Discover the Best Air Purifiers for Smokers and Cannabis Growers

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A cannabis roach next to a small tabletop air purifier
A cannabis roach next to a small tabletop air purifier


For cannabis enthusiasts, enjoying its aroma and flavor is an essential part of the experience. However, the residual smell can be a challenge, particularly in enclosed spaces or when discretion is desired. This is where air purifiers come into play. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at some of the best air purifiers and odor neutralizers on the market, such as The Neutralizer, Cornwall ozonizers, and the ONA Car Freshener, ideal for different situations and needs.



The Neutralizer: Your Ally at Home



The Neutralizer is a perfect solution for cannabis smokers looking for discretion at home. This air purifier is known for its effectiveness in eliminating specific cannabis odors, acting quickly and leaving no traces. It contains a refill cartridge that lasts about 6 weeks, and during that time you can forget about the smell of marijuana.


Design and Functionality:

With a sleek and discreet design, The Neutralizer easily integrates into any decor. Its odor neutralization technology not only removes cannabis smells but also other household odors, making it a versatile investment for your home.


Variety of Sizes:

Whether you live in a small apartment or a large house, there is a Neutralizer model suitable for your space. Larger models are perfect for living rooms or smoking rooms, while smaller ones like The Neutralizer Compact Kit fit well into small rooms, grow closets, or studios.



Cornwall Ozonizers: Deep Cleaning for Large Spaces


Cornwall ozonizers are recognized for their efficiency in purifying air in spaces of any size. There are 2 different models, one small that generates 200 mg/hour of ozone, and another larger one capable of producing 500 mg/hour of ozone.


Advanced Technology:

Using ozone to purify the air, these devices not only eliminate cannabis odors but also bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants, resulting in a healthier environment. Ozone molecules (O3) capture odor molecules and then release oxygen (O2).


Safe and Effective Use:

Although the use of ozone requires certain precautions, Cornwall ozonizers are designed to be safe and easy to use, with timers and settings that allow you to control the amount of ozone released. Remember that it is not good for it to fall directly on plants or on us.



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ONA Car Freshener: The Perfect Solution for Smoking Drivers


For those who prefer to enjoy their cannabis on the move, the ONA Car Freshener is an ideal choice. They are devices that integrate into the car’s lighter socket, and gradually release a freshener that masks any other aroma, whether it’s cannabis, tobacco, or whatever else.


Easy to Use and Effective:

This small device is easily placed in any vehicle, quickly eliminating odors and leaving a fresh and clean environment. There are 4 different models so you can choose the scent you like best, and once it’s finished, it can be refilled with the liquid from the Ona brand air fresheners.


Discretion on the Move:

Its compact size and subtle design make it perfect for those looking for a discreet and effective solution to eliminate odors in their cars, and if you tire of the scent it releases, you can change it for a different one when refilling the device.





Choosing the right air purifier for growing or smoking cannabis is essential to enjoy your herb without worries. Whether you’re looking for a solution for your home, a large space, or your car, options like The Neutralizer, Cornwall ozonizers, and the ONA Car Freshener offer effective solutions to keep your environment fresh and odor-free. With these options, you can ensure that both you and those around you can enjoy a clean and pleasant atmosphere.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Do air purifiers completely eliminate the smell of cannabis?
Yes, products like The Neutralizer and Cornwall ozonizers are designed to completely remove cannabis odors, leaving the air fresh and clean.

Are ozonizers safe for people and pets?
Yes, they are safe when used according to the instructions. It is advisable not to be in the room while the ozonizer is operating and to ensure that the area is well ventilated after use.

How long does it take for the ONA Car Freshener to work?
The ONA Car Freshener acts quickly, beginning to eliminate odors within minutes of activation.

Can The Neutralizer be used in offices or workspaces?
Absolutely, The Neutralizer is ideal for offices or workspaces thanks to its discreet design and effective odor neutralization technology.

What is the lifespan of these air purifiers?
It depends on the model and brand, but many air purifiers have a long lifespan and offer replacement or maintenance options to extend their use.

How does the use of air purifiers affect smokers with pets?
Air purifiers can significantly improve air quality for pets, removing not just cannabis odors but also other allergens and contaminants.

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