Cannabis chat, what it is, what it is for and what advantages it has

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Imagen de un salón donde varias personas cómodamente sentados charlan sobre marihuana
Image of a room where several people comfortably seated chat about marijuana.


For a few years we have enjoyed some platforms created for the meeting of people who share hobbies, since it is an excellent way to solve doubts, solve certain problems, or share information in general through chats. Marijuana fans are lucky enough to also have these spaces thanks to cannabis chat rooms, and in addition to learning or teaching others, we will find like-minded people.

Currently, the vast majority of people around the world have a smartphone, and almost all of them use applications such as Whatsapp, Telegram or Discord, among others, especially to communicate with family and friends. But thanks to these Apps we can also meet other people who share hobbies or concerns with us, such as growing marijuana for self-consumption, which is what we like the most.



🧐 What is a cannabis chat?



It is a digital platform that allows the connection between 2 or more people and facilitates rapid communication between members. Thanks to the fluidity that the internet allows, when a person posts a message it can be seen in real time, something impossible with classic forums, and nothing to do with the old communication systems between people. In cannabis chat rooms you can find all kinds of weed growers and consumers, some with many years of experience and others who have just started self-cultivation of this plant or are beginning to try this medicine.

A few years ago it was very difficult to find information about our beloved plant, prohibition and especially the stigma that always accompanies marijuana, greatly limited learning about the history, cultivation, processing, or consumption of this natural medicine. . Luckily, since the arrival of the internet and after the legalization of weed in many countries, many of the barriers that prevented access to accurate information have been eliminated, among other things thanks to cannabis chats.



👾 What is a cannabis chat for?


It has different uses, but the most important is being able to interact with other growers to find a quick and precise answer to any doubt related to cannabis. What is the recommended pH during the germination phase? How is a FIM pruning done? When do I wash the roots? These are some examples that can help us to get an idea of ​​the questions related to the cultivation of marijuana that are solved every day in some of the chat rooms for weed smokers, but their function does not end there.

Have you tried all cannabis strains? Surely not because nobody has done it, but if you have the opportunity to talk to hundreds of different users, between all of you it is possible that you can perfectly describe thousands of different strains. What is the most resistant variety to fungi? What is the fastest autoflowering in outdoor cultivation? Are there any chocolate flavored genetics? These questions are also very typical and recurring in marijuana grower chat rooms, and usually have a reliable answer.

Another function of these platforms is to create a community between cannabis users, since the affinity between people helps a lot in this regard, but when we talk about marijuana this union is much stronger because we share the feeling of fear caused by prohibition of this plant, and finding truthful information had always been more complicated.



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🎬 What are the advantages of cannabis chats?


Many times we cannot wait when we are presented with a problem in the crop, spots on the leaves suspected of being a dangerous pest, a deficiency that is not solved, a possible fungal attack that we are not clear about, etc. Imagine how difficult it was to find information before the advent of the internet, or how long it could take to receive an accurate answer in a forum like ICmag or Cannabiscafé. Luckily now all that has become history thanks to the speed of cannabis chat rooms, because when a problem arises in the cultivation every minute counts.

Another advantage of these communication platforms is discretion, because you can remain completely anonymous while sharing information with other users. But one of the greatest advantages of cannabis chat is the possibility of starting conversations of all kinds but always related to the marijuana plant, anecdotes that have happened to us in some cultivation, consumption experiences, tricks to increase yield, special flavors, effects different etc In this way, on the one hand you realize that you are not alone in this world, and that this hobby for growing and/or consuming marijuana is shared by many more people, and on the other hand you can feel much more protected when it comes to fight for our rights or face legal problems.


But if all this seems little to you, you have to know that in some cannabis chat rooms raffles and contests are held frequently, and at the same time that you grow to improve your cultivation techniques, you can win prizes of all kinds. Belonging to a group of people who share the same interests undoubtedly has many advantages, but in this case we think even more so because it is not easy to access quick information related to marijuana.


Infographic on the advantages of cannabis chat rooms
Infographic on the advantages of cannabis chat rooms



🔥 Names of yerba Telegram groups


Cannabis Telegram groups can have up to thousands of users, and it gives you the possibility to invite other people, even if they are not part of your telephone contacts. This allows us to create a large community of people related to cannabis, such as the Pevgrow Telegram group, where we already have more than 3,000 active members who share cultivation reports, practical advice, and all kinds of recommendations that help novice growers every day. to harvest successfully. You also have the possibility of joining the PEV broadcast channel to find out about all the news in the grow shop sector, special offers, and the news that is published every day about weed.

This group stands out for its good vibes and the great willingness of users when it comes to sharing information. We live very funny moments with anecdotes related to cultivation, and discover new products, optimization techniques, methods of all kinds, and even new forms of consumption of our beloved plant. We are lucky to have some professionals who do not hesitate to answer the questions of other members, and from time to time there are contests and raffles where you can get cannabis seeds and many other gifts.


Other names of Telegram channels or chat groups related to weed are Marihuana420, Cultura Cannábica, Global Cannabis Community, or Full Cannabis 420, but none are as massive as the PEV Telegram group. In addition to Telegram, there are other platforms that offer the possibility of creating closed user groups in a similar way, although with slight variations.



🎯 Best Weed Related Discord Servers


Discord is one of the applications that has grown the most over the last 2 years, especially because it is free, it can be used while playing a game, it consumes few resources, and among other things because of the versatility that allows integrating bots and tools that in other platforms cannot be used. You can also do voice chats or even share screens, and always with the security of protection against attacks, something essential for marijuana growers and consumers.

The PevGrow Discord chat server has more than 1000 users who share the love of weed, and every day there are new topics of conversation related to marijuana varieties, their cultivation, ways to make extractions, tricks to increase production, interesting products, medicinal consumption, and all the news that has to do with marijuana in general. There are other Discord servers with chats where marijuana is discussed, such as La Ganja, Reverendo Ascoo, Los Jardineros, or Macokenesis among others, but they are not as active as Pevgrow’s.



📲 How to enter a chat room for smokers and cannabis growers?


It depends on the platform, in Discord all you have to do is press the “join” button in the menu, either from the App or directly from the web, and click on the “+” sign in the lower left. Then you have to hit “join a server”, paste the link of the server where you want to access, and press “join”. From that moment you will be able to read the messages of other members and interact with them.

Entering a Telegram chat room or group for cannabis users is even simpler, since it is enough to follow the invitation link, and once inside press the button where it says “accept invitation”, as simple as doing that and that’s it. you can read all the content published by other users, or share the information you want with the entire community.





Cannabis chat rooms have displaced other means of dissemination such as blogs, forums, or even other types of social networks, because the response is much faster, the communication is more fluid, the content is more organized, and it is much easier learn everything related to the cultivation and consumption of marijuana plants. In this article we have seen several of the best channels and groups related to weed, and if you still do not belong to any, you do not know what you are missing, because it is the most practical way to communicate today.



⭐ Frequent questions


Can you talk about weed on Discord?

Yes, although it is a taboo subject on other platforms, on Discord you can create specific servers to chat about this plant without problems, as long as this space is not used to sell marijuana or any other cannabis product, of course. It is also important to respect the opinions of the other members of the chat, as well as the internal rules that each server may have.


How to find new weed groups on Telegram?

It is very easy, once you are inside the application you have to press the magnifying glass button that appears in the upper right part of the screen, and write in the bar the topic that you want to search for in a generic way, in this case “marijuana ” “weed” “cannabis” etc. Telegram will show you many results related to that word, both groups and channels and even people. You will see that under each result of the list the word “members”, “subscribers”, “bot” or the last time of connection appears, and you only have to know that if it puts members it is a group, if it puts subscribers it is a channel, if it says bot, it is obviously a bot, and if it says the time of the last connection, it is a private profile.


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