Cannabis Growing Manual

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Growing marijuana manual
Growing marijuana manual

Piensa En Verde, with this growing marijuana manual we wanted to simplify the work for grass fans. We have gathered the best information to turn you into a first level breeder. You have different news about marijuana, this way you will be able to deepen as much as you want about the topic that you are most passionate about.

As gift of Welcome I leave you this manual of culture in pdf so that you go opening mouth, a guide to cultivate marijuana in interior and exterior for beginners, to which surely you are going to take advantage of a lot.



*Essential tips to start growing marijuana


Do you want to learn how to cultivate marijuana in a didactic and simple way? If the answer is yes you are in the right place, we have selected for you the best content to start in the exciting world of cannabis.



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*A Guide to Choosing the Right Cannabis Variety


Not sure which marijuana seeds to choose from among the thousands and thousands of strains in the Pev Grow catalogue? We have made a selection of the best news, which make reference to the most famous and recognized genetics of the cannabis panorama.



*Outdoor Marijuana Cultivation




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*Indoor Marijuana Cultivation


If you can’t harvest outdoors and need to grow marijuana plants under the spotlights, we’ve selected for you these news items that talk about how to plant marijuana indoors in the best way. We hope it helps!



*Pests and fungi


The plagues sometimes attack the cultures of marijuana, if you have had the bad luck that some insect or fungus has invaded your dear plants, we have made a selection of news that can help you to fight the insects and to save the harvest. Good luck!



*Marijuana deficiencies and excesses


If your cannabis plants don’t look healthy, take a look at this selection of news items that talk about the deficiencies and excesses that affect marijuana.



*Marijuana Harvest


Once we have overcome all the inconveniences that arise, throughout the life cycle of cannabis, and we have our plants ready to harvest. The time has come to cut and treat marijuana flowers. This process is extremely important, since the quality of the flowers will depend to a great extent on our good work…



*Marijuana Extractions




*History and Review of the main marijuana genetics


Want to know more about the world’s most famous marijuana genetics? Here we leave you some articles related to the topic. Enjoy!



*Marijuana Dictionary


Some words related to marijuana, that you will have heard once, and in this section we will try to treat them of simple and precise form.

Although if you want to become an expert on the plant that we are so passionate about, then Download pdf in the most complete dictionary on marijuana that there is on the Internet.

Alan Martínez Benito
Alan Martínez Benito
CEO of Pev Grow, expert grower with more than 20 years of experience.
In constant struggle for the regulation of cannabis, mainly in the medicinal field.
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6 thoughts on “Cannabis Growing Manual”
  1. Marijuana contains more than one drug chemical. Different strains contains different concentrations of each chemical.

  2. Well organized. Easy to read and jam-packed with tips to help a novice grower fine tune their art.

  3. Does anyone have grow guide for Seedstockers Big Bud fem ? Please help

  4. hi,
    I’ve never cultivated using automatic seeds, I wanted to know if it’s possible to start a perpetual cultivation since the hours of lights are fixed.
    Thanks Gaetano

  5. Do we have to take permission from Government before planting Marijuana? I am planning to grow indoor but just wondering if there is something I need to do before I start 😉

  6. I am interested in finding out more information of the textile manufacturers of hemp home ware like bed sheets, tea towels that Spain currently produces. Do you know of any such company?

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