Smoking pipes

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We are glad to announce you that you already have available in your Growshop of trust the best pipes to smoke marijuana and hashish of all the cannabis market.

Our smoking pipes will leave you speechless, as they are available in many formats, some you can't even imagine. If you are prone to easily lose things, the ideal is that you acquire the key ring model, so you will always carry it with you.

If you are more than carrying everything in one piece, do not miss our pipes for the card holder, or if on the contrary you are a fan of multicolored and do not decide for a single tone, we also present smoking pipes with a wide range of colors.

You can find all our smoking pipes in our online shop. Even so, we would like to recommend the most sold and recommended by our customers, who have already had the opportunity to enjoy these wonderful smoking pipes:


Pipe Magnetic Card:

The Pipe Magnetic Card has become a great reference for the world of those who love to smoke with quality, and this pipe more than fulfills it thanks to its functionality, originality and composition by materials 0 toxic.


Wood Chillum:

Chillum is a pipe built with the best Indian wood on the market, which has a steatite bowl, a type of rock used by native Indians for their pipes, with great capacity to smoke the best mixture of your herbs, staying captivated in a sea of pleasure and satisfaction.


So remember, if you are looking to smoke in the most original way possible and with high quality products, at PevGrow we give you the solution. The best smoking pipes, already at your trusted GrowShop.