How many cannabis plants can I legally keep at home in 2024?

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Picture of a person in his house opening up to a cop while he hides a cannabis plant
Picture of a person in his house opening up to a cop while he hides a cannabis plant


This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and that is because this issue is not always clear in some countries. That’s why we decided to create this article, in which we will try to make as clear as possible the law of some countries regarding cannabis, something that is complicated, since the legislation is quite ambiguous in places like Spain. You are curious about this topic, aren’t you? Ok, keep reading and you will soon clear up many of your doubts…



⛳ How many plants is it legal to have in Spain in 2021



I’m sorry to have to say this, but if you read carefully the current legislation in this country, you could not grow a single cannabis plant in your home nowadays. In fact, as a rule, it is illegal to germinate the seeds, but I point out this because there are certain legal loopholes which provide certain relief in case of need.

In 1992 the “Ley Corcuera” was published in the BOE, which penalized the possession of small quantities of weed, even if it was for one’s own consumption. Surprisingly, this law allowed consumption in private places such as your own home, so the real risk was that you would not be seen buying something on the street to smoke at home. Self-cultivation was not considered in any way, but being able to consume privately in a legal way caused a large increase in home cannabis growers in the late 1990s that is still expanding nowadays.


Image where a cannabis plant is seen next to a judge's mallet on a background with the Spanish flag*
Image where a cannabis plant is seen next to a judge’s mallet on a background with the Spanish flag*


Cannabis associations and user clubs

Thanks to the legal provision that allows the consumption of cannabis and other substances in the private sphere, Spain became a paradise for users through the Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC) especially in Barcelona, which displaced Amsterdam as the great cannabis tourist destination in Europe. Protected by the shared growing for the supply of the members and its consumption in a private way, hundreds of associations sprouted all over Spain, although not without many problems.

In Spain there were many trials involving cannabis cultivation during the early years of the new millennium, but most followed a clear trend, if there was not much of it and no evidence of trafficking was found, then acquittal was almost certain. In some cases it ended in a financial penalty, but most trials resulted in the acquittal of the accused grower.

Until 2015, Spain only criminalized the cultivation of cannabis when it was destined for trafficking, but since the “law for the protection of citizen security” came out, this has changed. This law, also known as the “gag law”, administratively punishes people who perform acts of cultivation of psychotropic substances in visible places to people, even when they do not constitute a criminal offence. This means that if you have a couple of weed plants visible from the street or another public place in your garden or terrace, you are at risk of being reported to the police even if they are for personal use, so it seems that the law has become worse in this regard.

So how many plants are legal in this country?

Although self-cultivation is decriminalized, you cannot legally grow plants containing more than 0.2% THC. Even growing varieties that do not exceed that concentration of Tetrahydrocannabinol requires authorization from the authorities.

In Spain, there are less than 10 licences to grow cannabis with THC legally and under strict control. On the other hand, more and more companies and farmers are growing industrial hemp for the production of CBD-rich biomass, but always working with varieties certified by the European Union, which contain less than 0.2% THC.

✨ How many weed plants can I have in Mexico?


Some say 4 plants, others 6, and many say you can have up to 20 plants for personal use. The fact is that there is still no legislation on this matter, as it has been delayed and extended on two occasions and we are still waiting to specify the details of the new Mexican law, that in order to understand it, it is necessary to know a little bit about the path that took them here.

The scientific and medical use of cannabis in Mexico has been legal since 2017, although the possession of up to 0.17 oz. (5 grams) has been decriminalized since 2009. In 2015 the debate on medical use was opened thanks to the media case of the girl Graciela Elizalde, and in December 2016 the medical prescription of some cannabis compounds was approved.

This regulatory impulse of the mote in Mexico continued the following year with the full approval of the medicinal and scientific use by the congress of representatives, but the issue would not be left behind, since the new government presided by López Obrador was willing to go further.

2019 was the year chosen to fully legalize cannabis in this country, since the Supreme Court of Justice issued jurisprudence authorizing personal consumption for leisure or recreation and instructed Congress to legislate on this matter by October 30, but this deadline has now been extended to December 2021.


Image of a Mexican flag where the eagle has been exchanged for a mote leaf*
Image of a Mexican flag where the eagle has been exchanged for a mote leaf*



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⭐ How many cannabis plants can I legally have in Argentina ?


Although the law, initially, does not accept the cultivation of any cannabis plant in this country, since the current government of Alberto Fernández arrived some changes can be seen in this matter, even with the previous government of Macri there were some surprising sentences during the last five years.

In 2015, Alejandro Cibotti was authorized to grow marijuana to treat HIV-related illnesses, opening the door to the legalization of medical consumption. That same year, a 71-year-old retiree who had been prosecuted for possession of five plants to treat his pain was acquitted. In March 2018 a mother was authorized to grow up to 12 cannabis plants to treat her son’s neurofibromatosis.

Currently, Argentine lawmakers are working on a law that can protect both medical and recreational users. Since he was in the opposition, the president has said that those who smoke a joint should not be prosecuted, and under that premise his new legislation, which will decriminalize the cultivation of this plant after 90 years of prohibition, is being finalized.



👌 How many cannabis plants can be legally grown in Chile ?


Chilean laws were similar to those of Spain, that is, quite hypocritical and ambiguous. Since 2015, the self-cultivation of up to six cannabis plants for medical or recreational use per residence is permitted, regardless of the number of users. Use is only allowed in private, and only for adults, so minors are excluded even if they are sick, something that we hope will soon change thanks to the pressure of associations such as Mamá Cultiva or the Daya Foundation.

Chile is one of the countries where self-cultivation has grown the most in recent years worldwide. Santiago, its capital, is the city with more Grow shops in the planet, and the cannabis industry does not stop growing in this South American country.



🚀 Legalization of cannabis in Colombia. Legal number of plants ?


From a 2014 sentence in Colombia, it is not an offence to possess up to 20 freshly cut cannabis plants, provided that they are for personal use. In this country, the cultivation of large plantations is being pursued, and a license is required for companies that want to grow cannabis for medicinal use or export.

Colombia has placed itself in a strategic position in the therapeutic cannabis market, attracting large investments from countries such as the USA, Canada and Israel. It now contains more than 25% of the world’s medical cultivation, and has granted more licenses to foreign companies than any other country.



✅ Legal cannabis in Uruguay, Up to how many plants ?


Uruguay was the first country in the world to legalize cannabis in this new wave of decriminalization, in 2013 thanks to an experiment promoted by the government of Pepe Mujica. In this South American country it is allowed to grow up to 6 plants or 17 oz. (480 grams) of dry weed per year for personal use.

Uruguayans can buy cannabis at a good price in pharmacies, a fact that has led to a decrease in the income of the drug trafficking mafias. They are limited to 0.35 oz. (10 grams) per week or 1.4 oz. (40 grams) per month per person. They can also join membership clubs, with a limited number of persons between 15 and 45 members.


Picture of Pepe Mujica, the great promoter of the cannabis legalization in Uruguay*
Picture of Pepe Mujica, the great promoter of the cannabis legalization in Uruguay*



🎯 Conclusion


There are few countries in the world that allow the cultivation of cannabis plants at home, even for personal and private use. Some of those that do not penalize it also do not specify the number of plants you can have, so we are always exposed to the context in which they are grown. The ideal option is to be as discreet as possible, not to grow more than necessary, not to sell, give away or share the weed, and above all not to have any signs of trafficking at home, such as a precision scale, zip bags or unjustified cash. Don’t forget to share this article, it is important that people know the laws regarding cannabis in their country.

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