Safety and hygiene of e-cigarettes

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electronic cigarettes

electronic cigarettes

It is very important to the proper maintenance of electronic cigarette for proper operation and to take advantage of all its advantages and benefits. The internal atomizer, and its resistance wear out with use and wear, being generated steam that the electronic cigarette is decreasing in intensity, so that we can avoid the risk of returning to a conventional cigarette.

The electronic cigarette has components that can break with the blows or accidental fall, so we must also care for them. This electronic device is usually advisable to clean the electrical connections and the different parts of which it is composed. It is not conducting extensive daily but a basic maintenance that can be done with a cotton swab, for example cleaning. We can dismantle parts once a month, for a cleaning further. This process will be very simple if you have a removable electronic cigarette. Today, most of them can be disassembled.

We can also clean the pieces by passing tap water and then dry them well with paper toilet or kitchen.

It is also highly recommended to clean the electronic cigarette if we are to change flavor. So, no flavors mixed and we would enjoy the experience in all its intensity.

How to clean electronic cigarette

How to clean electronic cigarette

If these indications will come too late and dirt in your electronic cigarette is considerable, it may be time to replace the printhead with a new one.

The batteries also need to be revised periodically. Make sure that no liquid remains and if any, must be cleaned. Cleaning can also be done with a cotton swab. You cleaned the battery, like the rest of the pieces, can give a longer life to your cigarette.


Nevertheless, an electronic cigarette is not eternal, and with use, like everything else, will wear. This cigarette has rubber parts that eventually break down and wear can even cause loss of fluid. But these electronic cigarettes usually have a very long life and, say

Aluminum atomizer BHO

Aluminum atomizer BHO

its creators probably, before it stops working you’ve tired of it. Moreover, in the market there are parts of atomizers such as BHO Atomizer Aluminium, a spare atomizer to BHO, designed to transform the electronic cigarette in a marijuana vaporizer oil, also gives a very elegant touch, because it has a fountain pen stopper thread, wide body, both made of chromed metal.

The taste of the first time

By using an electronic cigarette after removal of the original case you may notice a funny taste. There are some consumers to avoid this bad taste submerge the device in a glass of vodka for ten minutes and then left to dry on paper towels. Some also use this liquor to clean parts of the atomizer or when they change of flavor in the cigarette.

The manufacturer’s instructions when inhalations should also be taken into account as they perform continuous puffs too short or too continuous, could shorten the life of our cigarette.

Also, the liquid that we will use to vapear, we must keep in a cool place away from heat. Similarly, we must be careful when filling with liquid cigar. If it spilled, it should be thoroughly clean the stained area with soap and water.

Incidentally, there are also allergic people to propylene glycol which is one of the substances that can contain liquid charging. The symptoms of this allergy may be sore throat, shortness of breath, headache, rash, nausea … For those who are allergic to the ingredient listed compounds exist in the market 100% vegetable glycerin.

By Noelia Jimenez Team Piensa En Verde

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