Karkubi, what it is, consumption, effects, price, and all the info

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Imagen con la palabra KARKUBI escrita con pastillas revoloteando y de fondo el mapa de españa y nombres de paises origen de esta sustancia
Image with the word KARKUBI written with fluttering pills and in the background the map of Spain and names of countries of origin of this substance.


The Karkubi, a narcotic substance that has gained popularity in the illegal market and has come to be known by different names, such as Carcubi, Cartridge, Recharge, poor man’s drug and Red Ampoule. Although its use in Spain is relatively recent, in Morocco, its country of origin, it has been consumed for decades. Initially, it became popular in the poorest neighborhoods, earning it the nickname “drug of the poor”. Over time, however, its use has spread to young people of all social classes, making it a well-known drug of abuse with disastrous consequences, especially for Morocco’s poorest population.

In Europe, especially in Spain, Karkubi has become better known since the beginning of the pandemic, and since then it has continued to be sold on the black market, reaching the hands of many young people. In Morocco it is much more widespread, and this country is known to be the largest exporter of hashish in the world, especially the famous pollen, which if you do not know what it  I invite you to read this other post to know what is the pollen drug, because in this article we will see what is the Karkubi specifically, how it is consumed, what effects it has, its price, and other information related to this substance.



⭐ What is Karkubi?



Karkubi is a drink originating in North Africa, especially popular in Morocco and Algeria. It is made from the leaves of a plant called “guinea fowl” and is often mixed with other herbs and spices, such as mint and cumin. It is often consumed as a hallucinogenic drink and has been banned in several countries due to its potential to cause psychoactive and addictive effects.

But the term Karkubi has another, much more modern meaning than this North African drink, which although related has nothing to do with it. The word Karkubi has recently become popular in Spain and other European countries for a type of drug that has more and more followers every day, and although it has taken the name of the hallucinogenic drink due to the similarity of its effects, in reality it has nothing to do with it.



⛳ What is karkubi drug?


Karkubi is a narcotic substance obtained by mixing psychotropic medications with hashish, alcohol or glue. The drugs commonly used are those prescribed to treat anxiety, such as benzodiazepines. On some occasions, drug traffickers use Clonacepam, another anti-anxiety medication known as Rivotril or Zatrix, which is highly valued on the black market, especially in North African countries, to produce karkubi.

From these anxiolytic drugs and others, karkubi is obtained by mixing them with phenobarbital, an anti-epileptic commonly known as ‘Gardenal’, as well as hashish, synthetic glue and alcohol. However, Karkubi can vary in its composition depending on the area or even the time, as different components have been used over the years. Many Moroccan traffickers take advantage of the return trip after bringing hashish to Europe to return loaded with medicines that they buy in pharmacies, especially in Spain.



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✨ Other Karkubi components


Karkubi is a substance formed from a mixture of potent medicines, cannabis, alcohol and/or glue, and in some cases even Majoun, but the components can vary. The medicines are usually antidepressants, anxiolytics and anti-epileptics, but other alternatives have been seen. Majoun or Mayun is a paste made from nuts, honey and hashish. Sometimes glue is also added, which can be any industrial glue or even solvents.

In the past, psychotropic drugs such as diazepam, lorazepam and tetrazepam used to be used to make this drug. However, nowadays, the most popular drugs used are clonazepam and phenobarbital, although when they cannot find these drugs they may use other variants.



👌 Karkubi How is it consumed?


First of all we must clarify that in Pevgrow we do not want to encourage the consumption of this or any other drug, we only try to inform with the intention of reducing the risks associated with consumption. That said, currently Karkubi users ingest one or more pills of Ritrovil (Clonazepam) and then ingest or smoke hashish to enhance the effects. When hashish is ingested, its effect takes longer to appear but is more intense and longer lasting.

This can be considered the most widespread way of consuming Karkubi, but there are other variations that substitute the hashish with alcohol or glue. There are also consumers who ingest a Clonazepam pill mixed with hashish and then drink alcoholic beverages to have a more intense and prolonged effect, and/or sniff glue to be in a state close to unconsciousness.

Infografía de cómo se consume el Karkubi y los efectos que produce
Infographic of how Karkubi is consumed and the effects it produces.



📲 Karkubi effects


The effects of this dangerous mixture are extremely powerful and can severely affect the user. Some of the most common symptoms are hallucinations, psychopathic behavior, increased aggression, amnesia, feelings of euphoria and severe behavioral disturbances. Also, the consumption of Karkubi can lead to severe intoxication, including coma states, as well as dangerous and reckless behaviors.

Regular use of this substance can build up tolerance to its components, which means that higher and higher doses will be needed to achieve the same effects, which in turn further increases tolerance. Therefore, regular use of Karkubi can lead to severe addiction and psychiatric disorders resulting from prolonged use. Also, if surgery is required, anesthesia can be complicated due to the tolerance generated by this drug



➕ Price of Karkubi


In Spain it can be really cheap, hence its name “The parents’ drug”, since a box of Ritrovil in this country can be bought in pharmacies for just 2 euros, and this is the basis of this drug. Hashish in Spain can be bought for a price ranging between 2 to 5 euros per gram on average, and if we talk about alcohol, Spain is a real paradise, and you can buy wine from just 1 euro per liter, but it can be beer, orujo, and many other cheap alcoholic beverages. Consumers who sniff glue to enhance the effects of Karkubi can find it for as little as 2 or 3 euros, and each container of glue lasts a long time.

This is one of the keys to the success of this drug, as a “trip” of Karkubi can cost on average 2 euros, making it much cheaper than other drugs such as cocaine, heroin or ecstasy. In Morocco it can be somewhat more expensive, although hashish is much cheaper, Ritrovil is much more difficult to obtain and a box can be sold for 300 euros on the black market, and alcohol is much more controlled and more expensive because it is a Muslim country. However the consumption of glue in Morocco is much more extended than in Spain, and you can find it very cheap too.



✅ Conclusion


In conclusion, Karkubi is a dangerous drug that has been gaining ground in recent years in Europe and Morocco. Its easy access, low price and strong addictive effect have generated a real social and health crisis that requires everyone’s attention. As a society, we must take action to raise awareness of the risks of its consumption and to combat its illegal production and distribution. If you are concerned about this problem, help us spread this message by sharing this article on your social networks and if you prefer to enjoy the effect of pure and concentrated cannabis, be sure to read this other article that talks about how to make hashish Moroccan style.



🎯 Frequently Asked Questions


What is the name of the mixture of hashish with anxiolytics?

Although historically this mixture has been known by different names, currently the most widespread term is Karkubi or Carcubi. In Europe it started to become popular only 3 years ago, but in North Africa it has been a well-known drug for years.


Does Karkubi smoke?

No, Karkubi is consumed ingested, although its effects are often enhanced by smoking hashish or other types of cannabis after eating Karkubi. In this way the effects are also greatly prolonged.

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