Do you have in mind the moon to grow marijuana? Discover why it is important

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The quality of your crop and its more or less resistance to diseases, which are associated with the same plants, much depends on the lunar phase in which were planted. Here we explain what phases of the moon are better at one time or another of your garden cultivation of marijuana.

The moon is much more than a star with which many people dream of reaching or give away. From its position with respect to the earth, the lunar phase where you are and how it aligns with the constellations depends much the state of mind of the people.


Surely you’ve heard more than once commenting that one person or another is rare or transformed by the full moon. And not only affects the state of mind of the people, but also in other aspects of human life, as childbirth of pregnant or faster or slower hair growth based on when you you did cut it.

Aspects also in plants and of marijuana is not alien to it. Notlunaverde surprisingly, all, plants and humans form part of nature.

So, whether it is your first time or not, you want to take into account the phases of the moon and when to plant or perform other maintenance of your plant or marijuana grow. In fact, experts say that given the appropriate phases for each time of planting, the seeds germinate faster, plants are stronger and more resistant to possible infections or diseases common to this type of plant and grow faster.

As a result of all this, we will face a plant of great quality and better endure adverse weather conditions that will not be favorable.

Understanding the movements of the moon

In order to adapt our marijuana grow to the different moon phases, no doubt that it is necessary to know them. So the first thing you have to do is make a lunar calendar. Once you have it, you have to distinguish between three types of cycles by the moon rules:

Cycle 1: the lunar phases. They are divided into four parts:


Full moon: is the time, in which the sap more rises to plants and therefore the ideal time to germinate marijuana seeds.

Waning moon: the next phase of the full moon and ideal for fertilizing and watering, as it is when the soil is at its most receptive time now. In this phase is never recommended sowing, planting or transplanting, because the result will not be what we expect.

New Moon: is a good step to pull up the bad plants or those who are sick, so to be gaining strength as the moon grows. However, in this regard, it should make a quick note: experts recommend not do anything the day of the new moon, but the rest of the phase.

Crescent Moon: is the ideal time to harvest and make cuttings, because the soil is receptive and vitality up to the plant.

Cycle 2: consists of two phases


Rising moon: it’s time to cut the cuttings. It is when the sap rises.

Descending moon: when the soil is more receptive, so it is a good time for soil preparation, planting or germinating marijuana seeds.

Cycle 3: the four elements of nature.cycles

To know them better, you need to acquire a biodynamic calendar that will tell us how they influence the constellations, which are associated in four groups corresponding to the four elements of nature and, therefore, certain zodiac signs.

Fire: the best time for seeds and corresponds to the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Water: corresponding to the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. It is when leaves and stems grow much, therefore, we must take into account this moment at the time of planting.

Air: corresponding to Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. It is the best time to flower Marihuana and these phases can perform most of the work of planting and cultivation.

Earth: it is the best time for everything related to roots, both for growth and for getting rid of diseased plants and give them a new opportunity, so that they grow stronger.

By Noelia Jiménez, Piensa En Verde Team

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