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There are an almost overwhelming number of vaporization technologies coming on the market.

How do you distinguish between quality vaporizers? To help you, here's the latest guide for vaporizer buyers.

How to choose a good vaporizer?

Let's define the fundamental characteristics that you must take into account when choosing a good vaporizer...

Let's get started!!

Temperature Control

To get the most out of your cannabis, temperature is extremely important. High temperatures can burn or degrade cannabinoids. Different cannabis compounds also have different boiling points, which means that a specific amount of heat is needed to transfer them from liquid and solid state to gas state.

The boiling point for THC is 157°C. However, the boiling point increases slightly when the cannabis content is in a closed container under pressure and is accompanied by more than 400 chemical compounds that form part of the resin. Most vaporizers are heated in the temperature range of 180-200°C.

Not all vaporizers allow temperature adjustment. Different cannabis products are best vaporized at different temperatures. Glycerine oils and extracts, for example, will need a higher temperature than the dried flower.

Convection vs Conduction

The heating mechanism for the vaporizer can greatly affect the general vape experience. Certain types of heating devices are healthier than others.

For example, with convection heating, the element never touches plant matter. Rather, the hot filament melts the waxy resin of the cannabis plant and creates steam, making it a true steam.

Conduction heating is a cheaper and more common method of vaporization. Unfortunately, the heating element directly touches the plants in this type of vaporizer.

This means that the vaporizer is more likely to burn plant material in a manner similar to smoking. Conduction vaporizers are also less likely to heat evenly.

If you are investing in a vaporizer to avoid swallowing combustion smoke, a convection heating mechanism would be the healthiest option. However, those who are looking for an economical and convenient way to consume can see a better option when purchasing a vaporizer by conductive effect.

Although conductive vaporizers can cause combustion, they can heat the cannabis product at low temperatures. Slowly heating at low temperatures creates a quality steam without degrading cannabis.

Fabrication materials in the vaporizer devices

For a safer vaporization experience, it's important to pay attention to the materials the device is made of. Certain compounds, such as plastics, create gases when exposed to heat or extreme temperature changes.

Vaporizers containing plastics near a heating element should be avoided, since they can release chemicals such as BPA (Bisphenol A), in their vapor, BPA is a compound that acts similar to estrogen in the body. This compound is one of the additives used in the manufacture of plastics.

Certain metals can also be problematic. Some metals have better heat resistance than others. Metals can oxidize at high temperatures, releasing potential carcinogens into your vaporized product. .

To avoid this, you can opt for materials used in high-quality vaporizers that have been laboratory tested, for example:

  • Grade 1 or 2 Titanium
  • Medical grade stainless steel (or surgical steel).
  • Ceramics
  • Glass

If your vaporizer contains these four materials, you may want to consider purchasing another one with better performance and materials:

  • Aluminium
  • Titanium alloy
  • Other metal alloys
  • Plastics


Portable or tabletop vaporizer

The next big decision to make when buying a good vaporizer is to choose between a portable or tabletop option. As the concepts suggest, a desktop vaporizer is difficult to transport and is supposed to be more of an investment piece to stay at home and enjoy once you sit on the sofa.

Portable vaporizers are much less expensive and easier to use, but they are more limited in their functions and in the quality of the steam obtained. Portable vaporizers are more likely to use conductive heating.

Desktop vaporizers are more likely to include convection vaporization mechanism, as convection technology can be more sophisticated than conduction methods. Many also have improved temperature settings, sharp accessories and are more versatile everywhere.

Unfortunately, tabletop devices often come with a very high price tag.

In the case of portable pen-type vaporizers, which are some of the most common vaporizers, if you are thinking about buying a battery for this type of vaporizer, the most common type is the threaded option of 510 strands . If you get one of these, let it be with a button.

Single-button batteries are slightly more durable and often have better temperature control options than buttonless batteries. 510 threaded batteries can be purchased at most grow shops.

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