Pollen, the most consumed drug in Europe

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Image of various pollen textures
Image of various pollen textures


The pollen dope or Pollen Hash is a type of cannabis concentrate very popular for its great quality/price ratio compared to other drugs today. It is also known as pollen hashish, and it is actually very similar in appearance to the hash that we can make at home with the remains of our leftover harvest produced outdoors with outdoor cannabis seeds, but there are a few differences that are important to know, so we have created this article where we will try to clear up a number of doubts that we are often asked.



⭐ What is the pollen drug?



It is a type of dry extraction of the marijuana resin, which, when separated from the buds and cannabis flowers, remains as a kind of powder similar to the pollen that males produce to fertilize females. Many people think that pollen is a drug as such, but actually “Hash Pollen” is the name given to this type of extraction due to its appearance.

What carries the drug pollen? It should only contain the heads of the trichomes, that is, the part of the glands that accumulate most of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and the rest of the active cannabis compounds. Unfortunately this is not always the case, and on many occasions it also contains vegetable remains, dirt, and even animal feces, condensed milk, henna, and other products that are added to gain weight, improve texture, or give a better appearance quality.


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⛳ Types of drug pollen


There are different types of this drug called pollen, depending on the final presentation it has, which is why it can be found under different trade names. In general, it is the same product, that is, marijuana resin bound together so that it takes up less space for transport and conservation, but depending on how it is worked, it can change color, texture, and even flavor. Below you can see the different types of drug pollen today:


Drug pollen plate

It is the most widespread format, and it is a kind of brick made up of millions of glandular heads agglutinated, normally without pressing too much, just enough to reduce its size. As a general rule, they have a dark greenish-brown color, dull, and appear dry due to the extraction method. Although the texture is hard and seems resistant, it breaks easily and when a piece is separated it flakes off easily.

Plate of dope pollen, it is a kind of brick formed by millions of agglutinated glandular heads.
Plate of dope pollen, it is a kind of brick formed by millions of agglutinated glandular heads.


Chocolate Pollen

This hashish is a plaque of pollen that due to its shape and color is quite similar to a chocolate bar. A few years ago it was the most consumed type of hash in all of Europe, but now other types can be seen more easily. Chocolate pollen has a much darker color than normal pollen, due to the fact that the essential oils contained in the resin oxidize and change color upon contact with air. This process occurs because to make this type of drug pollen, the resin is pressed, heating and squeezing the powder to break the cover of the glands, which, when releasing the contained oils, becomes darker, shiny, and with a sticky texture.

The Chocolate Pollen, due to its format and colour, is quite similar to a chocolate bar.
The Chocolate Pollen, due to its format and colour, is quite similar to a chocolate bar.


Blond Pollen Hash

Blond pollen is hash that is a much lighter golden color than chocolate and even normal drug pollen. It is extracted from the plants with the same method, that is, by sifting the vegetable remains with the help of sieves that contain holes of different sizes. The difference between blonde and normal hashish pollen is purity, since white or blonde pollen goes through a filtering and re-filtering process that removes most of the contaminants, leaving a much cleaner product. Its appearance is dry, but not as matte as standard drug pollen, as it has a shiny spot due to the clustering of glandular trichome heads. The texture is soft but flakes easily, and squeezing a small portion is enough to darken its color and vary its texture from dry to wet and sticky.

Blond Pollen Hashish is hashish that has a golden colour.
Blond Pollen Hashish is hashish that has a golden colour.



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✨ Effects of drug pollen


What effects does the drug pollen have? Is it similar to that of grass? Well, first of all you have to understand that not all pollen hash is extracted from the same varieties of cannabis, and depending on the genetics of the plants the effect can vary quite a lot. The vast majority of commercial pollen consumed in Europe comes from Morocco, and until just over a decade ago all Moroccan hashish was made from a strain called Beldia. But for some time now, all kinds of seeds have been grown in the Riff mountains, sativas, indicas, hybrids, and even autoflowering, and for this reason, you can currently find drug pollen with more euphoric, stimulating, relaxing, or sedative effects.

As a general rule, the effect of the pollen drug is more relaxing and narcotic than that of the herb, even if it is from the same plant, and this also has to do with the process. In Morocco, they usually dry the harvest in the sun, cut the whole plants at the base of the stem, make a bunch with several specimens, and place them on the roof of the houses to dry quickly. Once the plants are dry, they are stored in a cool, dry place until winter arrives, since the extraction of the resin is carried out on cold days and with low relative humidity. The correct way to dry the cannabis crop is in total darkness and at low temperatures, as you can see in this article, therefore, when it is dried in the sun, light and heat affect the state of the resin, because some cannabinoids degrade and they change their chemical composition, not to mention the large amount of terpenes that are volatilized.

A good part of the THC is broken down and due to this process is transformed into CBN, and the effect of these 2 cannabinoids is quite different. The effect of THC is stimulating, euphoric and very psychoactive, whereas CBN is relaxing, sedative and narcotic above all. Cannabis terpenes have the ability to modulate the effect and power that it makes us feel, in an event known as the entourage effect, and by losing a good part of these terpenes by drying cannabis in the sun, the final effect we notice when consuming it it is very different. The effect of drug pollen is less stimulating, euphoric and psychoactive than that produced by weed, but since it is concentrated cannabis, the intensity could be greater.


Pollen drug symptoms


  • Body relaxation
  • Calm and peace of mind
  • General well-being
  • Introspection
  • Drowsiness
  • Disinhibition
  • Alteration of sensory perceptions
  • Empowerment of feelings
  • Decreased physical pain
  • Red and watery eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Mood modification



👌 Difference Between hashish and pollen


Are hashish and pollen the same? No, it’s not the same. All pollen is hashish, as long as we’re talking about drug pollen of course. But not all hash is pollen because there are other types of hash such as charas, Ice-O-Lator, or Fresh Frozen for example. The difference between pollen and charas hash is that pollen is made by sifting dry cannabis plants, but charas is produced by rubbing the buds of live marijuana plants with your hands.

The difference between pollen and Water Hash or Ice-O-Lator is that pollen is made from dry and dry plant matter, but Ice-O-Lator is made from ice and water and frozen plant matter, just like than Fresh Frozen, but in this case the marijuana is frozen before drying. The difference between pollen and chocolate is that the chocolate is further worked to press the resin, and in this process the texture changes from dry to oily and the color from light and matte to dark and shiny.



🚀 How to make hash with pollen?


To make pollen similar to the one produced in Morocco, you have to try to do the whole process in a similar way to how Moroccans do it. They grow outdoors in a very special environment, at high altitudes and planting in quite arid terrain, with few fertilizers and a high incidence of sun. This facilitates the production of trichomes, but it is not essential to obtain a top quality drug pollen. To make it as similar to that produced in Ketama or Chauen, the most important thing is the drying of the harvest, which, as we have seen before, must be done in the sun to degrade the essential oils and transform the cannabinoids and terpenes, then Let’s see how to make hashish with pollen step by step:


  1. Once the cannabis plants have been harvested, they are placed in a sunny place for the drying phase
  2. When it is dry, the entire harvest must be stored in a cold and dry place until winter arrives.
  3. To carry out the extraction it is important that the ambient temperature and humidity be as low as possible
  4. When these conditions are met. we prepare the sieves or sieves with which we are going to do the process, and we take out the plants to prepare them
  5. The preparation of the plants is to separate the stems from the rest of the plant matter, and leave all the buds and leaves in a container for sifting.
  6. In Morocco they place a sieve surrounding a basin or similar, so that all the resin that passes through the sieve is collected in this container
  7. On the sieve that surrounds the basin, put the vegetable remains that we want to process, and all the content is wrapped with a plastic or canvas so that nothing comes out
  8. Once everything is prepared, the best moment arrives, the “vareado” that separates the resin from the vegetable matter. It is about hitting the top of the plastic with rods or sticks as a drum, so that the heads of the trichomes are separated from the rest of the glands
  9. A part of these heads will remain in the upper part of the sieve or sieve, but another part will strain and fall into the basin placed below.
  10. The glandular heads that remain in the basin are pollen or quality resin, it could be consumed directly but the most normal thing is to continue working to convert it into hashish


Summary of how to make hashish from pollen
Summary of how to make hashish from pollen


How to press pollen to make hashish

If you take a handful of that resin and place it in the palm of your hand, close your hand and squeeze it for several seconds, you will see that when you open your hand it has become agglutinated, it is one of the ways to make hashish from drug pollen powdered. As it is pressed and heated, the glandular heads break and release oils that, after oxidizing, change both the color and texture of our hash. When small pieces of hash are made, it is the best way to press the pollen to make hashish, but of course, when tons are going to be processed as they do in Morocco, this process is too slow and laborious.

At an industrial level, they use brick-shaped molds where they introduce the resin and press it with a press to reduce its size. In this way, the pieces are all the same weight and size, making it much easier to store and transport. Once the pieces are finished, they are wrapped in several layers of plastic to prevent their degradation and partly control their powerful smell.



🔥 Conclusion


The pollen drug is the most consumed type of hashish worldwide, it is mostly produced in Morocco and exported all over the world, but especially to Europe. In this article we have seen what drug pollen is, how it is made, what its effects are, and the different types of pollen that exist. If you liked it or have learned something new, I would appreciate it if you share it on your social networks, since it is the best way to spread the information and reach more people..



🎯 Frequent questions


What drug is pollen?

It is one of those considered “soft drugs” because although it modifies your perception and mood, it is not as toxic as other drugs called “hard”. In some countries pollen or hashish is completely legal, but in most nations on the planet it is still a prohibited product.


Where does the drug pollen come from?

It is produced from the accumulation of trichome heads generated by cannabis plants, especially those grown in the Riff mountains, in northern Morocco. This country is the largest producer of hashish in the world, and a large part of the production is exported in the form of the pollen drug.


Does the pollen drug lose weight?

No, the pollen drug does not lose weight as such, and actually it is the opposite, because one of the side effects of THC is precisely to stimulate the appetite, therefore normally more than helping to lose weight what it does is encourage the desire to eat. There is a cannabinoid that has the property of inhibiting hunger, it is THCV, but drug pollen does not usually contain more than traces of the component.

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