Resounding Success at the Mary Jane Fair Berlin 2024

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The Mary Jane Berlin 2024 fair, held from June 14 to 16, is established as the largest cannabis event in Germany with 40,000 visitors, showcasing trends in cultivation, CBD, and more, alongside a vibrant music festival.


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BERLIN, JUNE 2024 — This past weekend from June 14 to 16, the German capital became the epicenter of weed news and cannabis culture with the celebration of the cannabis fair “Mary Jane” at the Berlin Exhibition Center. The event, which since 2016 has established itself as the most important hemp fair in Germany and the leader in Europe, attracted nearly 40,000 visitors over three vibrant days of exhibitions, conferences, and entertainment.



🎯 How was the Mary Jane 2024 fair?



From Friday, June 14 to Sunday, June 16, the fair offered an impressive variety of 400 exhibitors and 35 speakers who transformed the space into a vibrant cannabis festival, where industry pioneers and consumers gathered to share knowledge and celebrate advancements in the sector. The turnout was such that, at certain times over the weekend, the organization had to suspend ticket sales at the box office to manage the large crowd.

The fair stood out not only for its size and record attendance but also for the quality and diversity of its panels and discussions. Topics such as the future of industrial hemp in Germany, medicinal cannabis, and hemp construction captured the attention of attendees, with experts like Jürgen Neumeyer, Dirk Heitepriem, and Dr. Knud Gastmeier leading the discussions.

This year’s emphasis was on home cultivation, reflecting the recent legalization of cannabis in Germany on April 1, a change that, according to Nhung Nguyen, co-founder of “Mary Jane”, has significantly boosted the fair’s relevance. More than a third of the exhibition space was dedicated to products for cannabis cultivation and harvesting, including marijuana seeds and live plants, demonstrating the boom and growing interest in this area. Below you can see some of the most well-known brands in the sector present at Mary Jane 2024:



🔥 The best brands in the sector present at the Mary Jane Berlin 2024 fair


Among the standout weed fertilizers exhibitors were Canna, Plagron, Advanced Nutrients, and Advanced Hydrophonics of Holland among many others, recognized for their nutrient solutions for cannabis cultivation that promise to maximize the health and productivity of the plants.

In the lighting sector, Lumatek stood out with their LED panels, Bilberry presented their innovative LED lamps designed to optimize photosynthesis and increase crop yields. MarsHydro was also present, and their luminaires were among the most in-demand.

Genetics and cannabis seeds also had a prominent presence with brands like Dutch Passion, Royal Queen Seeds, and Blimburn Seeds among many others, offering growers access to some of the most exclusive and award-winning genetics in the world.

In the CBD sector, Ambra srl and Alplant Switzerland GmbH stood out for their innovative CBD products, from extracts to comprehensive health and beauty solutions, leveraging the therapeutic properties of cannabis.

The growth and acceptance of cannabis paraphernalia and smoking accessories products did not go unnoticed, with companies like 4ZWANNI GmbH and 420-SmokeBox presenting luxury and high-quality accessories that reflect the modern and conscious lifestyle of today’s cannabis consumer.

This gathering of pioneers and industry leaders not only provided a view of the current state of the market but also set a tone for the future of cannabis in Europe. With each annual edition, “Mary Jane” Berlin reaffirms itself as a crucial event for anyone within the cannabis industry, from producers to consumers, including innovators and entrepreneurs.



✅ A cannabis festival with music and all kinds of arts


In addition to the exhibition and conferences, the adjoining music festival, with artists like Chichí and Boondawg, provided a festive atmosphere and attracted a diverse audience, strengthening “Mary Jane’s” character as a comprehensive cultural event. The organizers have promised to review and improve processes for next year, learning from this year’s challenges to ensure an even smoother and more enriching experience for all participants.

Among the parallel events of this fair, the Jack Herer Cup stands out, a cannabis cup that we are sure will grow each year and could become one of the most important in the sector throughout Europe. There was also a party on the eve of the fair at the CB Club Berlin, one of the most important cannabis clubs in the German capital.



🚀 Conclusions


The “Mary Jane” fair has not only proven to be an essential meeting point for hemp and cannabis enthusiasts but has also established itself as a crucial event for education on the sustainable and beneficial uses of cannabis, marking an important milestone in the evolution of the cannabis industry in Europe.

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    What a joy to know that the Mary Jane Berlin 2024 fair has been a resounding success, it is a great advancement for the industry!