one go, vaping giant loads or rolling record-breaking joints, which is why he has a huge following.


Cuticle: Thin layer of vegetable wax on the surface of leaves and flowers.


Cutting: Fragment of about 10 cm that is cut from the lateral branches to be rooted (Cloning). When rooted, it becomes a plant with the same genetic material as the plant from which it was cut. Read more here


Cytokinins: Plant hormones that stimulate cell division and growth, and retard leaf aging, also regulate the opening and closing of stomas, the expansion of cotyledons during germination, and the plant immune system. There are commercial products that contain these types of compounds, but I do not recommend them.





DAB: A dose of cannabis concentrate, originally BHO, but also Rosin or other extractions. A shatter dab is a small amount that is taken with the help of a dabber and brought into the bowl of the bong, pipe or vaporizer, to be consumed.


Dali Grow Shop: It is a Grow Shop based in Medellín and run by Sofi, a Colombian who supports the therapeutic use of the plant, and Edu, a Spaniard who has spent half his life growing cannabis for study. They have a pretty active Facebook page.


Damping Off: New It is a fungus that usually attacks during the germination when there are conditions of heat and excessive humidity. Read more here


Damping-off (Fungus plague): Disease caused by fungus, usually alternaria species, and is due to over watering. It attacks from the ground spreading over the stem.


DANK: Another synonym for high quality marijuana coined in the USA, but widely used in other Anglo-Saxon countries. It is used for both plants and grass, i.e. a plant that looks very productive, smelling and resinous is dank, as well as a hard, resinous and fragrant bud.


DAR EL BOTE: Dangerous practice that is carried out in some places in Colombia and consists of driving around the city while consuming cannabis.


DC (Direct current): A constant electric current where the movement of electric charges occurs in the same direction.


Decarboxylate: A chemical reaction in which a carboxyl group is removed from a compound in the form of carbon dioxide. Referring to cannabis, it is the action by which THCA, CBDA or other cannabinoids in acid form become THC, CBD, etc.


Decomposition: Putrefaction process that involves the action of microorganisms.


Dehumidify: Remove moisture from the air. To do that, you can find equipments that do it efficiently. Very advisable for the flowering phase. Read more here


Dehydrate: Remove water from cannabis. It is a process that is involved in the drying process, but dehydration can be done with solvents such as etanol, for example. Cannabis is purified by eliminating water and dehydrated with ethanol (ethanol extraction ).


Dependence: Referring to people who require or need a habitual behavior in order to lead a normal life. Addicts must take their daily dose of the substance they are addicted to to control their anxiety, nerves or “monkey”.


Detergent (surfactant): Substance that reduces the surface tension of water, emulsifying greasy substances in water. One example is the potassium soap that is used as an soaking agent in foliar fertilizers, as it makes the fertilizer penetrate through the waxy cuticle of the leaves. It also acts as an insecticide against whitefly.


DEVIL’S LETTUCE: Devil’s lettuce. If you are perceptive, you will realize that this term is not exactly positive. In fact, it’s how many anti-marijuana people referred to their least favorite plant. There are people who still use this term, but it is usually an indication of a backward mind that probably doesn’t know the real effects.


DHO (DME Hash Oil): Another method of gas extraction, similar to BHO, but using DME (dimethyl ether) instead of Butane. DME is more akin to cannabinoids, but extracts terpenes worse than BHO. This, coupled with the higher toxicity of DME, being that both Butane and DME are very flammable, is another method that I don’t like too much.


Diapause: Period in which the plant enters latency, growth stops. This occurs because of a dramatic change in the environment or a chemical agent such as STS in the production of feminized marijuana seeds.


Diesel: The genetics native to the east coast of the United States, better known as East Coast Sour Diesel, came to Europe from the hand of the breeder Soma, who called it New York City Diesel. Sour Diesel is next to Blue Dream Strain, North America’s most famous Sativa hybrid, a different flavor that has set school.


Dinafem: The first sperm bank specializing in feminised products in the world, and also the one that sells the most. They have made the feminized version of many classic strains, then made them autoflowering, later rich in CBD, and now they are producing them in CBD as well.


Dioic: Cannabis plants whose genetics produce male and female plants separately. Dioic types are beginning to be produced in hemp chemotypes.


Dioicism: It is not a religion. It is the condition that shows a population of dioecious plants in regular marijuana seeds, obtaining both male plants and female plants.


Dispensary: A place that legally sells flowers, concentrates, extracts and other cannabis derivatives. This term of calling these establishments is found primarily in North America, especially in the United States and Canada


DJT Plants Spain: One of the 5 Spanish companies that obtained a license in 2018 to grow cannabis with a THC content higher than 0.2%, but only for experimental or therapeutic purposes.


DNA: Deoxyribonucleic acid, which defines the structure of the genetic code present in all plant (and animal) cells, this code constitutes 100% of its genotype and which gives rise to 50% of the final phenotype of the plant (expression of the genotype), i.e., the genetic code is established in the DNA, but its expression (phenotype) will depend largely on the breeding environment (climate, irrigation, stress, light etc…).


DNA Genetics: The US seed bank that sells the most in the world, its breeders are Don and Aaron and distribute several brands such as Crockett’s Family Farm or Reserva Privada. Became famous with Cannalope and L.A. Confidential, their specialty is undoubtedly OG genetics.


Do si Dos: The most famous genetics from Archive Seeds bank, created by breeder ThaDocta by crossing OGKB with her male Face Off OG Bx1. This plant gathers everything you can look for: intense flavor, good flower and resin yield, vigor and potency only suitable for people with great tolerance.


Dominance: New Superiority or prevalence of one parent over the other when it comes to contributing its traits to the offspring.


DOÑA JUANITA: Synonymous with marijuana, especially in Mexico, one of the hundreds that owns our beloved plant.


Dosage: Quantity of fertilizer or insecticide applied to a plant. Also regards to the amount of active ingredient that is administered to a person in a controlled manner. Smoked marijuana does not provide a controlled dose of THC, an extract for ingestion or sublingual application does.


Double potting: Two-pot transplant technique that avoids stress on the roots. A pot is inserted into a larger pot breaking the bottom side in order to the root to continue expanding.


Double Zero: Hash of first sieving preserving the maximum quality. If you do it with a resin extractor of circular centrifuge type, you will increase the yield and it will be stronger. Read more here


Dr. Dina (the woman Snoop Dog buys marijuana from): She is not a doctor as such, but she knows so much about the world of medical marijuana that she advises users on its use, especially stars and celebrities. The award-winning Weeds series was inspired by her personal story.


Drainage: Empty the substrate of excess of water. A failure to properly drain water from the substrate can cause root rot and fungal growth.


Drip irrigation system: Efficient irrigation system in which a series of rubber pipes are used to circulate water at low pressure, these rubber pipes have small holes through which drips water directly to the base of the plant.


Dry ice: CO2 solid. Very useful for hash. It is also used in the extraction of terpenes captured in cold trap, being very effective cold traps, using a mixture of CO2 and acetone, reaching a temperature of -78ºC.


Drying: New Applied to cannabis is the process in which marijuana buds lose most of the moisture they contain. Read more here


Dutch Passion: Marijuana seed brand from Maastricht (The Netherlands) which was one of the first to sell feminized seeds. He is currently betting on other cannabinoids, and in his catalog he offers strains rich in CBD, CBG and THCV, as well as the classic ones with THC.





Edibles: New Anglicism used to describe food containing a certain amount of cannabinoids that are ingested in a recreational or medicinal way. Read more here


Effect: New Applied to cannabis it refers to the sensations that its use causes us in our physical condition or mood.


EGG: Spanish slang for egg-shaped hashish balls that were carried into the stomach by a mule to pass border controls: ova. It is usually of high quality, but not necessarily and in fact it is resold even cut.


Electrical circuit: Circular route through which electrical current moves, from a source to the ground (earth connection) through an electrical outlet.


Electrical overload: Excessive electrical charge. A circuit that uses more than 80% of its potential is overloaded. A 20 Amp circuit with a current of 17 Amps is overloaded.


Electrical transformer: Ballast device that transforms the electric current from Alternating current to Direct current.


Electrode: Solid electrical conductor used to establish an electric arc between the contacts of a high intensity lamp.


Élite Seeds: Seed bank led by Iñaki, biologist and undoubtedly one of the world’s leading cannabis experts in the world. They are currently focusing on minority cannabinoids and already have quite advanced strains rich in THCV, CBDV, CBG and others.


Elongation: Extended growth of plant cells in the stems, this causes general lengthening of the stem. The maximum elongation of a plant occurs at the beginning of flowering.


Embolism: Air bubble that blocks the entry of nutrients into the cuttings, causing them to dry or rot without rooting.


Embryo: Living part of the inner part of the seed that is in latent form. It is also the fertilized egg that gives rise to the seed in a pollinated female plant.


Emerald Haze Cannabis Emporium: Located in Renton, this dispensary is known for having the best cannabis buds in the area, and above all for its special customer service, thanks to a team of professionals who do not hesitate to put all their experience at the service of the consumer.


Emerald Triangle: A triangle-shaped geographic region in Northern California, consisting of the counties of Humboldt on the coast, Mendocino in the south, and Trinity in the interior. It is called Esmeralda because a large part of the population has lived on green cannabis for many years.


EMPANADA: A very badly rolled joint, with a strange shape, which does not adhere well, the combustion is not homogeneous or the filter comes off.


Encarsia Formosa: Parasitic wasp that preys on the whitefly. Very interesting to apply in biological control.


ENCHONCHE: Synonym for “couch-locked”, that is, when you are so high that you can not help but lie down on the sofa and remain “nailed” to it.


Endemic: New Specific from a given geographical region, when a variety of cannabis is endemic to one place it is usually not found anywhere else.


Endocannabinoid: Our internal cannabinoid receptor system. Years ago this system was thought to be located only in the brain, but recent research has shown that cannabinoid receptors are all over the body and are like locks activated by cannabinoids, which act as keys.


Endogamy: self-pollination from selected plants of the same seed production.


Enzymes: Soluble proteins produced by the cells of the body; their function is to promote and regulate chemical reactions in living beings. In the cultivation of marijuana they are used to accelerate the decomposition process of organic matter.


Epsom salts: Salt consisting of hydrated magnesium sulphate which is added to the substrate to enrich it with magnesium. Read more here


Equinox: A time when the sun crosses the equator and the day and night lasts 12 hours. It happens in spring and autumn.


Essential oil: First fractions of distillate of the pure extracts of marijuana buds that correspond to the most volatile fractions that give rise to the terpenic profile of the strain, that is to say, the aroma. more info.


Etiolation: Process of plant development (botanical research) in darkness so that the stems generate roots in a simpler way. The stalk is surrounded with insulating tape that we will later cut, preventing it from getting light.


Exogamy: Reproduction of cannabis plants from parents with very different genetic lineages. This is what is usually done when looking to incorporate a new and very interesting trait in the offspring.





F1 (Prime Filial Generation): First offspring of two selected parental plants.


F2 (Second Filial Generation ): The generation resulting from the cross between selected plants of the previous F1 generation. Normally, seed banks do not start to perform an F2 unless they are completely commited to stabilizing a new cultivar, leading to an F5 or later. Lots of work, space and time.


FAISÁN: Argentine slang for marijuana joint, marihuana with tobacco or hashish with tobacco.


FASO: Argentine slang for marijuana joint, marijuana with tobacco or hashish with tobacco. Buds or the cannabis plant are also called this.


Fast Buds: Feminized autoflowering marijuana seed bank from the United States, which has become a favorite in this regard ever since it first appeared. His specialty is creating 100% automatic versions of classic varieties from the United States and Canada.


Fast Version: New Type of cannabis seeds produced by crossing a photodependent plant with its autoflowering version.


Fedora 17: Monoecious variety of industrial hemp certified by the European Union. This strain is very popular with growers looking for fiber, as its growth is very fast and vigorous.


Felina 32: French variety of industrial hemp, monoecious, totally legal and certified by the European Union. Thanks to her satisfying flower production and good CBD levels, she has been planting a lot in Europe in recent years.


Female (plant): If it’s dioic cannabis, it’s the plant that produces the pistiliferous flower, oocytes and seeds. If it’s hemp, it’s probably monoic and therefore hermaphrodite.


Fertilize: Apply nutrient solution to the plant. It is also pollination of a female plant to obtain seeds. The right way to do this is to control pollination by passing the fertile pollen with a brush through the pistils of the buds. Read more here


Fertilizer: New Synonymous with manure, these are organic or inorganic substances used to feed plants in general. Read more here


FIRE: Fire, although, applied to cannabis, is another way of calling the good one, the one with an instant, powerful and lasting effect, those buds that smell from miles away and that when burned, everyone approaches or looks: this is pure Fire.


Flower: In dioic cannabis is the bud of the female plant, which we want to grow sinsemilla. If the plant is a male, the one that produces the pollen to obtain seeds.


Flowering stimulator (Boost): Organic or mineral fertilizer with an organic base very rich in Betain and Amino acids. Its mineral composition is based on the almost total absence of nitrogen, enhancing the contribution of phosphorus and potassium for the complete floral development.


Flowering: Flower onset. Suitable for both female and male flowers.


Floyd Landis: Former American cyclist, winner of the Tour de France in 2006, although he was subsequently deprived of the prize accused of doping. He later got into the medical cannabis business with his Floyd’s company of Leadville in his hometown.


Foliage: Green vegetable mass. Leaves and stems. Everything you see when the plant is growing. Aerial part of a plant that is not in bloom.


Foliar feeding: Spraying of water and/or nutrient solutions on the underside of the leaves in order to make nutrients absortion in a faster way compared to radicular irrigation. This type of feeding is very common in the rooting of clones and in the beginning of the growth stage, both in clones and seedlings. Read more here


Foliar: New Regarding the leaves of the plant, when we say foliar fertilizer it means that it is food that is absorbed through the leaf.


Fresh Frozen: New Variation of the resin extraction method known as Iceolator, where fresh plant material is used instead of dry.


FRITO: Synonym of “planchado” or “toasted”, that is cooked, that is, those who suffer from excessive cannabis consumption, which in some cases causes them to end up talking or stammering with their eyes closed.


Fulvic acid: Like humic acids, fulvic acids also come from bacterial decomposition of organic plant matter. They are part of the organic fertilizer formulas, being water soluble and assimilable by the plant. It is an excellent food for Mycorrhiza fungi, very beneficial for the marijuana growing substrates. Read more here


FUMAR CRISTINA: Synonymous with smoking cannabis, that is another of the many names we give to marijuana so as not to call it by its name.


Fungi: Organism that is classified out of the plant, animal or protista kingdom. It feeds on plants or animals, as it is not capable of making photosynthesis. The most destructive parasite fungi are rust, mildew and botrytis. Other mycorrhizogenic fungi are beneficial for crops and compete for the above-mentioned pathogenic parasites.


Fungicide: Product that destroys fungi. Read more here


Fungistatic: Product that inhibits the proliferation of fungi.


Fuse Box: Electrical circuit box containing fuse controlled circuits.


Fuse: Electrical safety device made of a metal that melts and interrupts the circuit if overloaded.


Futura 75: One of the most widely used EU certified hemp varieties in Southern Europe thanks to its great ability to acclimatize in hot or low humidity environments. She is monoecious and very early flowering and her CBD values can exceed 3%.





G13: A mythical marijuana, so much so that it is not known if the legends about the creation by the government are reality or fiction. The fact is that clones under the name “G13 Airbone” are circulating in the United States, along with other selections. It is an almost pure Indica, forming fat and compact buds, a good aroma and a very powerful physical high.


GALLO: Mexican slang for marijuana joint, marijuana with tobacco, or hashish with tobacco that is smoked in the morning.


Gamete (plants): Plant cell specialized for fertilization (may be the grain of pollen in males or the oocyte in female plants). Tehese cells have a haploid number of chromosomes, so that when fertilization occurs, they give rise to an embryo with a diploid number of chromosomes.


Ganja: Indian term referring to the cannabis plant.


Garden Center: Gardening business in which plants are grown for sale or experimentation.


Garlic: Culinary condiment that is used in many household anti-pest remedies consisting the juice of garlic which is added to some soap or moisturizing agent, in order to pulverize the plants with the mixture. It’s a good organic preventive agent for mites, thrips, mealybugs and some fungi.


GAS: (gasoline) While we hope your weed does not contain real gasoline, we still hope you can describe its aroma with this characteristic. Like many other terms on the list, it is a way of referring to certain types of higher quality marijuana.


Gea Seeds: Spanish seed bank based in Valencia since 2015 and which has not stopped growing in the sector since then. Her first successful strain was Critical Purple, but several successes followed with other strains such as Cachalote.


Gelato: The strain that ousted OG Kush as a favorite of influential California rappers, actors and stoners. It is a Cookies backcross, as it is a mix between Sunset Sherbert and Girl Scout Cookies, in which different phenotypes have been selected; especially # 33 and # 25 which are the best although they are all good.


Gene: The structural genetic unit of DNA that contains the code for the biosynthesis of a protein or proteins with a given biological function. For example: The gene or set of genes that encodes and regulates the biosynthesis of the THC-synthase enzyme, the enzyme that synthesizes THC in glandular trichomes. If this gene, or group of genes is absent, THC will not exist.


Genetic background: Everything that a prestigious seed bank can store in its cold chambers, whether in the form of cuttings, explants or seeds.


Genetic composition: It is the genome of a plant. Although it is good that a plant has a certain genetic composition, we must bear in mind that the same genes do not always manifest in the same way ore ven completely, everything will depend on the environment you provide. A genetic analysis of a plant can tell us if it is narcotic chemotype, and also can tell us which terpenes will biosynthesize, but the ratio of these compounds are mostly typical of the grower’s hand. Obviously everything has a limit. This is the reason by which you grow a ratio one to one chemotype but you find certain variability in the final product.


Genotype: Genetic composition of the DNA of the cannabis plant (or any organism). It is a term that specifies the traits that describe cannabis, however the term genome is more general, since it implies the traits but also the set of silent genes, as well as the regulatory genes. It’s more complicated than we can express in a dictionary. I’ll talk about it about it in a guide! Read more here


Germination: New The process of development that takes place when the embryo swells under the effect of moisture, until it becomes a seedling. Read more here


Gibberellic acid: It’s a phytohormone that induces flowering and prolongs it, increasing the production of bud between 10 and 20% above in average. It is a very toxic product for humans, and requires caution and specialization in its uses and applications. It is also a germination inducer in seeds that have lost their germination vigour.


Gibberellins (Gibberellic acid): Plant hormone or phytohormone that is generated in the apical parts of plants (flowers and fruits), regulates extensive processes, such as seed germination, elongation of stem cells and their division, induces the onset of flowering. Some growers use it, although I do not recommend it for its toxicity in humans at high purity and cocentration (Gibberellic acid and Gibberellin A3). It’s a complex molecule, not very easy to manipulate. It is considered to be of opposite action to Abcisic acid.


Girl Scout Cookies: Cookies revolutionized the US market a decade ago as a necessary oasis in a wasteland of consumers hungry for something new. The aroma of the biscuit has conquered palates all over the world, and is at the origin of Sherbert, Gelato, Wedding Cake and all the Cookie Fam.


Glandular Headed Tricoma: Vegetable hair with high THC content.


Glandular Trichoma: Plant hair gland that generates resin.


Gorilla Glue: American variety selected by crossing Sour Dubb, Chem sis and Chocolate Diesel. Never before has an elite clone been around the world in such a short time, but it’s nearly perfect. Tasty, THC over 25%, productive, fast … its little flaw? Be a bit of a hermaphrodite.


Gram: New Unit of measurement that corresponds to one thousandth of a Kilo, and the method of measuring the harvest of cannabis, especially indoors.


GRASS: Weed, synonymous with marijuana. It doesn’t have to be good quality cannabis, the term weed is neutral and includes both good and bad.


Green Chrysop: Insect that devours aphids, thrips, whitefly… etc… and their larvae. Read more here


GREEN GODDESS: The Green Goddess, or another way of calling cannabis of excellent quality, the one out of the ordinary, the one you don’t see every day. The marijuana ban has spawned many synonyms that can be used without attracting attention.


Green Crack: Crossing between Skunk # 1 and Afghani males or other Indica strains has always worked, see Super Skunk, Warlock or Cheese in Europe and of course Green Crack in the US. Also known as Cush (Con C) with an acrid smell, but productive and tasty, even if it lacks a bit of power.


Green House: Born in Amsterdam in the mid-90s, this bank was also relaunched thanks to Neville, and especially Shantibaba. Strains like White Widow, Super Silver Haze, White Rhino or Neville’s Haze have become classics and trophy winners of cannabis.


Greenhouse: Glazed structure, transparent or translucent methacrystalline plastic, dedicated to large-scale plant cultivation and allowing absolute control of environmental conditions. Read more here


Grifa: Name given by Spanish legionaries to cannabis from Morocco when they brought it to the peninsula. In some places in Spain it is still synonymous with marijuana.


Grow Barato: It is a Spanish Grow Shop, born in Canals (Valencia) which since 2013 has begun to make itself known online. They have a franchise with a network of dozens of brick and mortar stores across Spain and their YouTube channel is quite popular in the industry.


GrowDiares: Portal specialized in monitoring the various marijuana crops, which has grown a lot in the last 5 years. Brands organize many contests that help them advertise their products on the site, which receive feedbacks and votes, thus allowing users to have a ranking of companies.


Grower: Anglo-Saxon word that defines the grower, in our case of marijuana. Literally translated into Spanish, it means something like “grower” or “breeder”, but it is a way of referring to the cultivation of plants.


Grow Shop: A shop specialized in cannabis seeds and grow stuff that emerged in Spain in the late 1990s as a result of the coffee shops emerging boom in Holland. The business idea was based on the demand for self-growing products.


Guano: Organic fertilizer based on bird and bat droppings. Native of Latin America. The bat guano is the most appreciated, being a product extracted from caves and habitats frequented by these animals. Read more here


GW Pharmaceuticals: One of the largest medical cannabis companies in the world. Founded in 1998, it currently gets higher and higher prices on the Nasdaq as it owns Sativex and Epidiolex, the 2 cannabis-based drugs already approved by more than 25 countries.


Gynoecium: Plant with the entire population of pistiliferous flowers (female plant, whether from regular or feminized seeds). Also is referred as the female portion of the flower in angiosperms plants, formed by one or more pistiles. His male counterpart is the androceum.





Haley420 (youtube): One of the most successful cannabis YouTube channels in the world. The protagonist is Haley, although her partner appears in many videos and they consume all kinds of marijuana strains, concentrates, munchies, etc.


Halogen: Family of chemical elements classified as non-metals (Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine and Astato). We mention them because, among other things, they form part of metal halide lamps, where a halogen element is attached to a metal, to give rise to incandescence with a specific spectrum.


Harlequin: America’s most popular CBD-rich marijuana strain, alongside Charlotte Web and AC / DC. It is a plant that has been stored in cutting format for many years, as it has been found to produce high levels of cannabidiol even in a vegetative state. It is also tasty and quite productive.


Hash: Cannabis preparation from the pressing of its resin. The trichomes are first extracted by mechanical procedures, and then the raw material is passed through a mesh to be pressed. Its quality is directly proportional to the quality of the cannabis from which it originates. Read more here


Hash Museum: Originally created in Amsterdam, entrepreneur Ben Dronkers, owner of Sensi Seeds and Hempflax among others, opened another branch in Barcelona a few years ago. These museums examine the history and uses of cannabis around the world.


Hash Plant: The concept of Hash Plant Strain initially referred to crops selected by man for the production of hashish, especially in the Himalayan region. Later a variety born in the USA was named after it, which emigrated to Holland, and there it became famous in the catalog of the Sensi Seeds bank.


Hashinene: One of the latest terpenes discovered, and this has generated some debate, as it is the result of the degradation of other compounds. It got its name because the compound was found in several hash samples from different varieties.


HASHISH: Cannabis concentrate obtained from the mechanical separation of the resin produced both in the buds and in many leaves of marijuana plants. The trichomes group together and after being pressed they release the oil which, oxidized, provides that characteristic aroma.


Haze: New Mythical cannabis variety created in the 70s that combines 4 sativa genetics. Read more here


Heating mats: Thermal mats that are placed under the growing tray to provide a constant temperature during cuttings or seedlings rooting.


HELICOPTERO: Practice that consists in forming a circle between friends and passing the same joint after having each made a shot, smoking and passing quickly, rotating just like a helicopter.


Hemp: Chemotype (or different chemical species) of Cannabis Sativa L., whose primary use has been in the production of fibre but is also useful in the production of food and pharmaceuticals based on CBD (cannabidiol), terpenes and other minority cannabinoids.


Hempfest: Festival held annually in Seattle (Washington) since 1991. Thanks to the total legalization of cannabis in this US state, this event has gone from having an attendance of just 500 people in its first edition, to more than 100,000 in the last year.


HempFlax: This hemp multinational cultivates more than 2,500 hectares every year, representing one of the leading companies in the sector. Created by Ben Dronkers (owner of Sensi Seeds) in 1993, it currently produces cannabis in the Netherlands, Germany and Romania.


Hemp Trading: Distributor of cannabis products created by Ernesto, an experienced grower and breeder, who in addition to Hemp Trading, owns Buddha Seeds, one of the seed banks that has focused on autoflowering strains.


Hermaphrodite (plant): Plant sexed initially as a female and that obtained from regular or feminized seeds, but during its flowering has generated male flowers, probably triggered by some kind of stress. Sometimes it’s a question of its altered genetic itself that promotes hermaphroditism, especially in feminised seeds whose feminization process has not been carried out conveniently. Read more here


Hertz (Hz): International frequency unit. Refers to the number of cycles per second of a physical magnitude. For example, A 100 Hz alternating current has 100 cycles per second. It is also used to measure energy in electromagnetism, the light spectrum can be expressed in λ (wavelength) and Hz (frequency) by the ratio:

ν =c/λ

Where ν is the frequency in Hz, c the speed of light in m/s, and λ wavelength in m.


Heterosis: Hybrid vigour by which an F1 generation exceeds any of its parents by one or more of the desired characters. It can be applied to any feature in general. The most sought-after today are, time of flowering (we always want to reduce it), psychoactive potency or medicinal level, production or yield and terpenes composition. Resistance to pests, drought resistance, special cannabinoid ratios such as THC: CBD 1:1 are also sought in the new cannabis strain developments.


Heterozygotic Loci: Regions of DNA of a homologous chromosome which contains differences with respect to its chromosome pair due to some type of mutation or deletion. Very seldom such mutations are expressed in the plant.


High-Supplies: Dutch seed bank born in 2006, which started with the illusion of sharing its classic genetics with other growers, and gradually created one of the most complete collection of feminized and autoflowering seeds.


High Times Cannabis Cup: The longest and most prestigious cannabis competition in history. The first edition was held in the year 1988 and, although other competitions have also appeared over time, the HTCC continues to be a reference point. Created by High Times magazine, it has been held many times in Amsterdam.


HIT DE MARIJUANA: A way in which in many countries it is called a marijuana or hashish hit.


Homogeneity: New Applied to cannabis it concerns the phenotypic stability between the same population, that is to say, when they share the same traits.


Homologous chromosomes: In a plant cell, each chromosome has its pair (except in sexual cells), that is to say, its counterpart, one contributed by the male and one by the female.


Honeycomb: New BHO type of texture that once finished reminds the shape of a honeycomb. Read more here


Hookah or Cachimba: Water pipe, usually in glass, of Indian origin which spread throughout the Near and Middle East where the Shisha bar culture developed. Before the smoker inhales the smoke, it passes through a tank of water which purifies and cools it.


Horticulture: Technique based on intensive cultivation in small areas for vegetal species of high agronomic, technological, food or pharmaceutical value.


Hortitec: The largest distributor of cannabis-related products in Spain and now also in other countries. Founded by Nacho Vidal (not to be confused with the porn actor), it has one of the largest catalogs in the world.


HOTBOX: Game or practice that is based on lighting one or more pipes in a closed room, where the smoke cannot escape, so as to saturate the environment so that the people locked inside reach a high at the highest level .


House of Weed (weedtuber for the Spanish market): well-known cannabis influencer with a lot of activity on YouTube, where it has one of the channels with the highest number of subscribers in the sector. His videos, tips and tutorials on growth tracking are well followed.


HUIRO: Peruvian slang. marijuana joint, marijuana with tobacco or hashish with tobacco


Humboldt Seed Organization: Humboldt is the land of giants, sequoias and marijuana plants. This hippie stronghold knows more than anyone about organic farming, and from that culture a seed bank was born that harvests the best cannabis genetics that have passed into that region.


Humic acids: These are organic compounds naturally found in forest soils, forming part of the fertile soil or compost zone. They are widely used in organic fertilizer formulations based on leonardite extracts. Its function is based on the enrichment of the soil by capturing mineral nutrients and favouring the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the substrate. More info.


Humus: Decomposed plant matter that makes up compost in forests. In its composition we can find humic and fulvic acids. Read more here


Hybrid vigour: Greater strength or growth rate of a plant. It occurs in plants descended from a hybridization of parents with very different and diverse genes, which produce superior genetic variability.


Hybrid: Variety created from 2 different genotypes. When the parents are pure strains, the descendant hybrid is F1 (Filial 1 Hybrid). When the strain is created from crossing 2 hybrids, it is called a polyhybrid, and in current cannabis they are more than 95% of commercial strains.


Hybridization: Create a new cultivar by the intervention of a new species introduced as male or female, all from two stable genetics.


Hydrochloric acid: Acid commonly used to prepare irrigation water for cannabis cultivation. It serves to lower the pH and keep it in the correct range between 5.5 and 6.5, it also increases the EC (Ionic Electroconductivity) by adding chlorides to the irrigation water.


Hydroponics: Cultivation technology based on the use of a pumped recirculated culture solution, having roots in continuous contact with either only nutrient solution (Hydro System) or with air and nutrient solution (Aero System), and using perlite as a substrate (or any other inert one). The technique allows the continuous oxygenation of the roots even though, since there is no organic substrate, the advantages of the soil microbiota are lost.


Hygrometer: Relative humidity meter in the air. The best way to drive well your indoor flowering is that the relative humidity does not reach 50%. Read more here





i49: US-based online seed bank made up of entrepreneurs with extensive cannabis growing experience who have set themselves the goal of offering authentic genetics from around the world through the best marijuana seeds.


IBL: New Abbreviation of “Inbred line”, which is a reproduction technique based on inbreeding, where the offspring are crossed with each other across generations.


ICBC: The International Cannabis Business Conference is a global investment forum created to connect cannabis entrepreneurs with investors interested in entering the marijuana market. Each year it organizes events in various European and American cities and connects thousands of people.


Ice-O-Lator bags: They are a kit of submersible Nylon bags with progressively smaller mesh micraje which are sewn into the base. Raw cannabis is introduced into the bags together with water and ice, passing the resin glands through the different mesh bags, leaving the impurities retained in the bags. Read more here


Ice Cream Cake : Cannabis polyhybrid created by Seedjunky Genetics from the cross between Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake. This is one of the latest hits from the infamous Cookie Fam, loaded to 75% with a 25% Indica, very flavorful, with great flower and resin yields and a full effect.


Iceolator: New A method of extracting resin from cannabis that is based on the mechanical separation of the trichomes with the help of ice and cold water. Read more here


ICMag: The world’s premier cannabis forum, created by Gipsy and followed by marijuana fans around the world. It is a benchmark in the industry, since many of the most important breeders of the moment have made themselves known there.


Iker Val: Well-known Spanish cannabis activist, lawyer for the federation of cannabis consumer associations in the Basque Country and former president of the Ganjazz association, one of the oldest in the country. He is one of the people who has been fighting for the legalization of marijuana for the longest time


I Love Growing Marijuana: Cannabis specialized web portal created by Robert Bergman, experienced grower and great connoisseur, who managed to condense all his experience into this comprehensive information page, as well as forum and seed distributor.


Imperio Seeds Grow Shop: The Chilean Grow Shop with the largest product catalog in the country. Located in Santiago, the capital, and managed by real experts who always try to put their knowledge at the service of growing customers.


Indica: New A subspecies of cannabis that is more compact in size than sativas, with wider leaves and a relaxing and narcotic effect.


Indicator paper: Yellow strips of paper used as an indicator of the pH level of water. The colour scale gives an idea of the pH.


Indoor: New Anglicism widely used to mean indoor growing with artificial lights and artificial ventilation.


Inductive photoperiod: Duration of the hours of sunlight required for the beginning of flowering. The photoperiod corresponds to the ratio of day and night duration. The photoperiod and the light spectrum (moved to red or blue) will be responsible for the plant’s continued growth or flowering. This does not occur in autoflowering plants, these do not depend on photoperiod. Read more here


Inert: Substance that does not react chemically. It is also assigned to the culture médium that only provides physical sustenance to the plant, does not provide food or microbiota.


Inflorescence: Cluster of flowers.


Insecticide: Product to eliminate insects. Read more here


Introgression: To Incorporate a given trait into a population of plants without altering the other traits. This is very difficult to achieve, and it brings stability and uniformity to the strain.


Irierebel: German web portal with a lot of information on everything related to cannabis in all its aspects. They also have a shop where you can buy all kinds of items for growing marijuana, as well as CBD medicinal oil.


Irrigation: New The action of hydrating or providing water to crops to meet their needs for food or liquid.





Jack Herer: Jack Herer was an American writer and cannabis activist who was very involved in the legalization of marijuana around the world. That’s why Sensi Seeds pays homage to him through their best Haze hybrid, high yielding, fast and very potent.


Jamaica: New Caribbean island related to Rasta culture, weed consumption and Reggae music, thanks mainly to the singer Bob Marley.


Jamaican Lambsbread: Legendary native Jamaican marijuana strain, Bob Marley’s favorite and responsible for his great inspiration. 100% Sativa, large and flowering, floral flavor and aroma, good bud production and an endless psychoactive high, very uplifting and upbeat.


JANE: Diminutive of the word marijuana in English, Mary Jane. Another of the many synonyms that cannabis has in the English language.


JAY / JOINT: Joint, joint cannon or whatever you want to call a marijuana cigarette or cannabis concentrate rolled in paper, which can be accompanied by tobacco or just weed.


Jelly Hash: New Type of cannabis concentrate that remains with a very malleable texture, thanks to the mixture between dry hashish and BHO oil.


Jesús Sancho (Mac): This Spanish born in Valencia in addition to being a veteran, has been one of the most important precursors of cannabis in Europe since the 90s, among his achievements is being the founder of the largest portal cannabis plant in Spanish “” and the Cannabislandia online Grow Shop.


Jiffy: New Pressed peat pellet that swells when hydrated and is used to germinate seeds and especially to root cuttings. Read more here


Jinxproof Genetics: Breeder with over 30 years of experience, she has partnered with other great growers such as Subcool, and her best known strain is the 9lbs Hammer. For some years he has had his own sperm bank with very original types.


Jodie Emery: Canadian politician and cannabis activist and wife of Marc Emery, another famous Canadian activist. Both were founders of Cannabis Culture magazine and the Pot TV channel, and franchised marijuana dispensaries until the law prevented it.


Joint: New Cannabis or hashish cigarette, usually rolled by hand with cigarette paper, and has many synonyms.


Josh Young (weedtuber): young influencer born in Tacoma (Washington), creator of the famous YouTube channel “StrainCentral” where he shared his feelings and impressions on the cannabis varieties he used in medicine.


Juan José Garcia Miquel: Graduated in chemistry from the University of Valencia (Spain), this entrepreneur has founded several companies in the cannabis sector such as World of Seeds, Delicious Seeds and more recently the WorldPharma Biotech laboratory.





KC Dora: Industrial hemp variety certified by the European Union and widely cultivated in Hungary and Romania. It is particularly useful for obtaining seeds, although it can also be used for flowers and biomass due to its CBD content.


Kief: New Hashish format extracted in dry in a mechanical way, where the resin becomes loose, in powder form and easy to agglutinate. Read more here


Kif: Moroccan word for cannabis plants and their flowers. It also designates a mixture of tobacco and cannabis which is made to smoke.


KiloWatt-hour (kWh): Electrical power consumed in one hour.


Kompolti: Hungarian hemp variety, very popular in recent years because it produces high levels of CBD and flowers of acceptable quality. Many of the CBD flowers sold today come from this variety.


Kulu Trading: One of the largest cannabis growing materials distribution companies in the Netherlands. It has been in the industry for many years, and while its catalog isn’t as extensive as that of other suppliers, its brands are always quality.


Kush: New Term used to refer to one of the most consumed families of cannabis from the Himalayan region.


Kyle Kushman: Great farmer, breeder, writer and activist whose real name is Adam Orenstein. An expert in vegan cultivation, he created his own techniques to improve performance, and it was he who selected the elite clone known as “Strawberry Cough”





L: Rolled joint with a long paper


La Marihuana: Right now it is the most important Spanish cannabis web portal in the world. Created in 2001 by Mac, a great connoisseur of the world of marijuana in general who never stops sharing information on medicinal uses, recipes, news and articles of all kinds.


Landrace: Ancestral genome, lineage. If it is a pure breed, it is a non hybridized variety originating from the country where it was created in a natural way. One example is Thai. In the seed market it is very difficult to find a variety that is not hybridized.


Leaching: Dissolve or carry away nutrients retained in the soil by irrigation.


Leaf: New Part of the plant that performs photosynthesis and stores a food source for its nutrition.


Leaf litter: Unscientific term for the oldest leaves that yellowish or fall into the growing space. It is vegetable mass that must be removed to avoid the appearance of fungi. It also refers to the plant matter discarded in the trimmed buds.


Leafly: One of the most comprehensive information portals about the world of cannabis on the entire Internet, in addition to knowing all the aspects of any strain, you can see in which dispensary you can buy the weed you are looking for.


LEC (lamps): Lighting technology very similar to metal halide lamps MH but with ceramic materials inside the bulb instead of quartz. These lamps are 50% more efficient because they dissipate heat better. The luminous spectrum is also improved, which imitates the solar spectrum very well, both for the growth phase and for flowering. Read more here


LED: New Acronym for “Light Emitting Diode” and it is a kind of artificial light that has been used in indoor growing for more than a decade. Read more here


LIAR: Act of rolling a joint.


Lid (lighting equipments): Bulb or outer protective coating of the lamp.


Lifetime Biocidal Activity: Referring to pesticides is the period of time that the compound remains active until it is metabolized or degraded by the environment, in case it is not degraded, it is said to be bioaccumulative.


Limestone: Mineral compounds based on calcium as main element that make up the substrate (or chemical structure of the soil), such as Dolomite or hydrated lime, which provides high levels of calcium in the substrate and also alters pH levels, generating alkaline soils (pH above 7.0).


Limonene: Primary monoterpene, along with myrcene and caryophyllene, is the most common in cannabis. It helps modulate the effect of cannabinoids, but it also has its own unique properties: antidepressant, antibacterial, anxiolytic or antiseptic are just some of them.


Linalol: It is another interesting terpene among the many that we can find in marijuana. It is the typical aroma that many cleaning products with floral scents usually bring. It is thought to have antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral and antioxidant properties.


Live Resin: New Type of BHO with a very sticky and shiny texture, made with fresh plant material to concentrate the largest number of terpenes. Read more here


Live Rosin: New Variation of the Rosin technique, where “Fresh frozen” type hash is used instead of buds to obtain a first quality product.


Locus: Position in the genome of a specific gene or set of genes with a certain function.


Lori Ajax: Head of the Cannabis Control Office in California, that is, the person who controls licensing, product management or compliance with cannabis laws in the state that operates the largest market in the world.


Love Parade: One of the largest electronic music festivals in the world. Created in Berlin (Germany) in 1989 as a civil liberties movement (when the Berlin Wall was still in force) On several occasions more than 1 million people participated, in the 2010 edition there were 21 deaths crushed by the crowd.


Low pruning: Cutting of low branches (old branches) to reinforce the growth of young branches.


Lumen (lm): Unit of measurement for luminous flux. Corresponds to the amount of light measured in candles (cd) that falls at a certain angle (in a stereoradian).


Luminic Intensity: Refers to the amount of light energy that plants receive per unit area. The measure of intensity in the international system is candela (cd).





MAC (MIRACLE ALIEN COOKIES): For many the best hybrid Cookies of the moment. Of course, it is one of the most original, since the breeder Capulator has incorporated pure Colombian blood into it, giving the Cookies exceptional vigor, as well as high quality resin, special for cannabis extractions.


MACA: Spanish slang for marijuana joint, marijuana with tobacco or hashish with tobacco.


Macronutrient: In plant nutrition are the main plant nutrients such as Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (F) and Potassium (P).


Magnesium (Mg): Chemical element indispensable for the formation of chlorophyll. Read more Read more here


Manicure (trimming): Cut the large leaves from the buds after cutting. The leaves that do not have glandular trichomes are also trimmed. Read more here


Marga (substrate): It is a mixture of substrates rich in clays and calcite. It has interesting properties and nutrients to form a good substrate for cannabis.


MARIACHI: Another way to call a marijuana joint.


Marijuana oil: Oil made with purified extracts of marijuana buds. More info.


Marijuana Seed Oil: Oil obtained from the mechanically first cold pressing of Cannabis seeds. More info.


Marijuana: Psychoactive chemotype of cannabis Sativa L. Illegal in most countries of the world but with a tendency to regularize at medicinal level. Read more here


MARIHUANERA: Synonym for stoner, a person who smokes or vaporizes cannabis daily and in large quantities. It is normally used in a derogatory way by people who do not consume weed.


MARLBORO RACER: Colombian slang for marijuana joint, marihuana with tobacco or hashish with tobacco.


MARLEY: Slang in Argentina and Spain for marijuana joint, marijuana with tobacco or hashish with tobacco.


MARY JANE: Also Maria, Mari, Maruja or Marijuana. Term used to refer to both the plant and the cannabis flowers, fresh or dried.


MATAR: Jargon. the act of extinguishing a cannon.


Mealybbug: New This is a small insect that usually appears on the trunk of the plant and secretes a substance that can cause fungal attack. Read more here


Medical Seeds: Another Spanish brand of prestigious seeds around the world. Javi, his breeder and CEO, is a huge fan of Haze, and in his catalog you can find it in many versions. Other great strains from this bank are Channel + and Mendocino Purple Kush.


MEDTAINER: It is a plastic container for medical use designed for the transport of medicines but which has triumphed in the world of stoners. The reason is that it is completely airtight, odor, air and water proof.


Meristem pruning: Cutting of the apical meristem (the stem tip) so that the plant forks and grows in shrub form.


Metal grid: Wire or wire frame with small holes that serves as plant guide or support for the stems. It’s a part of the S.C.R.O.G cultivation method. Read more here


Micronutrients: Nutrients that the plant uses minority or even vestigial, such as Iron (Fe), Sulphur (S), Manganese (Mn), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Boron (B), Molybdenum (Mo), Zinc (Zn) and Copper (Cu).


Mimosa: Symbiotic Genetics experienced a dizzying rise after launching Purple Punch, which they then quickly crossed with other elite clones. From the mix between this and Clementine was born Mimosa, which thanks to the showcase of the Jungle Boys has achieved the world fame it enjoys today.


Mite: Small insect belonging to the arachnid subclass, which could be classified as insect for typical marijuana pests such as red spider. More info.


Moisturizing Agents: Natural or synthetic chemicals that decrease the surface tension of irrigation water making it wetter. An example would be potassium soap, which besides being a good preventive insecticide acts as a moisturizer. Read more here


Molasses: Sticky substance secreted by aphids and cottony mealybugs, leaving a characteristic trace.


MONO: The “monkey” or drug withdrawal syndrome.


Monochromatic: Single color.


Monoic (plant): Plants that give rise to male and female flowers (hermaphrodite) at the time. It is found in most varieties of industrial hemp.


MOÑO: Piece of ganja or marihuana. More formally, it is like saying top, which is nothing more than many flowers joined together.


Moonrocks: New Cannabis format where a bud is impregnated with BHO oil and then battered in dry hashish.


MORADO: Getting hit, blinded by the effects of cannabis.


Morphology: In botany, it is the study of the shape and constitution of plants.


Mota: New Term used in Mexico and other Spanish-American countries to refer to cannabis.


Mother Plant: Cannabis plant male (reverted) or female that serves as a genetic reservoir when kept in a constant vegetative cycle. Its purpose is to be cloned to save time in preparing large-scale crops for either seed or drug production. Read more here


Mr Nice: New Alias or nick name of Howard Marks, who was the biggest cannabis dealer in history, and later partner of a seed bank named after him. Read more here


Mr. Nice Seedbank: Swiss regular cannabis seed bank, created by 2 large Australian breeders and a former Welsh narco, Shantibaba, Neville and Howard Marks, known as Mr. Nice. Maintains original genetics such as Skunk # 1, Original Haze, Northern Lights # 5 or Afghani # 1.


MUNCHIES: Or the munchies, that is the ravenous hunger caused by the consumption of marijuana, usually candy, but it is not necessary. Snacks, appetizers, chips, ice cream, etc. They are also called munchies, as long as they serve to satisfy that incredible hunger.


Mutation: Alteration of the genetic code by structural modification in DNA. If the alteration is too powerful, it can lead to a destructive mutation, creating unfit specimens that do not proliferate. Non-viable mutations.


Mycelium: Organ used by mushrooms in the form of roots and extending through the medium in which they develop. If it is a fungus parasite, they spread mycelium on the plant and substrate.


Myrcene: It is one of the primary terpenes and is supposed to be the highest proportion found in marijuana. Its aroma is the typical earthy one that we usually find in many varieties, and it has analgesic and sedative properties, which is why it is highly appreciated.





NAIL: Device usually made of titanium that heats up to high temperatures and is used to burn dabs or other cannabis extractions in the bong bowl.


Nanometer (nm): Its equivalence in meters is 10-9 (millionth of a meter). It is widely used to identify the light spectra of lamps, i. e. as a wavelength measurement.


Necrotic: Localized death tissue in a specific part of the plant. It is due to illness or physical event, such as the breakage of a branch, burning for short distance to the light bulb, etc….


Neem: New Also known as Nimbo from India, its extract is used as a natural insecticide, although it also has pharmacological properties.


Nirvana Seeds: New Dutch cannabis seed bank, which first started by copying varieties from others and nowadays is quite well known. Read more here


Nitric acid: Acid widely used to lower pH in hydroponic crops. It is one of the components used in the formulation of the famous pH Down. It also provides nitric nitrogen to the nutrients solution.


Nitrogen (N): Macronutrient element essential for chlorophyll synthesis. It is essential for the development of the plant.


Node: In botany it is the zone of the main stem where the lateral branches of the plant join.


NPK: Distinctive that we can see on fertilizer labels which indicates the composition in weight (mg of nutrient per g of fertilizer) of Nitrogen (nitric or ammonium), Phosphorus (in the form of phosphates) and Potassium (in the form of potassium oxides) respectively. Read more here


Nucleus: In plant biology, the compartment responsible for directing the cell’s reproductive processes and protein synthesis. It is the cell core where the DNA is located.


Nutrients: New Elements necessary for the feeding of the plants, they can be divided into macronutrients and micronutrients.





OG: New Abbreviation for “Ocean Grow” or “Original Gangster” which are two terms widely used in the United States to refer to a type of cannabis. Read more here


Ohm’s Law: Physical law that expresses the electrical potential (Potential (V) = I (A)* R (Ω), where the potential is measured in volts, current (I) in Amperes and resistance (R) in Ohms.


Opened pollination: Pollination that occurs naturally, without any effect of selection by human action.


Organic chemistry: branch of chemistry that studies carbon compounds. Within this subcategory we can find the chemistry of natural products, which is the part of chemistry that studies compounds of natural vegetable and animal origin. One specialty is the chemistry of essential oils and active vegetable ingredients.


Organic Compost: Organic or mineral fertilisers with organic base. Its function is to improve the physical-chemical structure of the substrate to retain more minerals and enhance the growth of beneficial microorganisms. Also is the Mixture of decomposed organic matter rich in nutrients obtained naturally. If it’s well decomposed, it will release a lot of assimilable nitrogen. I recommend you to use composting machines from the organic waste that you generate in your daily life (food waste), all this is authentic organic fertilizer. Read more here


Organic: Produced or derived in compliance with the quality standards that certify an organic crop or an organic fertilizer. Do not confuse with biological, since a bio product involves being made with, or containing living organisms. A pure organic fertilizer is a product made of organic matter obtained by natural methods. An example is an algae extract without any mineral additives.
Something organic doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous, in fact, the most potent poisons are organic. A good example is aflatoxin, produced by fungi and requiring very strict control in the food chain, as they are labelled as carcinogenic substances of type A. And they’re organic!


Original Delicatessen: Another of the few Spanish banks of authentic breeding, led by Mario Bellandi, a great Italian grower specializing in African sativas. The Queen Mother was his first big hit, then surpassed by the tasty Lilly.


Osmosis: Process by which a transfer of solvent is produced between two aqueous solutions of different saline concentration and separated by a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane lets the water pass but not the ions, passing from the most diluted to the most concentrated until the electrochemical potential is balanced. It is a phenomenon that occurs in cells and tissues, and is the basis of nutrient absorption through the root, although other processes are also involved. It is the basis for obtaining purified water through reverse osmosis filters. Read more here


Outer crossbred: Use of an individual with other traits to obtain a new cultivar in seed production. We do it a lot in our seed bank.


Overfertilization burn: Chlorosis caused by excessive fertilization. First the tips of the leaves turn yellow, then they curl.


Ovocite: Female reproductive cell.


Oxidation: New Degradation process that applied to cannabis refers to the transformation of THC into CBN.


Oxygen: Gas that we all know and that is more important than love to be able to live. Plants also need it because they consume it in the phenomenon of breathing, it is a process that they do during the night.


Ozone: New It is a substance whose molecule is formed by 3 atoms of oxygen, and in our industry it is used to purify air and disinfect water.





Padding: Protective cover for the substrate based on compost, paper, rocks, perlite… etc. In indoor crops, padding can sometimes cause problems with excess moisture and lead to a fungus plague. Outdoor padding helps maintain moisture and retain nutrients.


PAJAREARSE: When you don’t smoke, but there are other people in the room who do, then you breathe in secondhand smoke and you end up taking a trip too


Paradise Seeds: Dutch seed brand created by Luc, a friendly breeder who has won several cannabis cups with some of his iconic strains, including Sensi Star and Nebula, but his catalog is full of good genetics.


Paraphernalia: In the cannabis industry, this word is used to refer to all objects, devices or utensils that are used to smoke marijuana in any of its forms.


Parasite: Organism that feeds on another in a destructive way and that causes disease in the host organism.


Pathogen: Organism that produces disease in the animal or plant kingdom.


Paul Armentano: Deputy Director of NORML, an American non-profit organization calling for the decriminalization of cannabis. Director of Science at Oaksterdam Cannabis University in Oakland, California


Peat-free substrate mixture: Culture medium formed by mineral matter such as perlite, vermiculite, sand, pumice stone etc. It is a biologically inert medium (without microorganisms). Read more here


Peat: Partially decomposed plant mass that forms part of the commonly used substrates that can be found on the market.


Peciole: New This is the small stem that connects the leaf with the trunk or branch of the plant. Some varieties of cannabis develop it a lot and others do not.


Pelitre: Natural insecticide derived from extracts of chrysanthemum flower.


Percolator: A type of bong that contains small ducts, water chambers or smaller outlets inside the smoke outlet pipe, so that the smoke path is longer before reaching the consumer’s mouth and thus to cool more.


Perennial: Durable. In botany it refers to trees that do not suffer from senescence and lose their leaves in autumn, for example, conifers (pines).


Perlite: Mixture of ceramic materials in the form of powder, granules or sand and is ideal for building a substrate to get well-aireated roots.


Petard: Making on a barrel in French.


PETARDO: Slang in Spain for marijuana joint, marijuana with tobacco or hashish with tobacco.


PEV Grow: One of the online Grow Shops that has grown the most worldwide in the last 3 years. Formed by growers with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, who offer their experience through the best information, customer service and after-sales service.


PEV Seeds: One of the European cannabis seed banks that has grown the most over the past 5 years. They work with original genetics imported from Holland, UK, USA or Canada, with which they create their own crosses, medicinal strains and feminized and autoflowering versions.


pH: Mathematically it is the antilogarithm under ten base of hydrogen ion concentration, pH=-log[H3O+]. It gives us the acidity of the culture medium or irrigation water. Its scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 0 being the maximum level of acidity, 7 being the neutral value and 14 being the highest alkalinity level. Read more here


Phat Panda: Large Washington-based cannabis company that started selling flowers and extracts and now has its own feminized seeds as well. It is one of the groups that has grown the most since legalization came to this United States.


Phenotype: It is the outer expression of the genotype. It is the combination of genetics plus the environment we provide during cultivation.


Phloem: Vegetable vascular tissue that conducts food and water (processed sap) from photosynthetic tissues to stems and roots.


Phosphorous coating: Inner coating of fluorescent tubes that diffuses light and affects the emission of various colors.


Phosphorus: Chemical element with symbol P, atomic number 15 and atomic mass 30.98. It is a very abundant mineral in nature, although not in a pure form, as it is usually found in the form of phosphates, which are useful among other things for fertilizing plants.


Photosynthesis: Biochemical process by which the plant obtains high energy organic compounds (sugars, proteins and fats; primary metabolites) from water, CO2 and light energy. Through photosynthesis plants also biosynthesize secondary metabolites as cannabinoids and terpenes.


Phototropism: Movement that the aerial parts of the plant make in response to an environmental stimulus or stress. For example, they stretch when their light source moves away, or twist the stem to receive direct sunlight…Plants have soul.


Phyllotaxis: Layout of leaves in a stem and its internodal structure.


Phytocannabinoids: They are very interesting phenolic terpene molecules, present in some plants, in particular cannabis, hence their name. These natural compounds interact with our internal endocannabinoid system.


Phytoplant Research: Spanish company created in 2008 and located in Córdoba, is dedicated to the research and development of pharmacological products extracted from medicinal plants. In recent years he has focused on medicinal cannabis, thanks to one of the few licenses granted.


Phytosanitary: New These are substances used in the prevention or healing of plants, and may be natural or not.


Phytotron: Indoor cultivation chamber equipped with electronic climate control for experimental study in plant biotechnology.


Pigment: Substance generally of organic nature that gives color and unsoluble in the applicated media. Anthocyanins are substances that give purplish color to certain marijuana strains (marijuana pigments), substance that is generated in many occasions by a drop of temperatures during the flowering phase in outdoor crops.


Pinene: Bicyclic monoterpene, another of the most common, typical of the Skunk and OG varieties, and also very widespread in nature. This terpene offers many benefits, including its potency as a bronchodilator, antidepressant, or anticancer.


Pistilifer: Flower of female plant, characterized by having pistils.


Pistils (Female plants): White woolly-looking hairs that extend from the top of the calyxes of female flowers. They capture the male’s pollen and channel it to the egg for fertilization.


PITO Slang in Chile for marijuana joint, marijuana with tobacco or hashish with tobacco.


Planet13: The largest dispensary in Las Vegas and one of the largest in the United States. Open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, non-stop. It is becoming a must see for tourists visiting the city of the game, where they sell their buds, extracts and everything related to cannabis.


Plantasur: Distributor of products for the cultivation and consumption of marijuana based in Granada (Spain) Its CEO Thomas, is a Dutchman who has been in Andalusia for many years and is one of the most important suppliers of this country.


Plant Cell: Basic biological and structural unit that defines life in the plant kingdom. It is composed of cell wall, membrane, chloroplasts, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, vacuoles and a nucleus where the genetic material is stored.


Plant hormone (Phytohormone): Chemical substance that regulates plant metabolism and its development.


Plant Life Cycle: Series of stages that the plant is fulfilling until naturally spreads the seeds or until you cut it if you are growing marijuana in a “sinsemilla” way. The stages are: germination, seedling, growth, flowering and end of flowering.


Pod: Dry chalice containing a mature seed or seed in the process of ripening.


POLINIZADOR: It is a three-part grinder that grinds cannabis very finely by dropping the Kief crystals through the mesh or sieve, then collecting in the lower compartment.


Pollen sack: Male flower loaded with pollen.


Pollen: Fine, yellow micro spores that contain male genes.


Pollination: Transfer of male pollen from the anthers of the male to the female flower so that fertilization of the egg and thus seed production takes place. If the male has been treated with STS (reversion), the seeds produced will be 99% feminized.


Polyhybrid crossing: Hybrid plant intercrossed for more than one trait. Very difficult to stabilize, that is why the seed banks are centered on polyhybrid crosses F1 (stable male x stable female) using the same genetic material in each production, keeping the same mother pants with selected traits.


Positronics: It was the first grow shop in the world, founded by Wernard Bruining, although now that brand belongs to a Spanish seed bank, founded in 2007. Among its varieties we point out an Indica like Blue Rhino and a Sativa like Cum Laude


POT: Another synonym widely used in Anglo-Saxon countries to refer to marijuana of any quality. Read more here


Potassium (K): In chemistry it is an element with the symbol K, atomic number 19 and atomic mass 39.102. It is one of the fundamental components of fertile soils, as it is a macro-element together with Nitrogen and Phosphorus: hence its importance in cannabis crops.


Powdery Mildew: New A fairly common fungus on cannabis plants, where a white layer appears on the leaves and flowers, so it can be confused with mildew. Read more here


PPM: New Abbreviation for “Parts Per Million” and it is a unit of measurement used to quantify both water hardness and the amount of CO2 in the air among other things.


Pressing: New Cannabis buds that are compacted into a kind of block so that they take up little space during transport.


Primordium: Belonging to or characteristic of the earliest stage in the development of an organism or part of it.


Progeny: filial generation.


Propagator: A structure in the form of a small greenhouse, unheated, covered with glass or transparent plastic, which is used to protect and acclimatize cuttings and seedlings. Small greenhouse without climate control or irrigation system.


Psychoactive: Said of substances that have the ability to alter the mental faculties of those who consume them. They directly affect the brain, changing perception, mood, memory, movements and behavior in general.


Psychotropic: Any natural or synthetic substance that affects the central nervous system. This term is typically attributed to banned drugs with high addictive potential, although it is also used for medicines or other legal substances.


Pulleys: Devices that are used to facilitate the task of lifting or lowering loads. In indoor marijuana crops they are used to adjust the height of the lights, as they are very practical and their use is really simple. In the past, chains were used for this function.


Pumps: Equipment that pumps irrigation water in a hydroponic crop circuit. It may also refer to vacuum pumps that are used in the purification of cannabis extracts. Read more here


Punnett Square: A tool used by biologists and geneticists to determine the genotype of seeds in a new genetic crossing. It is useful for Mendelian-type traits (one trait = One gene) but not in multi-factorial inheritance (one trait = more than one gene). In cannabis, most of the traits are multifactorial.


Purple Punch: Another impressive elite clone, selected by Supernova Gardens and grown into seeds by Symbiotic Genetics. A cross between Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple, his purple color is truly amazing, as is his bittersweet grape flavor and punch, of course, as that’s where his name comes from.


Purple City Genetics: California seed bank, based in Oakland, known for its good practices in growing cannabis. They usually work with elite clones from their state, the best in the Emerald Triangle and the San Francisco Bay Area. Now they also reach Europe.


PVC Tube: Polyvinyl chloride tube used as conduit for liquids and air.


PYRETHRIN: New Very effective natural insecticide whose active principle is extracted from the flowers, the trunk and the roots of the Chrysanthemum.





Querkle: New Variety of cannabis from Subcool, descendant of the Purple Urkel and showing some very striking colors. Read more here





Rail for lights: A metal device that moves one or more lamps back and forth across the roof of the greenhouse or grow room. Read more here


READ: Normally low quality cannabis, although it is also used to refer to weed in general. Sometimes it is used as “Devil’s Lettuce” which in this case refers only to the bad one.


Red Spider: Small size spiders that bite the leaves of marijuana leaving small yellow spots but very abundant. It is a pest that must be eliminated as soon as possible, since it causes loss of vigour and delay the flowering phase and yield.


REES: Another synonym to refer to marijuana, but in this case more to the plant, especially when they are large or productive in general.


REEFER: In cannabis parlance, it means a person who uses marijuana. Reeferman Seeds is a well-known seed bank in the industry.


Reflector: Metal cover of a lamp used to reflect light from the bulb. Read more here


Reggae Seeds: Behind this Spanish seed bank is Jimmy, an excellent organic grower who has won dozens of cups of cannabis. He is responsible for the entire worldwide boom in CBD, because without his he Juanita la Lagrimosa we would not have seen all the CBD-rich strains that have come out bloom.


Relative humidity: It is the percentage of water vapour pressure that air has with respect to 100% at a given temperature. That is, the percentage of water that air has in relation to the maximum it could retain at the measurement temperature.


Resin Glands: Cell groupings that secrete resin composed mainly of cannabinoids and terpenes. Read more here


Resin: New External layer of the buds and some leaves, formed by microscopic glands called trichomes.


RE-UP: Which means refueling, although applied to us it obviously refers more to going out to buy the daily, weekly or monthly supply of cannabis.


Revegetate: To make that a cut or ripe plant that has already passed the flowering cycle acquires new growth vigor when changing its photoperiod again to 18-22 h.


Rick Simpson: New Canadian cannabis celebrity who popularized a type of cannabis oil that has his name.


Ripper Seeds: One of the Spanish seed banks with the greatest international projection in recent years. With a spectacular image and crossbreeding with the best elite clones, they have managed to gain a foothold in several markets, especially with their best known strain, Zombie Kush.


ROACH: The filter used when rolling, although it is a more suitable term to refer to a rod that is already worn, or almost finished.


Robert Mitchum: American actor who died in 1997, known for having starred in some of the best westerns in cinema. In addition to being a good actor, Mitchum was a great smoker and connoisseur of cannabis, so much so that he knew a lot about the botany, strains and history of this plant.


Rollitup: English-speaking forum specializing in cannabis cultivation, which has grown a lot in recent years. His most followed chats are those about news, as they serve as a test bed for many of the new products appearing in the industry.


Root restriction: Impediment to the growth of the root that occurs when the pot is too small for the size that has acquired the plant.


Root: Underground part of the plant that has the function of absorbing water and nutrients. Read more here


Rooting hormone: Chemical Substance presented as liquid or gel form whose active ingredient is an Auxine hormone type that promotes root development.


Rooting: Cause the cuttings to generate roots in the stem. The quickest and most efficient way is to impregnate the previously peeled stems with gel-rooting hormone and place them in an aeroponic rooting system, with water and air pump. A humidifier is used to increase the humidity in the atmosphere in contact with the leaves, since the cuttings have to be fed foliarly until the appearance of roots.


Rosin: Very safe method of extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes, by means of which, the bud is pressed in hot, extracting the resin by pressure and heat. Its disadvantage: The yield is very low. Read more


Royal Queen: Dutch bank of feminized seeds, certainly the brand in the sector that has had the greatest projection in the last ten years worldwide. Specialized in American genetics, autoflowering and CBD-rich strains.


Ruderalis: New Subspecies of cannabis from Siberia that stands out for its fast cycle and autoflowering.


RULAR: Passing the joint to someone, the ritual of smoking in company.


Runtz: Sooner or later it will become the most consumed herb. Formulated by mixing Gelato and Zkittlez Strain and selecting from the lineage those phenotypes that combine the best of both. Runtz is already creating his cannabis family, since it has it all: flavor, potency, lots of resin and it’s all the rage too.





S.O.G (Sea of Green): Intensive cultivation method by which a high quantity of plants are agglomerated in a small space, giving a similar appearance to a green sea. Read more here


SABANA: Map with which the marijuana is “covered” to form the joint.


Salts: Mixture of compounds resulting from the crystallization of fertilizers in the substrate and can be accumulated in the roots. They are produced by inadequate pH of irrigation water or excess nutrients. These salts end up burning the roots.


Sativa: New Cannabis subspecies very extended worldwide, especially in equatorial regions. Tall and long flowering plants.


SCROG (Screen of Green): A green mesh, an intensive cultivation method that involves tutoring the seedlings through the surface of a net or mesh. It’s essentially the same as S. O. G.


Seed: Plant embryo in dormant state, containing a protective shell and a food supply for the embryo. It will germinate in the right conditions of heat and humidity, high humidity and 18ºC. Read more here


Seedling: New It is a stage of development of the embryo in order to become a plant, after forming the first real leaves.


Seedsman: A British classic, marijuana seed bank and distributor, online since 2003 and with one of the largest catalogs in the industry. For a few years, in addition to selling seeds, he also sells books, clothes and other cannabis-related products.


SeedSupreme: Marijuana seed bank distributor based in Peterborough (UK), has one of the largest catalogs in the entire world industry. They were born in 2013 and have not stopped growing since then.


Self-growing: Marijuana growing for own connsumption.


Self-pollination: Auto-Fertilize with the pollen of the same plant. This occurs in plants that have developed male flowers (hermaphrodites) or in monoic cannabis cultivars (most of industrial hemp cultivars).


Senescence: Phase of decline of a plant organism from which its death or a new state of latency begins.


Sensi Seeds: The Dutch seed bank par excellence. Although it existed previously, the brand took off thanks to the genetics obtained by the breeder Neville who, when he started working for Sensi, added to their catalog, among others, Northern Lights, Jack Herer or NL # 5 x Haze.


Serious Seeds: Another great Dutch seed bank, its CEO and breeder is Simon, a biologist with a great sense of cannabis, who in the mid-90s swept cannabis competitions with his Bubble Gum, AK- 47, Kali Mist or Chronic. He also currently sells varieties of Magus Genetics.


Seth Rogen: Born in Canadian British Columbia, he is an actor, comedian, producer and now also a cannabis entrepreneur thanks to the Houseplant brand, created in collaboration with Evan Goldberg and Canopy Growth. He’s been a pot user for years and often plays stoners in movies.


SHAKE: Refers to the pieces of marijuana leaves that remain at the bottom of the bags where the buds are stored. On many occasions these pieces are collected and sold as if they were beautiful flowers.


Shantica: A very special French industrial hemp variety, as it produces hardly any THC or CBD, but ends up with good levels of CBG, which is why it has gained great importance in the medical cannabis market in recent years.


Shatter: New Type of BHO in which the texture is crystallized, looking like it breaks easily. Read more here


Shisha: An item used to smoke cannabis, tobacco, or even opium. They come from Asia, where they have been used since time immemorial, and in recent years their use has spread mainly to Europe and America.


Short Circuit: Condition that occurs when a badly installed cable crosses. You can make the fuses blow.


SCHWAG: Anglo-Saxon synonym meaning low quality marijuana, tasteless, bad taste, badly cured, dry or any marijuana that gives a hit or its effect is bad.


SilencedHippie (youtube): Famous cannabis YouTuber from the USA, with many subscribers on his channel, where he can be seen smoking all kinds of bongs, even one he created with a pumpkin.


Sink for drainage: Tank that receives the drainage of irrigation. It is also a receptacle used for nutrient solutions in hydroponics and that take the global drainage to the tank where the nutrient solution is stored.


Sinsemilla (marijuana growing): A term originated in the United States that designates marijuana cultivated for psychoactive purposes by growing female plants without pollination.


Skunk: Considered by many to be the best IBL cannabis strain. The result of several generations of crossbreeding outdoors, slowly but surely stabilizing its traits, until a homogeneous, very fast and productive polyhybrid is obtained, with an intense flavor and great resistance.


Slugs (snails): Soft and slippery insects that feed at night and hide in the substrate by day. Ammonia solutions are used to combat their spread and eliminate larvae.


Snoop Dog: One of the best known rappers in the world, and in the cannabis industry he is one of the most relevant figures, who even has his own product brand, called Leafs by Snoop. Among his songs he has titles like “Smoke the Weed” or “California Roll”


Soap: Chemical product that emulsifies dirt (fatty matter). It is also used as a wetting agent for foliar fertilizers and biocides. In organic farming, biodegradable non-ionic soaps are used.


Socket: Bulb holder with internal thread to support the bulb. If it’s connected to the mains, don’t touch the thread with your fingers.


SOG (Sea of Green): A technique for optimizing the yield in cannabis crops, which is based on the creation of a homogeneous canopy through columnar plants with little or no branching. It is normally applied in indoor cultivation and cuttings from the same mother are used.


Soluble: substance that is capable of dissolving completely or almost completely in the solvent used.


Solution: Perfect mixture of two or more liquids, solids or gases, it can also be given in liquid-gas and liquid-solid form, among others.


Soma Seeds: New York breeder who moved to Amsterdam in 1996 to found Soma Seeds, his cannabis seed bank. Among his most important works are New York Diesel, Amnesia Haze, Lavender or Somango, but his catalog is full of tasty plants.


Spannabis: The most important cannabis fair in Europe for over a decade. Held in Cornellá (Barcelona) in the last edition, more than 25,000 people, 4,000 professionals and more than 300 exhibitors participated.


SPLIFF: Usually indicates a joint rolled with marijuana and tobacco, although it is sometimes used to indicate other types of joints as well.


Spore: It’s the seed of certain fungi and bacteria. Ferns that are nonflowering plants also reproduce by spores.


Spray: New Spraying liquid as small particles, when growing cannabis some products are applied via foliar spraying.


Sprout: Sprouted seed. New branch emerging from the knot of a young stem.


Sprouts removal: Remove slow-growing, diseased or undesirable plants from the indoor growing area.


Stamen: Male floral organ that gives rise to the anthers that contains pollen. They are the “eggs” that you recognize when you come out some male.


Staminiferous flowers: Pollen-producing male flower with stamens.


Static Hash: New A method of dry resin extraction, in which static energy is used to separate the trichomes.


Steve Abrams: Parapsychologist, writer and one of the first activists for the legalization of cannabis, born in Chicago (USA) although he spent most of his life in the UK. He is the founder of SOMA, a research project on drugs and the creator of various decriminalization proposals.


Steve DeAngelo: American cannabis activist and entrepreneur who opened the largest US dispensary in Oakland (California) in 2006, is involved in projects such as Steep Hill Labs and ArcView Angel Investor Network.


Sterilize: Clean the crop medium and grow stuff to achievea complete microorganisms removel. The best way is bleach use for all the growing stuff. If we intend to sterilize laboratory stuff to make extractions, it’s better to use 96º ethanol or food grade quality ethanol.


STICKY ICKY: High quality marijuana, with a sticky consistency thanks to the large amount of resin and a very powerful effect. Usually, but not necessarily, they are also tasty and fragrant buds.


Stigma: Pistil tip of a female flower that captures the pollen grains of the male. It is also a term that refers to the bad press and redress that has had the cannabis plant at a social level, since its prohibition in the United States from the Marijuana Tax Act in 1937, which banned any use of the plant, creating a scientific, political and social stigma.


Stipule: Each pair of leaf-like bumps that appear at the base of the petiole of many varieties.


Stoma: Small openings located on the underside of the leaves and which are regulated by a group of cells called “cell guards”, these control their opening and closing, controlling the transpiration of the plant (elimination of excess water collected by the roots, for example), and the diffusion of oxygen and CO2 depending on the needs of the plant. Stoma controls CO2 input and oxygen output.


STONED: Or out of tune, for being under the influence of cannabis. Usually this term is used to refer to moments of euphoria, confusion, blows or other situations in which the high does not allow you to continue with normal daily activity.


STONER: A person who dedicates his life to cannabis use and being constantly high, although it is also valid for any regular smoker.


Strain: New Population of specimens that share a number of characteristics that distinguish them from other varieties of the same species.


Stress: Physical or chemical factor that causes imbalances in the cannabis plant, depending on the imbalance we can call it luminic stress (due to light), irrigation stress (due to water), chemical stress (due to phytohormonal imbalances)… etc… a stressed plant does not develop well.


Stretched Plant: Plant that becomes too long due to a problem of light stress. Either it gets too little light or it’s too far away from the spotlight in your indoor.


Subcool’s The Dank: A cannabis artist who sadly passed away recently. He founded TGA Subcool during the toughest era in America. He gained worldwide fame with hybrids like Jack The Ripper, and shortly before his death changed his bank’s name to Subcool’s The Dank.


Substrate: Culture medium composed of a mixture of peat and in which we hope to develop a microbiota that helps plant development.


Sugars: Compounds that provide energy and structural sustenance to plant cells, and are synthesized by them through the process of photosynthesis.


Sulphur: Inorganic element that plants absorb from the soil in the form of sulphates. It is an important element because it is part of essential amino acids and enzymes.


Sweet Seeds: After Dinafem, they were the first to dare to launch on the market as an exclusive bank of feminized marijuana seeds. Among his classics we suggest Cream Caramel, but we must also highlight his line of colorful autoflowers.


Switchgear box: Electrical circuit box with on/off switches. No fuses.


Synthesis: Production of a substance. If the substance is generated by nature itself, we speak of biosynthesis. If the substance is produced in a laboratory by human intervention, we speak of artificial chemical synthesis.


Synthetic: New Herbs impregnated with synthetic cannabinoids that try to mimic the effect of cannabis when smoked. Read more here





Tangie: The most citrusy flavor you can imagine in a marijuana bud. This plant descends from a clone kept in California for many years under the name of California Orange, or Cali. It is a Skunk with an intense mandarin flavor, a tolerable effect and a good resin production


Taxonomy: Classification of plants and animals according to their family relationships.


Teflon tape: Very useful tape used to seal all types of pipes. Epoxy resins are also used, they are two separately malleable rubber that when joined together harden and seal pipes and all types of leaks.


Tender Green’s Patient Group: One of the largest medical dispensaries in the United States. Specializing in marijuana strains with special therapeutic effects, more patients receive help from this group every day.


Terminal bud: growth point of the central stem or branch.


Terp Sauce: New Cannabis extraction method in which terpenes are separated and become a kind of viscous, very aromatic sauce.


Terpene: Volatile organic family of compounds present mainly in the essential oils of cannabis and other plants. One of the most studied is Cariofilene and Cariofilene oxide, which are the terpenes responsible for the marijuana could be detected by dogs. Read more here


Terpineol: More than a terpene, terpineol is the combination of 4 monoterpenic alcohol isomers. It is normally used to flavor hygiene products, and has the ability to extremely relax: the sofa effect we find in some types of cannabis.


Terra Grow Shop: It is a grow shop located in Valencia run by Rubén, an experienced grower known in Spain for obtaining the purest and tastiest solvent extractions. He has won numerous awards in various cannabis contests.


THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol): Cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactivity of the plant. Read more here


THCV (Tetrahydrocannabidivarine): Cannabinoid that has the same central nucleus as THC, but with the variation of the lateral chain, which has three carbonos instead of five. It has psychoactive effects, but of different intensity and duration than THC.


The Cali Connection: Born in California in 2008 and founded by Swerve, a great breeder who tries above all to stabilize medicinal varieties, as he himself has multiple sclerosis which he is dealing with cannabis. Among its genetics, OGs stand out, especially Deadhead.


The Pier: Large dispensary located in Lapeer (Michigan) focused on the sale of flowers and other cannabis derivatives, mainly medical, but also recreational. In its catalog you will always find the most requested genetics, because at The Pier they are always on the spot with the latest news.


Thermostat: Electronic device that regulates the temperature of a water bath (e. g. it can be installed in rotary evaporator equipment, which is used to remove extraction solvents in the manufacture of cannabis derivatives). You can also adjust the temperature of an oven or extractor fan. Read more here


TheWeedTube: Video website related to the world of marijuana. Born on March 1, 2018 following YouTube’s veto for cannabis channels, more and more growers are encouraged to post, as uploaded content can be rewarded.


TH Seeds: Created by Adam and based in Amsterdam, although of American origin. His first major success was converting Indian Bubblegum genetics into seeds; however, it has other great varieties such as S.A.G.E. or the modern French Cookies and Strawberrry Glue.


Tiborszallasi: Certified variety of industrial hemp, with dark colors, a good amount of resin and a very interesting terpene profile, qualities not found in many genetics. It is monoecious and forms larger leaflets than most others.


Timer: Programmable electronic device that regulates the photoperiod in indoor crops, telling the lamps when to turn on and off.


TOASTED: Cooked, overwhelmed, or very high from the effect of marijuana. In Spanish it is called “planchado”.


TOKE: O puff, it is the inhalation of marijuana smoke, it can be in a joint, pipe, bong or any device used for smoking. A toke is nothing more than a puff, a puff of smoke that is consumed in one go.


Tommy Chong: Famous Canadian actor, showman and comedian, film partner of Richard Anthony Marin (Cheech) in the many adventures of Cheech & Chong. In recent years he has transferred his business to social networks, where he is very active as a reference point in the cannabis sector.


TOQUE: Slang in El Salvador and Mexico for marijuana joint, marijuana with tobacco or hashish with tobacco.


Transgenic: New Genetically modified cannabis, in which humans are involved by implementing external genes in an artificial way.


Translaminar activity: Mode of penetration and distribution of an anti-pest product in the plant, so that it spreads among the tissues without circulating through the sap. The persistence of the chemical in the plant is less than if it acts systemically.


Transpiration: Process of the plant in which water vapor and by-products are released through the stomas.


Transplanting: To remove a plant from its initial place with all its root to pass it to another culture medium in which it can develop better.


Tray: Flat container to start growing seedlings or cuttings.


Triploid: That it has three groups of chromosomes in each cell, which can contribute to overproduction or a major change in a new trait if the resulting specimen is finally viable.


TRONCHO: Peruvian slang for marijuana joint, marijuana with tobacco, or hashish with tobacco.


Tropical Seeds: New Spanish seed bank from the Canary Islands, specialized in the breeding and maintenance of Landraces and F1 hybrids.


Trunk: New Support of the plant that contains inside the phloem and xylem, the conduits through which the sap circulates.


TUCA: Slang in Argentina and Mexico for cane butt.


Tying (Crop technique): Attach the central bud to a guide stick with threads or ropes to prevent wind breaking of the main stem or to avoid the bud’s weight bends the stem too much.


Tyson Ranch: Former boxer Mike Tyson’s ranch, measuring just over 418 acres (nearly 420). There is no cultivation there, but you can smoke in any corner, and it is even crossed by a river. It can be said to be a very complete amusement park for stoners.





UK420: English forum specializing in cannabis cultivation where users share information about their techniques or the products they use. Novice users can ask more experienced ones questions, making it a good place to learn.


Ultraviolet: Light with short wavelengths, highly energetic and out of the visible beyond the violet in the visible spectrum.


Underside: New The inner part of the leaf, or the opposite side of the blade, where we find the stomas through which they transpire.


Uruguay: New First country in America to totally legalize cannabis, both medicinal and recreational, thanks to the policies of Pepe Mujica.


Use: New Usage, referring to the objective that is given to something, in this case cannabis. Therapeutic use when it is medical, or recreational use when it is recreational.





Vacuum seal: Hermetic sealant that eliminates indoor air, making internal vacuum for a better preservation of cannabis. Highly recommended to keep your product for a long time, it can be made in glass jars, plastic bags or some little gadgets called vacuum dehumidifiers. Read more here


Valencene: Sesquiterpene toxic to some insects, but with anti-inflammatory properties for humans. Its aroma is citrusy, woody, sweet and fresh, like grapefruit, and was named after its high concentration in Valencian oranges.


VAPE PEN: Portable, manual, small and digital vaporizer. It is used to vaporize small loads of marijuana or concentrates, and is very useful because it recharges very quickly, can be transported everywhere and its use is very discreet.


Vaporizer: Electronic equipment with adjustable temperature that allows to deposit the cannabis in a small deposit from which the active principles of the substance evaporate. It is a way of administering cannabis much less harmful than the way smoked, and is not mixed with tobacco. Read more


Variegation: New Malformation or anomaly that appears in some cannabic specimens, where discolorations appear on leaves and/or flowers.


Variety: phenotype.


Vascular: Refers to the circulatory system of the plant.


Vector (genes trasmitter): Organism that transmits a disease, such as an insect. It is also a fragment of genetic material that contains a specific gene and is used for the production of genetically modified organisms.


Wedding Cake: Currently the most successful variety of the Cookie Fam, and that’s no accident. In reality it is Seedjunky’s Triangle Mints, renamed by the Jungle Boys and launched to international fame thanks to them. Its yield is higher than that of Cookies, but it maintains its aromas and effect.


Vegetative process: Refers to the different development cycles of a plant.


Vermiculite: Mica processed and expanded by heat. It is an amendment for the substrate and a mean of rooting cuttings.


Verticicled phyllotaxis: It is one of the 10 most important mutations that occur in cannabis. It is 5 leaves coming out of the same boarding school, not being a natural nodal arrangement. It is a benign mutation that should not prevent further development. You can smoke it, relax.


Vine Training: New Support structure or guide used in outdoor crops as a reinforcement for branches in large plants.


Vision Seeds: New Dutch seed bank made up of a team that has been in the cannabis world since 1995. Read more here


Voltage Rise: Change in the voltage of the electrical fluid.





WAKE AND BAKE: Related to the previous one, in this case it refers to the action of waking up and immediately starting to get high while smoking marijuana. This custom is typical of some consumers in the United States.


Wappa: New Hybrid variety created by Paradise Seeds, famous for its great taste, production and especially for a first quality effect. Read more here


WAX: Literally “wax”, it is a type of extraction of cannabis carried out with solvents, generally butane gas. The texture is waxy, just like the word says, because it contains more lipids than other types of concentrated solvents like shatter.


Weed/Herb: Derogatory term for marijuana. Also term referring to an undesirable plant.


Weedmaps: One of the largest cannabis companies in the world, founded in 2008 in Irvine (California) employs more than 400 people worldwide and its website has more than 6 million visits per month. It also offers software services to other companies in the sector.


Western Cultured Seeds: Cannabis company on the west coast of the United States, which in addition to being a seed bank, specializes in indoor cultivation. They offer 4 exclusive strains in feminized format, flowers, extracts, vaporizer refills and other marijuana related products.


Whide Widow: New F1 hybrid bred by Shantibaba by crossing a Brazilian Manga Rosa and the Indian Kerala. Read more here


William’s Wonder: New Mythical indica variety, descended from Afghanis, and is fast, tasty and very productive.


Willie Nelson: American singer born in Abbott (Texas) and one of the most important figures in country music. In the US he is a point of reference for cannabis, a staunch advocate for many years, ever since he saved his life by driving him away from alcohol and the underworld.


Wiz Khalifa: One of today’s great rappers, a precocious artist who attracted such attention at just 16 years old. A true stoner and his song lyrics are a statement of intent. His cannabis video game Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm is a huge success.


Woody Harrelson: Well-known American actor born in Midland, Texas and a staunch advocate of cannabis use, member of the NORML advisory board and cannabis entrepreneur, despite his license to open a dispensary in Hawaii has been denied.


Whoopi Goldberg: American actress, producer, screenwriter and presenter, known for her roles in “The Color Purple” or “Sister Act”, has become one of the highest paid artists in Hollywood. She later started her own medical cannabis line with her, but she didn’t go well and she had to close.


World Cannabis Conference: International conference forum held in Spain on the same weekend as the Spannabis fair. A variety of cannabis-related topics are addressed, in particular medical, legal and economic issues.


World Pharma Biotech: It is a pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in the isolation, purification and characterization of active ingredients extracted from plant sources such as cannabis. Juanjo, the CEO, has been studying the plant for half of his life.


WRAP: It means wrapped or packed and is used to indicate rolling papers for rods or blunts. It is as if instead of calling them maps, I wanted to call them “wrappers”.





xCodeh (YouTube): Young American YouTuber, known for his videos showing weed and the extractions he uses, as well as other types of drugs. He has also posted the problems he has had on several occasions with the police for use in public places.


XIFLI: Another way to call a joint.


X-Seed: New Liquid additive created by B.A.C. to help the seeds during the germination process. Read more here


Xtreme Seeds: New Spanish cannabis seed bank that became famous for its large autoflowering plants. Read more here


Xylem: Vascular tissue that circulates the raw sap (water and mineral salts) from the roots to the photosynthetic organs.





Y Griega: New Sativa cannabis variety from Medical Seeds seed bank, with a THC percentage over 25%. Read more here


Yellowing (between the leaf nerves): A very characteristic way of losing green color in the leaves, due fundamentally to sulphur deficiencies in the form of sulphates.


Yield: New Production of a variety.


YONI Slang in Peru for marijuana joint, marijuana with tobacco or hashish with tobacco.


Yumbolt: New Indica cannabis variety from Afghanistan, very worked in California and later taken to Holland.





ZACATITO PAL CONEJO: It’s an “elegant” way to ask to share or be invited to marijuana.


Zamnesia: It is currently one of the top selling online grow shops in the world. Based in Amsterdam, they rose to fame in 2011 and, although their origins were modest, today they have a team of over 40 people.


Zen: New Hybrid of medical cannabis, mainly indica, created by the Spanish seed bank CBD Seeds.


ZIP – In the United States and other places it is synonymous with an ounce of marijuana or any other illegal substance. It is assumed to come from the zip lock bags used to store and transport cannabis buds.


Zkittlez: New Elite clone selected in USA, cross between Grape Ape and Grapefruit, with a delicious fruit candy taste.


Zygote: New It is the cell resulting from the union of the sexual gametes of many organisms, including cannabis sativa L.





00 Seeds: New Bank of feminized and autoflowering seeds from Spain, maker of some famous varieties like the Chocolate Skunk. Read more here

1024: New Haze hybrid in feminized format very fast and easy to grow created by Medical Seeds seed bank.


2 Fast to Vast: New Autoflowering variety from Heavyweight bank which is the evolution of the Fast and Vast from the same breeder.


2046: New Mainly sativa hybrid descendant of the Haze created by Medical Seeds seed bank.


303 Seeds: New Cannabis seed bank based in Denver (Colorado) specialized in very powerful medicinal varieties.


420: New A secret code coined in the cannabis culture that started in the USA as the time when people started smoking weed.


5Th Element: New Feminized cannabis variety introduced by Element Seeds that represents the cross between Blackberry Strain and All Spark OG.


60 Day Lemon: New Autoflowering seeds created by DNA Genetics to turn the great Lemon Skunk into an automatic variety.


60 Day Wonder: New Autoflowering hybrid from DNA Genetics that represents the automatic version of the variety William’s Wonder.


707 Headband: New Seeds from the American bank Humboldt Seeds Organization that come from the cross between True OG and an elite clone of Mendocino.


710: Just as the number 420 is related to the world of cannabis, in recent years the 710 has also become popular, but in this case only related to cannabis concentrates, especially oil. The reason is that if you turn the word ILO upside down it becomes 710.


8 Ball Kush: New Feminized variety from the Dutch bank Barney’s Farm, a cross between the Utopia Haze and a Kush variety.


9 Miles Seeds: New Spanish feminized seed bank based in the Balearic Islands, known for varieties such as L.A. Cream among others.


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