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Smoking accessories 

PevGrow offers you a wide range of smoking products. With a good quality-price ratio, you can choose a Clipper with a very special decoration, sophisticated rollers or cigar fillers. You dare to try them?

Every marijuana smoker carries his kit in his pocket. A mix of tools to make your experience with green grass unique. Do you want to be one of them?

I'm sure you have your own batch of products, but here are some more. Your experience with cannabis will be original and unrepeatable. The smoker's items will give you a good time.

Articles for smokers

Probably, after smoking in a rolled cigar format you will realize that it is not the only way to enjoy a good herb. Thus, the list of accessories becomes infinite when you consider all pipes, bongs, joint shapes, dispensers or rolling papers.

You will also find a number of tools, objects and gadgets that help make the smoking process optimal and easier. In this category you will find grinders with multiple cameras, torches to light your bong, containers that make your pot cooler, grids for your pipes and even tools for cleaning all of the above.


Who hasn't heard of Clipper lighters? A brand renowned for its wide variety of models and designs.

The king of lighters wants to turn the world of the lighter on its head: turn it into something more than just a tool for lighting your cigarette. He wants to go further and place himself in the world of fashion.

In turn, these lighters leave no one indifferent. It has more than 400 annual collections which makes it your ideal companion to fill your moments and moments of pleasure with grass. Don't miss the Clipper that looks like buds.


As you well know, a rolling machine will make your job easier. This is a device that, by putting a sheet of cigarette paper and the amount of marijuana you want, makes it possible to wrap the paper around the grass.

Normally, the paper is almost fully rolled up. Still, leave a small space or tab to moisten it and seal the cigar.

Plain paper is often used and is ultimately used to roll cigarettes, regardless of the content used.

One of PevGrow's star accessories is Futurola. It's an automatic cigarette rolling machine. With a straight design, it was designed to use King Size paper.

Rolling paper

If you want to smoke, you won't get very far without rolling papers. There's the classic question of: do you have paper? You can have a good time looking for someone to carry it by hand when the tobacconists are closed.

The most experienced smokers claim that, in addition to shaping the cigar, they affect its taste.

Many papers that are marketed have an unpleasant taste. What's more, they include chemicals such as chlorine. Others are made with natural products such as hemp and contain fewer additives, so your cigar will be as natural as possible.

Therefore, choose an organic paper, such as that of the Raw brand. You will have a pleasant experience and taste the grass in all its intensity.

Filling machines

Among our stuffers you'll find one that's fast. From the Rocket brand, you can roll your own cigarettes quickly and easily.

All you need is a tobacco refill tube, a roll-your-own tobacco can and you're good to go.

As you will have noticed, there is a wide range of articles for smokers. Not only for the cannabis community, but also for those who want to make their own cigarettes.