Precision scales

Precision scales are essential for measuring the exact dosage of some powdered fertilizers or for checking the crop yield.Read more


It is very important to be able to weigh grams with absolute reliability and with the utmost detail, so you need a professional weight that doesn't have the slightest margin of error. To achieve this, you need a precision balance.

What are Precision Scales?

A precision scale is a weight or scale that allows you to calculate the weight of an object with maximum precision. Nowadays, most of them are already electronic or digital, leaving in the past the balances with arms and counterweights, also very precise.

A precision digital scale is designed for a generally very light weight. In fact, few are those that admit masses of more than 5 kilograms: they work much better in quantities below the gram.

To be considered accurate, the scale you choose must be able to determine the mass of the object to be weighed with a minimum division of at least 0.1 grams. However, they are much more finely tuned and can make divisions of up to 0.000001 grams. These so precise are called analytical, but you don't really need so much detail: with those that reach the divisions of 0.1 grams is enough to weigh your marijuana.

Weighing marijuana accurately

So, if you're wondering how to weigh marijuana to know exactly what quantities and weights you're handling, you need a precision marijuana scale. Once you have it, read the operating instructions carefully: it is very important that you learn how to select the units of measurement, because most of them allow you to weigh in grams or ounces, for example.

Also learn how to zero the scale so that you can, for example, use a small tray on it to help make weighing easier and safer. In fact, some of the scales already have built-in trays or bowls in which to place the marijuana to be weighed.

The best prices and brands

In our online store you can choose from the best brands and models and decide which scale price you are most interested in. You'll find that there are small format models, slightly larger than calculators, with a very limited weighing area. They are intended for users and growers who handle small amounts of marijuana.

However, if you work with larger volumes, you will need a larger precision scale, possibly with a tray that allows you to weigh larger quantities.

Among the brands, Myco stands out, for example, with models such as the very compact MM-100 or the MZ100 and MZ600 range. The Kenex brand, with the Optimo and Infinity models, stands out for the design of its products. It also offers the Magno variant, designed for large quantities.

Tanita scales

Perhaps the most recognized brand is Tanita. In our shop you will find a wide range of Tanita gram precision scales. From the small and very precise Tangent 102, to the already larger Tanita 1479-V and T 1479-J, precision balances of medium size are highly appreciated by growers for their efficiency.

All Tanitas allow you to weigh grams with maximum safety. They are precise, robust and long-lasting scales, ideal to accompany you in your experience as a marijuana grower, whether you are amateur or professional. You can also buy them in our stores at very affordable prices.

As you can see, a precision scale is an indispensable instrument, reasonably inexpensive, easy to use and very satisfactory in its results. Don't stop taking one as soon as possible.



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