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Dear cannalovers, welcome to PEV Gow!

In this innovative section we introduce you to the wonderful world of industrial hemp seen as the deepest Grow shop point of view, as it is nothing more and nothing less than our long awaited "Legal Weed" or legal marijuana.

You have the opportunity to delight yourself with a unique product for its taste and aroma, without having anything to envy to the usual marijuana that you are already accustomed to consume obtained from our most powerfull strains grown with our seeds.

In the global grow shop market, at least in Spain, the marijuana seeds which have been dominating the global seed market have been those with the highest THC values.

Today, and thanks to the latest changes in the perception of cannabis as a potential therapeutic agent, its use has been reinforced not only by THC, but also by other very interesting cannabinoids such as CBD (cannabidiol), CBG (cannabigerol) and CBC (cannabicromene), much more sought-after today than THC itself.

That is why the hemp companies, have increased their cultivation areas in Europe for the production of the best hemp sinsemilla in the world, used for legal weed products both in Italy and Switzerland, in addition to being used by pharmaceutical companies to extract CBD and terpenes.

Difference between hemp and marijuana

The distinction between hemp and marijuana can be ambiguous, but a simple analysis can remove doubts to distinguish them, since at first glance, the latest dioic hemp strains being developed can make you think it is the best marijuana, at least, at first sight.

The difference lies in the THC content and the THC: CBD ratio that a simple cannabinoid analysis can reveal to us, being the difference that for a hemp grower legally established can mean acting within the legal limits or exceeding them.

Our legal weed does not exceed the legal content of THC allowed in any batch, being this in Spain of 0.2%.

At PEV Grow, we have a quality control department that assures us that each batch complies with EU regulations.

In addition, all our strains are dioecious and of exclusive production within the EU, with seeds coming from the official register of certified varieties.

We know that this product will satisfy your expectations...

... do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Enjoy this weed!