2019 Lunar calendar to grow marijuana

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2019 Marijuana Lunar Calendar

2019 Marijuana Lunar Calendar


How does the moon affect plants? The cultivation of plants, taking into account the moon is one of the basic principles of biodynamic agriculture, and in this post I’m going to give you all the keys so you can get the highest productivity and quality taking into account the different phases of the moon.

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And now yes, let’s know in detail how the moon affects marijuana plants.


Moon Phases


– New moon:

This phase begins when the moon ceases to be visible from the earth, and ends when the right half is fully illuminated. It is recommended not to work the plants on the same day as the new moon, but you can prune the diseased plants.


– Crescent moon:

It is the phase that takes place between the new Moon and the full Moon, it is well distinguished because it acquires the form of a letter D, increasing the internal activity of the plant, and it is not recommended to prune in this period.


– Full moon:

In this phase the moon is completely illuminated, and the sap rises to the upper parts of the plant, so pruning is not recommended, and is also perfect for germinating seeds.


– Dwindling Moon:

It is easily recognized by acquiring a very recognizable letter shape C, during this stage the sap lowers to the lower parts, and the soil is much more receptive, so it is perfect for fertilizing and watering. Planting, sowing or transplanting is not recommended when the moon is in the waning phase.


Moon Phases

Moon Phases


Moon Cycles


The elliptical movement of the moon makes it vary its distance from the earth, to see it you just have to look at an exact point at the same time, the next day you can see you looking at the same point, in the same space of time, if the moon has ascended or descended.


– Ascending Moon:

The liquids ascend, the sap rises to the upper parts of the plant, it is the perfect stage to cut the cuttings and prepare them.


– Descending Moon:

It’s the best moon phase to plant seeds. Liquids flow downward, increasing the activity of the underground part of the plant, so it’s a good time to do tasks with the roots, germinate seeds, or plant them. It is also a good time to do soil enrichment work.


Moon Cycles

Moon Cycles


The moon cycle based on constellations


Planting according to the signs makes the difference. When the moon passes through which constellation, influences the part of the marijuana plant associated with that constellation. To know them better and to know how the constellations influence in your culture of marijuana, get with a biodynamic calendar, that groups them based on 4 elements of the nature and as consequence to certain signs of the zodiac:


– Aries, Leo and Sagittarius: They are constellations of Fire, and it is without a doubt the best moment for the seeds.

– Geminis, Libra and Aquarius: They are the known as constellations of Air, and it is the best moment for the flowers of the plant, it is here where it is recommended to carry out all the tasks of plantation and culture.

– Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces: They are the constellations of Water, it is when the leaves and stems grow more, important because at the time of making the plantation.

– Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn: They are the constellations of Earth, and it is the best moment for everything related to the roots, so much for its growth, as for getting rid of the sick ones and that this way it can grow stronger and healthier.


The moon cycle based on constellations

The moon cycle based on constellations


Cultivate marijuana taking into account the lunar phases


Now that you know which are the 4 phases of the moon and everything related to the moon and constellations, you can apply the knowledge you have and interpret the stages of marijuana growth, to get the most out of your marijuana crop, taking into account the lunar calendar 2019:


– Germination:

Germination is recommended during the descending moon, between the 3 days prior to full moon and crescent moon, as it will favor the growth of larger and more aromatic flowers. Those are the best days for planting.


– Planting and transplanting:

It is recommended to plant and transplant your weed on a Descending Moon with a growing phase, as the ideal conditions exist.


– Pruning:

It should be done in descending Moon and waning phase, thus facilitating recovery and reducing stress.


– Growth fertilizer:

It is recommended in Descending Moon and Growing Phase if they are natural or prepared fertilizers, while if you use mineral fertilizers it is recommended in the waning phase. If you apply them under the influence of constellations Water, you will obtain magnificent stems and very large leaves.


– Flowering fertilizer:

The basic fertilizers and flowering stimulators should be used by the passage of the moon by the constellations Air, favoring the formation and fattening of buds. The moon must be Descending and in increasing phase.


– Cutting clones:

It should be done at the end of the Ascending Moon, obtaining strong cuttings and full of sap, but be careful because the mother suffers more stress during this stage, so you will have to apply mycorrhizae to soften and help regenerate faster.


– Harvest buds:

The best moon phase for harvesting on crescent or full moon. To stimulate the concentration of active ingredients it’s also ideal, but avoid the same day of full moon. If you harvest on a waning moon, the organoleptic properties are accentuated. In descending Moon, drying is faster and less problematic. In all cases it is recommended that the moon is passing through the constellations Air.


– Plagues and diseases:

In the descending Moon and waning phase, there are favorable conditions to apply insecticides to keep insect attacks at bay. The effectiveness increases if the application coincides with the passage through a constellation Water. Fungicides against powdery mildew and other fungi, are advisable in the moon of ascending cycle and waning phase.


Cultivate marijuana taking into account the lunar phases

Cultivate marijuana taking into account the lunar phases


Download PevGrow calendar.





How does the moon affect plants? In this article you have been able to know all the influences that the moon has on marijuana plants, and how to cultivate it taking into account the different phases of the moon and its passage through the different constellations. Elevate the productivity of your culture of marijuana to the maximum, cultivating on the basis of the lunar calendar 2019!

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  1. BENTOS 5 February, 2019 at 12:10

    WOW, thank you for explaining this so effectively. I have been using these principles for close to 30 years and can say it definitely works ! I encourage every one to try some, if not all of these recommendations, and judge the results for themselves. A simple experiment can be undertaken by simply planting a few seeds each moon phase and taking notes as to how long it takes for germination, seedling vigour / growth / strength and you will soon pick up on small differences. Obviously you must provide similar cultivation techniques for each batch of seeds to ensure valid results, I would suggest Rockwool cubes as being the easiest method to keep things on a level playing field. After this easy test, you will soon realise that these principals do work and I assure you that they transfer to all stages of the plants` life. It can not hurt to try something different can it ? And if your plants are happier because of it, they will also reward you for being extra kind to them !!

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