Propagating Marijuana clones: Ensuring the future of our culture

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If we want to have clones for the following cannabis crops and increase our production year after year, it is essential a good spread.

First make sure you have a good mother plant whose genetics is of quality, and we make sure that the future plantations are also good.

After selecting the mother to do clones (to cultivate any plant), we must choose a good stem, which is long and cut at an angle of 45 degrees, then we’ll leave it for a while in clean, warm water. Then the clones must be removed from the water, gently shaking and scraping the bottom of the stem carefully with a blade.

The area we’ve scratched the dive after a rooting hormone gel after this procedure and plant the clones in the substrate pressing a little around its base.

How to make cuttings of marijuana
How to make clones of marijuana. Picture Font: Buddha Genetics

Factors to Consider

To get good clones must take into account several things: that the humidity is high and the intensity of light is moderate, also have to make sure the temperature where are the clones is stable and where they are it is protected from the weather and pests. Avoid dehydration because any stem that is cut very quickly loses water because, not having roots, water absorption is very slow.

We also note, the time you’re going to make the cut of the clone. This operation (if the crop is outdoor) must be made ​​before ten o’clock a.m. or after four p.m., may seem a bit absurd, but is logical because, respecting these times, we avoid a loss of water, greater during the hottest hours of the day. If the crop is indoor the time it will depend on the start and shutdown.

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Where we put the clones

Try to provide the right conditions
Try to provide the right conditions

Where we will place the clones to form a new plant should be bright but not in direct sunlight or a source of interior. It is important that the cuttings receive the proper light so that they can perform photosynthesis correctly. The ideal temperature is the one between 20 and 25° C.

To plant the clones we can use the propagators, a construction that prevents water loss thereof; its function is similar to a greenhouse as it provides suitable conditions for good germination.

In the market there are propagators for every need. From the Propagador cheaper, a mini greenhouse, through the Super 7 Electric Propagator, one of the best places to germinate seeds and cuttings maintain, also it has a heated 13-watt base made ​​of carbon fiber, designed to increase room temperature about 8 ° C. Another good option is the Electric Propagator Big 3, a system of considerable size, is one of the best venues to be found to keep germinating seeds and clones.

Propagator Electric
Propagator Electric

We can also find lamps that help the growth and spread as the Propagator T5 2x24W Lightwave, a lamp with fluorescent tubes that take up little space and can be hung vertically or horizontally. The T5 (6500 Kelvin) tubes emit blue / white light needed for lush growth.

Propagator Lightwave T5
Propagator Lightwave T5

We also have products that help good development of cuttings, such as Organik Enhancer Cuttings an organic product of high purity

Cuttings Enhancer
Cuttings Enhancer

whose function is to promote root development from both pre-rooted clones as newly germinated seeds marijuana.

There are also accessories that help to ensure good ‘breeding’ of our culture, is the case of Hydro 36 Esquejero oxygenation alveoli + accessories simple, quiet and maxi-productive hydroponic system.

Dwc 36 will allow you to obtain 36 clones in few days. For proper use of this system it is recommended that the stems are immersed 2 centimeters below the water level, thus avoiding stress and dehydration plants.

And if we get more clones, have in the market Esquejero 105 Hydro oxygenation alveoli + accessories similarly as above but instead of 36 clones we provide 105 system in a few days.

Kit esquejero
Kit esquejero

Here’s a little video: how to make cuttings

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