Blue Lotus: effects, preparation, dose and every form of usage

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Photo of a lotus flower surrounded by its uses and effects in images
Photo of a lotus flower surrounded by its uses and effects in images


There are plants that by their appearance, colors, aroma or form, suggest that they hide something inside. Some seem to come from another planet, with alien forms even, others contain thorns or spikes that can be harmful, there are those with unpleasant smells and others very attractive, and also with colors that seem to point out danger as it happens with some animals.

Today we are going to talk about the Blue Lotus, a plant that forms an exotic flower that shows several of the qualities described above, a beautiful shape, bright colors, intoxicating aroma and most importantly, a very interesting chemistry for lovers of psychoactivity. Did you like that? Then keep on reading because now comes the interesting part…👉



⚠️ What is Blue Lotus?



The Blue Lotus is an aquatic plant belonging to the family Ninfeaceae, which produces a very beautiful and aromatic flower. It comes from North Africa, more specifically from the Nile River region, and is also known by the names of Egyptian Lotus or Blue Water Lily. Although originally it was discovered in the lands that include what we know nowadays as Egypt, this flower began to spread quickly to other places in Africa, the Middle East, and later in Asia, where today it can be found in different regions.

It was very important in the Egyptian culture, since they considered it as a sacred flower, which opens with the light and closes with the darkness, something they related to their Sun God. It is also very representative that this plant sprouts in stagnant waters, in not very showy areas, since with its beautiful colors and its intense fragrance they seem to want to embellish the landscape. But as I was saying before, the most important thing about this plant is not its aroma or coloring, if it has gone down in history it is because of its medicinal and psychoactive powers.

Nefertem was the god of the Blue Lotus, and he brought Ra, the Sun god, lotus flowers to soothe the pains produced by age in his body. There are many representations in the Egyptian culture that show different situations where the Blue Lotus was used in religious or healing ceremonies.


Photograph of a beautiful blue Lotus flower in its natural state*
Photograph of a beautiful blue Lotus flower in its natural state*



🧐 Blue Lotus effects and benefits


The first effects take about 20 minutes to be clearly noticed and may start with some body discomfort that in some cases includes nausea or trembling. These initial effects do not usually last long, but before they disappear you begin to notice a change in the perception of things, this is the beginning of the real effects, which usually take about 45 minutes after intake.

A kind of hypnotism surrounds you, leaving you in a very pleasant state of dreaming, with a great mental calm and body relaxation. It is very common to feel slight visual and auditory alterations, more vivid colors and certain euphoria, although it also depends on the amount taken. As with other drugs, Blue Lotus at low doses produces narcotic and euphoric effects, but in high or very high doses can cause hallucinations.

Another common effect of the Blue Lotus is the aphrodisiac, one of the reasons it has been consumed since ancient times. Those people who take it claim that it increases sexual desire and improves relationships, being the closest thing to Viagra the Egyptians had at that time.


¿Es seguro el consumo de esta planta?

There are no known cases of overdose or severe intoxication from Blue Lotus to date. Its addictive potential has not been studied in depth either, so this flower should always be treated with great respect, since its possible danger is unknown.



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🎬 Blue Lotus Tea, How to make it?


It is probably the most widespread form of usage, perhaps because of its ease, since to prepare a blue lotus flower tea is as easy as boiling its petals in water and then filtering the liquid and letting it cool, but I better explain it to you step by step:


  • Step 1: Pour water into a saucepan by calculating an amount of one cup per person
  • Step 2: Put the pot on the stove until the water starts to boil
  • Step 3: Once it starts boiling, add the Blue Lotus calculating the regular dose, which is 0.17 oz. (5 grams) per person, or up to 0.35 oz. (10 grams) for the most experienced ones
  • Step 4: Wait for the mixture to boil for about 8 or 10 minutes and then turn off the fire
  • Step 5: Let it cool down a bit and separate the liquid with the help of a coffee filter or similar, it is advisable to squeeze the flowers so that they release everything
  • Step 6: Distribute the blue Lotus tea in the corresponding cups and enjoy



👾 Other ways of consuming this plant, the Blue Lotus wine


This is the original way, the way it was consumed by the ancient Egyptians, who added 0.17 oz. (5 grams) of Blue Lotus to a liter of wine and let it rest for about 2 hours. It is recommended not to exceed the dose of 5 grams per 33.8 fl.oz. (1 liter) of wine so as not to spoil the taste of the wine, but if you don’t care about the taste you should know that there are people who add up to 0.35 oz. (10 grams) per bottle of wine.

Even nowadays many people take it this way, some are very fond of the synergy produced by the combination of the effect of alcohol mixed with those of the Blue Lotus, enhancing both in a clear way.


Smoking Blue Lotus

Yes, you can also smoke it, and through this way the effects are felt even faster. Those who have smoked it on its own or mixed it with tobacco report relaxing effects similar to Kratom, although somewhat milder. The flavor is pleasant, similar to its aroma, floral and sweet, so it does not require much to take it this way, and the dreamy state grows in comparison to consuming it ingested.

Mixed with cannabis or hashish, the effect of the Blue Lotus is diluted at the highest intensity of cannabis potency. It would be interesting to mix it with CBD flowers to see if a synergy similar to that of the Lotus wine is produced.


Blue Lotus extracts, resin and tincture, concentrated power

This is a fairly modern consumption format, especially for those people who want to experience the effects of the Blue Lotus at its best. There are Lotus extracts, tinctures and resins with different concentrations of its main active ingredients, Nuciferin and Aporfin, being the 15x and 20x the most popular.

The way to take these Blue Lotus concentrates are the same as in regular format, that is, as a tea, or smoked, and as it usually happens, ingested takes longer to work but usually lasts longer.


Image of a collage where you can see different types of extracts, tincture and resin of Blue Lotus
Image of a collage where you can see different types of extracts, tincture and resin of Blue Lotus*



🎯 Conclusion


Blue Lotus has stimulating, narcotic, calming and aphrodisiac, and slightly psychoactive properties, making it one of the plants with more different effects. It is also one of the most versatile, since it is offered in many different formats and can be used in many ways. I bet you’re not so unfamiliar with this fantastic plant now, right? Then don’t forget to share this article so that this information reaches more people.👉👏😉

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