Legalization of recreational cannabis in Germany

Reading Time 6 minutes   The newly formed government coalition in Germany has approved the recreational use of marijuana for adults, making it the first major country in the European Union to legalize the production, sale and consumption of this plant. 2022 begins by … Leer más

Is marijuana legal in the state of Washington?

Reading Time 4 minutes   The answer is yes, this state became the second in the USA to fully legalize cannabis, for both recreational and medicinal use. The only requirement that is requested is to be over 21 years old, but it is not … Leer más


Welcome to our marijuana growing guides section. Here you will find manuals to grow indoor step by step, tips for growing weed with or without cabinet, as well as tricks to get the highest productivity.

Speaking of marijuana, have you ever heard concepts like decarb, supercropping, dubber, hermaphrodite and you've wondered what exactly are... no more doubts, all the most important words related to the world of marijuana sorted alphabetically in our marijuana dictionary.

You also have the black book of marijuana (or as we are going to call the Bible) in pdf format for downloading and printing, so you can better study all the concepts.

You already know, if you want to grow marijuana indoor or outdoor with the best guarantees, these growing guides for beginners will help you to achieve your goal.


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