Jiffys 44mm

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Jiffys 44mm


Pevgrow presents, Jiffy 44mm the new peat discs that are perfect for rooting your plants or cuttings quickly and are strong and solid before transplanting them into a larger pot.

It comes in the form of round discs with a diameter of 44 mm, compacted and dehydrated, but don't be influenced by such technical words, it's very simple and you won't have any kind of problem, that's why we're here, we'll give you all the necessary advice to make everything work as it should.


How to use them: 

1- First of all, we take a sufficiently large and wide container and put in all the discs we need, we add good quality water (it is not worth the tap water, as everything will influence the final result), after 5 minutes we will see how the discs swell up as they absorb the water and acquire a cylindrical shape. This is the part where the most mistakes are made, and it is a turning point, as any seed you plant on this disc will literally drown and rot. Therefore, we have to squeeze the discs to the maximum and remove all the excess water and gradually return the disc to its original shape. Now we're talking. Shall we go on?

2- If after placing our seeds, after a few days we see that the discs are dry, do not worry with a simple sprayer wet again those who need them. Important mental note, it is always better to fall short than to overdo it with water, as we will lose the seed.

3- Plant the seeds to a depth of 2-5 mm below the jiffy. If we go for cuttings, we can't let the cuttings move so we'll have to squeeze the peat until the cuttings are securely fastened, it's very important!


Buy now in PevGrow Jiffy 44mm, follow all our advice and you will get all the results without any problem. Remember, water is always at fault. Never too much!

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