Culture indoor or outdoor? Both?

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Within the world of cannabis crop experts, some people, given a choice, prefer indoor growing against the outdoor and vice versa. There are also people who are dedicated to mixed culture, that is, one who takes the best aspects of both types of crop.

Some experts say that, given a choice, it is best to grow outdoor, primarily because the light is natural and can take advantage of, if you’re lucky enough to do so, a natural soil, without having to buy this product. growing-weed-indoors-first-time1

However, this crop also has its cons and, of course, people who prefer to opt for indoor growing, despite being able to do it outside, mainly because in a culture of this type is easier to control the temperature, humidity and other aspects that, naturally, nature does not allow.

There is a third group of people who, not content with either one crop or another, opt for the mixed culture, ie, one that combines the indoor and outdoor type, which requires, on the one hand, knowledge both techniques and greater control of time and periods of growth of the cannabis plant, to know when is the best time for cultivation is carried out in a way or another.

How to decide on a type of crop or another and the definition of the third we want to focus today on this post. We started!

Indoor or outdoor cultivation


To choose which is the best you will have to answer several questions. The first, of course, if you have both options at first, that is, if you have room at home, but also in an exterior and that is a place that does not have easy access to others or may go unnoticed, mainly, in order to avoid possible fines.

Once you have this data, the following questions regarding the issue at hand is your location. That is, if you live in a place where there is plenty of sunshine and daylight on a regular basis or, on the contrary, this is a phenomenon that does not occur continuously. If we are talking about the first outdoor cultivation it will not be a problem, but in the second case because the marijuana plant requires many hours of daylight.

On the other hand, you should also know if you want to make this cultivation for personal consumption or not. If you choose the first option, we suggest that you do it in a small space, with one or two plants and you can do indoors or on the balcony of it if you have enough hours of light at the end of the day and year.


The answer to all these questions will determine, to a large extent, you probably go for either cultivation system and then, as you decide for one technique or another.

Mixed culture

Fortunately, not everything is black or white, so you also have the option to choose the best of both cultures, inside and outside, and carry out the so-called mixed cultivation. The main advantage of this system is that, unlike the outdoor cultivation is marking the date DSC_0173 of sowing and collection (spring-fall roughly), when combined with the interior, can grow throughout the year, but taking advantage of the benefits which means grown outdoors.

What we need to do? Mainly have a small plot of land, an orchard or garden in time to plant and harvest the number of plants we plan and make use of greenhouse space. In this way we will benefit from the best of both types of crops, that is, give up our plants and isolate them from adverse events due to gases, but get all the benefits that a natural soil and sunlight give to our plant with a top-quality result.
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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