The appointments of cannabis in 2017: fairs national, European and international

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The appointments of cannabis in 2017

The appointments of cannabis in 2017: fairs national, European and international


Spain has con three cannabis dates recognized and with international prestige, but there ‘re another that will be held out of our borders that deserves punishment were visiteds. In this post we’ll make a review at one of the most outstanding.


Like ocurs in other sectors, cannabis also has a calendar of events nourished circa gusta if do you like this product both brings us that so many satisfactions. Meetings of great relevance where they overlook know new products, they tell us about health and marijuana, and marijuana legislation and other topic in relation with this wonderful world.


The number because there’re no fairs in the augmented considerably at he last years, despite the prohibitions or suspicious causes in several sectors in our society, being some of them the great importance, both nationally and internationally.


Nowadays we want to make a reivew of some of the most important, both in Spain, as in the rest of Europe and other very interesting to be held on the other side of the pond. Take paper and pen and this scores at your notebook for appointments in you to be in touch all the what’s new in the industry.


Fair Cannapa Mundi (Rome)


The Italian capital welcomes the third edition of its ya Established Feria Cannapa Mundi. With a total of 8000 square meters, 180 exhibitors and 16,000 visitors most of the last edition, this fair’ll have place the next days 17,18 and 19 February in Rome.


Feria Cannapa Mundi (Roma)

Feria Cannapa Mundi (Roma)


A fair whose Organisers defined as “a meeting place for lovers of marijuana and will be where you will find information about the history, culture and tradition of cannabis, but also about innovation. Is the best place for every people that are nterested in this world is related to the other, knowledge and interchanging ideas. ”


So, it’s a fair, whose main sponsor is the bank of seeds Spannabis Champions Cups, wich counts among its exhibitors alpino with enterprises in the country, but also foreig enterprises for inter alia, enterprises Chile. Furthermore, there isn’t prepared a broad diary of events, such as workshops and simposiums of cannabis, the beneficial del use applied to cannabis or other uses, for example the textile industry or the home.


Some of the conferences and between tending talks place during the three days that the fair lasts fits mention for inter alia, the Next talks:



-“Filagro Project”, where we explained how are the seeds of the hemp sector ayudan that helps better Ganadero (will be on Friday, February 17th)

-The same day, Professor of Italian Stepahno Amaducci hablará “The new European research on hemp.”

-On Saturday, 18 February, will star is medical cannabis. It will be spoken of its Pharmaceutical properties of the cannabinoids and celiac disease or chemotherapy.

-The same afternoon, will be the turn on cannabis and law. One of the most interesting in this conference will be de la prove beta who has has been done in Washington. From that approve its use in breals (with their norms, of course), has diminished criminality taxes.

-On Sunday, the 19th day of February, the fair is open to cannabis in Spain, México and United States, such as the last new in the market.


Without doubt, trafficking is one of the intriguing first appointments in the calendar of trade fairs of cannabis, but not the only one who deserves the punishment to attend throughout the year. The next, they will perform in our country, specifically in Barcelona, ​​almost a month later afternoon.


Spannabis 2017


The Fourteenth edition we will have Spannabis place in Barcelona the days 10.11 and 12 March in Fira de Cornellà.


Spannabis place in Barcelona

Spannabis – Barcelona


The opening hours of the fair onths during three days will be from 11 to 20:30 for uninterrupted, except on Sunday that been be closed since 20 hours. The price of the ticket oscillates between the 18 and 43 euros (for the three days) and the entrance, as it supposes to forbidden to children under 18 years.


Organized by Spannabis Champions Cups and World Cannabis Conference, during the three days that lasts the fair the asistentes guests will enjoy a spacious of several exhibitors from, mainly of Seeds’s banks of Spain, as well as another establishments or enterprises about it, but also differents places from Europe and the rest of the world.


—Of course, without missing the concert music and other parallel activities, which will make the delights of everybody. Furthermore, to know the news of cannabis’ wold, we will have a large number of talks and conferences, organized, as we said, the fear Cannabis World Conferences.—


Between another topic, they will be trateted Trafficking sex y and like other cannabis, cannabis y and women, medicine and cannabis or cannabis laws, between others. Similarly, also there will be audiovisual projection and guests we will be know what’s new about the world of cannabis or projects related about it.



And if the first edition of this year Spannabis’ll have a place in Barcelona at the end of the year, more exactly, during the month of October, there will be another fair in Madrid is famous fair. The event will be the days 13.14 and 15 cited in the Cristal Auditorium in the Casa de Campo, very close to the center of the capital. For the moment, no one has a lot more information, or on the number of exhibitors the parallel activities or the conferences, but it fits us not the least of which is a doubt, without doubt, it will interesanting. We can’t forget that Spannabis is one of the most important fairs not only in our country almost in Europe.



Herbs Demons


Between the two appointments mentioned before, from the Balearic Islands bequeaths us a small information on the conclusion of the fourth edition of Herbs of Satan IV (The Balearic Cup) Tribute to MR NICE.


At the moment, few or nothing we know about it that will take place in this event, but we can overtake be held the next days February 25th and 26 th and that will pay tribute, as and as indicated by the title of their poster, the former dealer Howar Marks, Mr Nice and fear as well known to be a defender of cannabis Ferre.


In the event that they have created on Facebook on the matter, its leaders explain that “ We retain with desire and energy. We knot that asistentes of all ages have big remind of our latest editions. So we care ver y much all the prepartion of organization. each edition we learn new somethings and always is possible in everything we like up something the ribbon. This isn’t going to be less, bone that one commemmorate we pass to 2. Prepare you to enjoy the best Mediterranean Cup and spend an unforgettable evening acompañada humossss of the best.”


Cultivate Hanfmesse


Outside Spain, but also in the month of October, Austria welcomes a new edition of its fair Established yet Grown Hanfmesse. From 6 to 8 October, Vienna will be the capital of hemp in Austria. In timetable from 11 to 19, 11 to 20 and 11 to 18 hours, respectively, so far, few we know about this fair, but, as in previous years and like occurs with other similar fairs there will be exhibitors y parallel activities and conferences.


Cultiva Hanfmesse 2017


European Forum of Cannabis Investments


Returning home we will have in Barcelona, ​​in only a couple of days before Spannabis Barcelona, ​​an innovative event and that undoubtly, caller error before and later its conclusion. It’s an Innovate First European Investments Forum of the Cannabis and at the same place we will have 8th and 9th March.


Organized by the network of investors The Arcview Group, founded in California, this event will be the first of these characteristics that will be organized organized out United States. The main Objective of this event is to put in contact people in the world of cannabis that search financiation for their projects to progress novel or innovative in the field, with investors willing to extend it.


Expo Cáñamo


May 2017 More exactly the days 19.20 and 21 will be the turn of Sevilla y its fair Cáñamo Expo. It’s another event about cannabis that it have been consolidating in our country. It will have place in the Conference Center and Exhibition in Seville and the price of the subscriber entry three days is 12 euros, so there isn’t excuse for not going to the capital hispalense or if you feel like visit it. Conference on industry, medicine and activism held becomes in the three days that the fair lasts.

Expo Cañamo 2017


Others fairs and marches in Spain and other countries


For the moment, yet are some of the appointments more outstanding in that the diary of cannabis is refiere but, throughout the year will be more the it is held in our country, for example, the fair Expogrow that Every year is celebrated in the town of Irun Border end of the month of September.


Furthermore, we can’t shut reivindicative marches that Sueli held during the year, as the 20 April World Day for Marijuana or the party that Every year, during the month of August is celebrated in Berlin, Hanfparade and you’ll have place this year on 12th August.


in Berlin, Hanfparade will have place this year on 12th August.


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By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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