Ranking of the best OG strains today

Reading Time 5 minutes     The OG strains are preferred by many cannabis consumers, and this type of plant stands out for its tight and rock-hard buds, an amount of resin that was a revolution, gourmet quality flavor, and the most complete and … Leer más

Top 10 best cannabis hybrids of the year 2022

Reading Time 7 minutes     Hundreds if not thousands of new hybrid marijuana, born from the crossing of pure genetics, native strains with hybrids or even combinations of polyhybrids which are the most common. Many of these new strains go completely unnoticed, but … Leer más

Supersoil, the best soil mixture

Reading Time 7 minutes   Super Soil is a concept that has become fashionable lately among marijuana growers and has proven that you can get the best harvest in a 100% natural and organic way, without investing a lot of money and being totally … Leer más

The best flavors about marijuana

Reading Time 8 minutes     Fruity, spicy, wood, flowers … With the use of cannabis we can get as many flavors as you want at any time. Each plant from the marijuana seed has unique characteristics of taste, smell and cannabinoids . The … Leer más

Seeds Fastest Growing Feminized Marijuana

Reading Time 6 minutes   The flowering period of marijuana strains is usually marked by their percentage of indica or sativa, the latter being those that contain the most sativa genetics in their DNA. However, within each category there are varieties that for one … Leer más

Top 10 strains with the highest amount of THC on the market

Reading Time 5 minutes Many times we are asked, which marijuana strain has the highest amount of THC? And it’s a question that changes answer very quickly, because new Genetics are released every year that usually break the previous record. In order not to … Leer más

Top 10 varieties of cultivated marijuana easier

Reading Time 5 minutes   Every year there are thousands of people around the world who start growing marijuana plants for the self-sufficiency of their own medicine. These people need varieties that are resistant to stress, pests and fungi, that do not give feeding … Leer más

420 the secret code of cannabis lovers

Reading Time 4 minutes   You will have seen the number 420 many times in a context related to marijuana, in names of companies in the sector, forums, blogs, fairs, drinks, etc. You may wonder why their relationship was born, where it came from … Leer más


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