Cannabis Growing Manual

Reading Time 6 minutes   Piensa En Verde, with this growing marijuana manual we wanted to simplify the work for grass fans. We have gathered the best information to turn you into a first level breeder. You have different news about marijuana, this way … Leer más

Marijuana Homemade Fertilizers, Easy and Simple

Reading Time 11 minutes     Cannabis, like any other plant, may also need extra help for better growth. There are natural fertilizers that you can make yourself in a simple way. Most plants can use a fertilizer or organic substrates to help them … Leer más

Indoor Hydroponic Cannabis Growing

Reading Time 6 minutes   Hydroponic gardens are spreading around the world faster and faster. Today we can see this type of cultivation in vertical walls of many cities, urban gardens and especially in hydroponic cannabis growing at home. At first you may think … Leer más

The best lighting of indoor marijuana culture

Reading Time 5 minutes     During the 70’s, the cultivation of cannabis with artificial light was developed. Since then, dozens of different types of lights have been tested, some with better results than others but, Which are the best lights for growing cannabis … Leer más

How to grow a cannabis bonsai tree

Reading Time 6 minutes   Welcome back to our blog Pevgrow! Today I’m going to focus this article on trying to enlighten you on how to make your own marijuana bonsai tree. Yes! You got it right! Mr. Miyagi would be proud of you, … Leer más

10 tips for autoflowering cultivation

Reading Time 9 minutes     Autoflowering varieties are the solution for many growers. These fast and discreet plants have earned a place in the garden of many houses, but we have found that some users grow them in the same way as normal … Leer más

Marijuana pruning, all techniques

Reading Time 8 minutes     Has it come the time to prune your marijuana plant and you are not sure how to do it? 🙄 Don’t you know if it is the perfect time for pruning cannabis? When is the best time to … Leer más

Aeroponic: The most advanced hydroponic culture system

Reading Time 9 minutes     When it comes to growing marijuana, we’re inundated with a wide variety of different methods. Having consulted on many marijuana operations, I’ve seen that the majority of profesional growers utilize the aeroponic system for the best results. Although … Leer más

Saving on indoor marijuana growing

Reading Time 6 minutes     Dear Cannalovers!   Today I want to talk to you about some of the most effective ideas to improve the production cost of your buds. Some concepts that we are going to mention you already know but since … Leer más

Make your own homemade hydroponic system

Reading Time 4 minutes     Welcome one more week dear Grower! This time, we’re going to see how to create your own homemade hydroponic system, with all the materials, tips and tricks to make it a success, Let’s go?     ⭐ What … Leer más

How to remove the smell of marijuana in indoor growing

Reading Time 6 minutes     When you decide to embark in your own plantation of marijuana, you have to think and to plan many aspects, beginning by choosing the suitable seeds, the mode of germination and finally, the conservation of the buds, but … Leer más

Sea of Green Growing Method (SOG)

Reading Time 6 minutes   The SOG, (Sea of Green) is a technique whose objective is to reduce the growing time of your Cannabis plants as much as possible, but don’t the Cannabis plants have a natural development time? Yes, and I recommend that … Leer más


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You will also learn to build and of course to use a hydroponic system, also aeroponics and vertical crops as well as the best techniques for the cultivation of autoflowering plants, these cultivars are relatively new and it’s interesting to know all their nuances with the aim of not to and waste time.

We will also show you how to take advantage of the SOG and SCROG cultivation methods, which although they are well known, there are few growers who know how to reap all their benefits.

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