Moonrocks, the world’s most potent cannabis

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What is BHO Shatter and how to make it?

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Ice O Lator or Bubble Hash, What it is and how it is done

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What is Rosin and how is it made? Rosin Tech Method

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Different BHO finishes. Get to know them!

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What is BHO? How it is made and purged well

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Weed Kief

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How to extract THC and all its uses

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Find the main differences between BHO and DHO

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How to Make Homemade Moroccan Hash

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In this section you can find out everything about the different ways of extracting cannabis. Other way of consuming marijuana in the form of resin is interesting because it is possible to achieve concentrations of THC above 80%. You can also get medicinal marijuana extracts with high concentrations of CBD.

There are different extraction methods: Water, dry sieve, butane gas, isopropyl alcohol, we will explain to you what are its pros and cons and what is our recommendation.

You'll also get to know the main and most famous marijuana extractions:

  • Rosin Hash, is my favorite as it does not need any solvent to extract cannabinoids and terpenes. It is becoming more and more popular due to its low cost, ease of extraction and of course the resulting quality. This concentrate is obtained from pressure and heat (ecological extraction).
  • BHO, it's possibly the purest extraction you can find. To separate the vegetable matter from the cannabinoids, butane gas free of impurities is used, then the oil must be decarboxylated to leave it clean and without any residue.
  • DHO, the extraction process is similar to BHO but in this case the cannabinoids extracted with diethylether, a gas that works very well for this purpose,  but has the same problems as butane, is colorless and very flammable so you have to be especially careful when handling.
  • Jellyhash, obtained by mixing dry hash and BHO, the resulting extraction has a soft, sticky, aromatic texture and a very nice reddish color. The blending of terpenes from dry extraction and the potency of BHO is a delicacy, of course, only for the bravest cannabis users.

Now that you have an idea of what marijuana extraction is, if you want to go deeper, you have at your disposal dozens of articles to become an expert in the matter.


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