How to make marijuana brownie in just 5 minutes

Reading Time 7 minutes     It is one of the most classic desserts to make with cannabis, but that’s not why they are outdated. Today we give you a simple, easy-to-make pot brownie recipe and answer some of the most frequently asked questions … Leer más

Easy Recipe for Medicinal Cannabis

Reading Time 5 minutes   Honey Cannabis honey is one of the most versatile ways to harness cannabinoids to improve our health. There are many ways to make this recipe for marijuana honey, the one we present to you today is one of the … Leer más

Italian baked eggplant with a weed twist

Reading Time 4 minutes   Do you have experience or is it the first time you will cook with cannabis? Remember that it is an ingredient that is liposoluble, and that it is the THC that will make all the dishes have a psychotropic … Leer más

Learn how to make cannabis lollipops

Reading Time 4 minutes   I bet you like lollipops, they have been a classic sweet for decades that we have all enjoyed a few times in our lives. But what would you think if you discovered that you could make marijuana lollipops at … Leer más

Foie gras pâté recipe with cannabis infusion

Reading Time 2 minutes   On this occasion we have thought of something special to taste and the best option is a recipe for foie gras pate with marijuana infusion that allows you to spend an exclusive moment worthy of the cannabic aristocracy. It … Leer más


Do you want to know what recipes you can make with marijuana?

In this section we explain how to use cannabis buds and leaves in the kitchen in an easy way, and how to enjoy a different gastronomy.

You'll learn how to cook medical marijuana, desserts, pies, recipes to go to sleep, pain relief, and recipes as sweet and tasty as marijuana brownie, for example.

We've thought about everything, so you'll also find marijuana recipes without the need to use the oven and even without butter, you won't have any excuse for not trying it.

Many times people ask me about a recipe based on marijuana for cancer, and I always think of the same one, marijuana oil. It has a simple preparation, and you will obtain very noticeable benefits in your health, you can also download it in pdf.

If you are looking for hemp foods which we put on sale at our online Grow Shop I recommend you to visit our CBD Shop section, there you will find among others cannabis wine with CBD, infusions, oil for cooking and sublingual oil with different concentrations of cannabidiol.

PD: Be careful with the dosage you use to cook with marijuana. I recommend you to make a previous cannabinoid test in order to obtain more information about the cannabinoids concentration in your raw matter, and hence, in your processed product.


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