Grow techniques

Do you want to know how to grow marijuana as a an authentic professional?

In this section we will tell you the most used grow techniques for indoor and outdoor growing. In our articles you will find tricks and homemade remedies, you won't have to invest a lot of money to get a good and tasty harvest. you just need to know how to take out the most advantageous benefits from your own available resources.

You will also learn to build and of course to use a hydroponic system, also aeroponics and vertical crops as well as the best techniques for the cultivation of autoflowering plants, these cultivars are relatively new and it’s interesting to know all their nuances with the aim of not to and waste time.

We will also show you how to take advantage of the SOG and SCROG cultivation methods, which although they are well known, there are few growers who know how to reap all their benefits.

And don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel, where you can see more visually experiments with cannabis plants, demonstrating how we debunk false established myths and how we perfect techniques such as apical pruning, fim pruning or the Super Cropping technique.

Whether you grow your marijuana on balconies, greenhouses or large terraces, if you want to get the best results you are in the right place.

And all this for free for you. What else can you ask for?

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PEV Grow born in 2009, It´s a company located in Valencia, a coastal city in eastern Spain. Born after 1 year of intense work our aim is to advise on the use and the use of marijuana seeds known. We ship seed anywhere in the world...
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