Coconut fiber: simple and effective cultivation

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Because of its ease of use, this type of substrate that is obtained from the fruit of the coconut is recommended for people who are beginning to penetrate in the world of marijuana, especially, but also like to experienced growers, because of its good results.coco

The use of substrates extracted from natural elements allows a better growth of our marijuana plant, as in the case of coconut fiber product in which we focus today and which talk about its origins, benefits and uses thereof in the marijuana crops, especially in the case of different types of hydroponic cultivation.

Before deepen the substance mentioned, it should be noted that the use of this type of substrate of natural origin, it is very simple, so its use is recommended for that people begin to enter the world of marijuana, so they do not they can go slowly learning. However the results of using this type of substrate are so good, that also employ more experts growers pot, which also facilitates the work.

Origin and benefits

Coconut fiber, as mentioned in the subtitle of this entry is extracted from the fruit that gives the coconut tree, ie, the coconut trees. “After treatment of coconuts are obtained as a residue leftover mesocarp fibers. These residual fibers, found in powder and filaments, being a mixture of both, the ideal substrate for ornamental plants, or intensive cultivation of hydroponics”.

One type of inert substrate, so that every time we water, we fertilize our plants with it. In this way we will make our plant to absorb the nutrients that we consider relevant, thus having a much more effective control of it, which it is already a point in its favor.

As for the benefits, the main one is the oxygen that the use of it gives our plants, but not about the unique and that experts are well aware of growers who use it.

The next advantage that is worth noting is that of vigor, which confers to the plants. And the coconut fiber is a much fluffier than the land itself, it means so that the root system of plants will be faster and stronger. A fortress, which is given to the Trichoderma, naturally, has this substrate.


Increased results. That would be the third point advantage. And it is that if we use coconut fiber we will succeed in less space, the same results as if were to use a larger pot. For example, it is estimated that using coconut fiber growing marijuana and using a pot of 3.25 liters, the same is achieved that if we were using a 7-liter and also save space.

If you’re thinking, therefore, use this type of substrate, these are the advantages to be gained from it, but before using it, and that does not damage the plant, it is necessary, as is the case with arlita or rockwool, stabilize the pH thereof.

To do this, we place the coconut fiber in a bowl of water (with a pH of 5.5) and leave for 24-48 hours. When you have spent a day, changing the water again and put back another with the pH indicated above. Then coconut fiber is now ready to be used.


Fertilizers use

Being an inert element, the use of fertilizers is necessary when watering our plants, so that we can maintain optimal levels of EC and PH. At Piensa en Verde we have a long list of them divided, first, into fertilizer for each step of plant growth and, secondly, for kits that contain everything needed from the beginning of culture until we get the desired fruits for our plant. You can check them all by clicking here, and other products suitable for when we use coconut fiber in our growing marijuana.

By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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