What is an electronic cigarette?

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Saveurs multiples disponibles

Saveurs multiples disponibles

The electronic cigarette is a device used as a substitute for traditional cigarette, or it may contain only nicotine and aroma which is aspirated steam instead of smoke.

The electronic cigarette was invented in China more than ten years ago. The device has a rechargeable cartridge that contains within it the liquid substance ‘vaping’ (called ‘vaping’ because steam is inhaled). Powered by an electric battery that powers a vaporizer, which in turn converts the liquid contained in the capsule into steam, thus mimicking the traditional cigarette smoke.

The person using it should aim through the nozzle so electronic cigarette smoking experience resembles that you have with a traditional cigarette.

The liquids used in electronic cigarettes have, most, four substances: vegetable glycerin, distilled water, food flavorings and, if consumers want, can also choose to have nicotine.

No combustion

Electronic Cigarette Elik

Electronic Cigarette Elik

One of the most important things that happen when using this device is that there is no combustion (not burning anything, as with the traditional cigarette), what happens is that vaporization occurs, that is, liquid electronic cigarette becomes steam. And there is no combustion, not as harmful as it is to smoke a traditional cigarette substances are produced.

If you fancy trying this type of electronic cigarettes in Piensa En Verde, we propose the Electronic cigarettes Elik, ease to use, the user inhales through the mouthpiece of the electronic cigarette, the air flow is detected by a sensor and one microprocessor then activates a nebulizer, also known as atomizer, then the process of vaporization of the liquid begins.

Another aspect to consider is that the electronic cigarette can not be consumed by people under 18.

¿Marijuana or a pina colada?

One of the advantages of the electronic cigarette is that you can choose the flavor of whatever you want ‘vaping’ at any time. You are met with enthusiasm and do not have to hand a joint, then nothing better than a marijuana Dekang Flus, a liquid essence-flavored cannabis flowers;

Flus marihuana Dekang

Flus marihuana Dekang



You are taking your cup of coffee and want the taste lasts, then it’s time to Cappuccino Elik, one essence

Regaliz Essenz

Regaliz Essenz

with authentic cappuccino flavor.

Or maybe you want to taste the freshness of the liquid essence liquorice Licorice Essenz…

In Piensa En Verde, we can provide to the taste of pina colada if that’s what you really want, a unique tropical flavor ice cream liquid essence Dekang Pina Colad

We can provide a variety of flavors that surely will surprise you.

Electronic joint

It could not be otherwise, a country where cannabis is legal, Netherlands, last year invented the first electronic joint, the E-njoint. Its operation is based on generating steam using vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

Not contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) nor any psychoactive substance, does not contain any harmful element such as snuff or nicotine. Its appearance is that of a joint (white with a green pattern resembling cigarette smoke) and a marijuana leaf in the end that every time we turn on a puff.

The company already has very advanced two models that are authentic, rechargeable joints and can be used with liquid cannabis and even dried herbs (for this we must add devices that also distributes the same company).

The company says that at present 10,000 electronic joints are produced daily and distributed throughout Europe.

The World Health Organization, for now, does not recognize electronic cigarettes as an effective replacement therapy to traditional cigarette because there is not enough research to show the effectiveness of the electronic cigarette as an alternative. Who does not know yet if this device can be toxic for consumers, but does not rule it could be an effective replacement solution, provided there studies to verify.

By Noelia Jimenez Team Piensa En Verde

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