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Is a cannabis concentrate made by the talented hands of the best craftsmen in Switzerland. It is a new addition to the Natural Suites brand, and stands out for its soft texture and for being malleable.

Without a doubt, it is a top quality product and, how could it be otherwise, at Pevgrow we have it at your disposal.

Characteristics of Strawberry cannabis concentrate

Among the most relevant characteristics of the Strawberry cannabis concentrate we have that it is easy to maneuver thanks to its soft texture. Likewise, it is important to mention its intense fruity aroma, reminiscent of the citrus touches of strawberries, a delight for the palate of fans thanks to its sweet touches.

It has very low levels of THC (less than 0.20%) which means that its consumption does not have psychoactive effects. On the other hand, its CBD levels are high, being highly sought after for its medicinal and relaxing values, being a special marijuana for sleeping.

It is made from 100% organically grown hemp extract, which means there are no traces of pesticides or other chemicals in the final product. In addition, it is free of genetically modified organisms.

Characteristics of Hash Charas 50 cannabis concentrate

Its elaboration is carried out organically, manually and free of pesticides; thus, it is a 100% natural product, which stands out for being made up of a wide variety of cannabis species.

On the other hand, Charas 50 is obtained with live plants from which the buds with the largest leaves are extracted, then rubbed with both hands until the content can be observed. Once this process is done, rolls are formed with the palms to give it the desired shape.

At Pevgrow we take care of providing you with quality in each product, so we bring you this mixture of different species with a high content of 47 % CBD in a single format.

Characteristics of Hash Amnesia cannabis concentrate

Its level of CBD is higher than that of THC, so its use is mostly medicinal and therapeutic, since it does not contain psychoactives. Without a doubt, it is one of those species that always leaves you wanting a little more. On the other hand, its cultivation is 100% organic and free of pesticides, adapting very well to the human body.

We can highlight that the flavor of Amnesia is unique, so you will be able to identify it once you taste it, it causes very relaxing and sedative effects, wonderful for pain and especially for better sleep.

In addition, in its growth process it develops resistance to mold and other types of pests. Therefore, these do not affect its composition, making the plant free from any potential risk.

Characteristics of Hash Afghan CBD cannabis concentrate

Afghan Hash 45% CBD is the most powerful hash , and has been created to try to reproduce the highest quality Afghan hash, considered one of the best in the world. Made from the best resin from organically grown Afghan cannabis plants, the purity of this cannabis concentrate is one of the highest in the legal commercial circuit.

It has a very similar presence to THC-rich Afghan hash, with a darker color than usual and a rather soft and sticky texture. Its aroma is sweet, with a fruity touch and the typical background of meat and leather. In aromatherapy sessions it can be very interesting because its smoke releases large amounts of cannabidiol, so it can be very appropriate to treat different health problems.

Characteristics of Hash Milk CBD cannabis concentrate

Hash Milk 30% CBD is one of the best ways to take advantage of all the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol, and the best thing is that it is completely legal because it keeps THC levels below 0.2%. It is extracted directly from CBD-rich cannabis plants, which, after filtering the resin, are pressed and packaged to keep all the medicinal properties intact.
As you can see in the image, it is identical to the THC-rich hash that has always been sold, but in this case it contains hardly any THC and its CBD levels are much higher.

Characteristics of Hash Pakistan CBD cannabis concentrate

Hash Pakistan 40% CBD by Life CBD is a type of 100% legal and only therapeutic cannabis concentrate, since it has a THC concentration of less than 0.2% but contains 40% cannabidiol, the cannabinoid with the most medicinal properties in marijuana. As you can see in the photos it is very similar to typical Pakistani hashish, considered one of the best on the entire planet.

It is darker in color than Moroccan pollen or dry hash that is sold unpressed, as it is worked by hand during pressing to break part of the trichome glands and extract the essential oils. For this reason it also has a wet and sticky texture, very malleable even without applying heat. The aroma is sweet, spicy and with a spicy touch, very similar to the cannabis extractions that are made in India and Pakistan.

Characteristics of Hash Ferrero CBD cannabis concentrate

Hash Ferrero 30% CBD is a type of hashish , it is 100% legal since it meets the requirement of not exceeding 0.2% THC, and it has an aroma and flavor that has nothing to envy to the typical hash of a lifetime . May be the solution for people who need to take advantage of the medicinal properties of cannabidiol because it contains 30% of this therapeutic cannabinoid.

Its texture and color is identical to that of the THC-rich hash that can be found in Amsterdam coffeeshops or Barcelona consumer clubs, with a very striking and appetizing presence. It maintains a moisture point that allows it to be crumbled without falling apart, and when brought close to a flame it can bubble just like pure THC-rich hashish.

Characteristics of Hash Caramel CBD cannabis concentrate

Hash Caramel CBD is a very special product that is loved by many users who have obtained multiple benefits from CBD and maintain the advantages of cannabidiol.

Its composition of Hash Caramel buds coated with cannabis oil and with Kief or pollen will seduce you even more. Learn a little more about these delicious Hash Caramel CBD with much more powerful high levels.

As with the CBD products that we sell, they are made from the traditional hemp process. For this reason, its THC levels are imperceptible because they are very low and, in turn, they are high in CBD, which is what you are looking for in this type of product.

Among its wide variety of benefits we can highlight the following:

 It prevents inflammation at the same time that it fights it, its effects are perceived in organs, joints and muscles.

 Attenuates pain processes, both chronic and acute and occasional.

 Control states of anxiety, help to get a good rest, restful sleep and concentration when you need it.

 It contributes to the freshness of the skin because it has a favorable action against free radicals.

  Helps fight acne by avoiding inflammation and cell overproduction.

How to consume cannabis extract CBD ?

There are different options to consume the CBD cannabis extract, each method has different side effects, so the final decision will depend on the user.

However, we can mention that dabbing is one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis extract CBD, since the reactions are experienced in the body almost immediately.

For this you will need a few essentials, such as a bong, a lighter and a dabbing needle, accessories available in our online store.

Similarly, another efficient consumption method is to mix it with a little marijuana and smoke it, either in a pipe or a joint, or perhaps by vaporizing using a vaporizer.

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