The best brands of smoking papers, of all sizes, Blunt, rolling machines, bong torches, mouthpieces, etc. can be found in this section.

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Welcome to the world of Pevgrow rolling and smoking papers! If you are a lover of the smoking experience, you are in the right place. In our grow shop online you will find a wide variety of rolling and smoking papers of the highest quality, designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes. From classic rolling papers to innovative pre-rolled cones, we have everything you need to enjoy your relaxing moments to the fullest. With recognized brands such as Raw, OCB, Lion Rolling Circus and G-Rollz, among others, we guarantee you an exceptional smoking experience. Get your joint or cigar ready, because we invite you to explore our catalog and discover the perfect paper for your next cannabis trip.

What is cigarette paper?

Cigarette rolling papers are the best ally of every good smoker! Whether you are rolling a joint or a cigarette, smoking paper is the essential element that allows you to enjoy a smooth and tasty experience. They are small sheets of paper that can be made from cellulose, onion, rice, or hemp among other materials, and are used to wrap marijuana or tobacco in a joint or cigar. At Pevgrow, we understand the importance of having a wide variety of rolling and smoking papers to meet the preferences of every smoker.

How do you roll a joint or cigarette with rolling paper?

Rolling a joint or cigar with rolling papers may seem like quite an art, but with practice and the right materials, you'll become an expert! First, make sure you have your weed or tobacco blend ready and crushed. Next, select the smoking paper that best suits your needs. Place the mixture on the paper, distributing it evenly. Fold the paper into a tube shape and seal the end using the glue or adhesive on the paper. Finally, twist the open end to secure the joint or cigar, and that's it! You are now ready to enjoy your creation. Do you prefer to do it in a faster and more comfortable way? Buy a rolling machine and it will take care of rolling your joint in the best way.

Characteristics of the different rolling papers

Rolling papers come in a wide variety of characteristics to suit every smoker's preferences. Popular brands include Raw, OCB, Lion Rolling Circus, G-Rollz, The Bulldog, Gold Shine and our own Pevgrow brand rolling papers. These brands offer different weights, sizes and flavor options to customize your smoking experience. Among the most notable features are the materials the paper is made from, the size in both width and length, the thickness of the paper, the brand, the color, or even the flavor.

Advantages of the different smoking papers

Each cigarette paper has its own advantages and unique characteristics. Raw papers, for example, are known for their natural, unbleached composition and slow, even burn. OCB, on the other hand, offers a wide range of sizes and weights to suit all needs. Lion Rolling Circus stands out for its fun designs and the quality of its materials. G-Rollz offers ultra-thin papers for a smooth, residue-free experience. And Gold Shine, well, the name says it all! These papers are coated with edible gold to add a touch of luxury to your smoke.

Differences between smoking papers

The differences between smoking papers lie in their materials, weights, sizes and specific characteristics. Some papers are made from hemp, providing a more sustainable option, while others are made from wood pulp or rice. Weights can range from ultra-thin to thicker, depending on each smoker's preference. Sizes also vary, from king size papers to smaller, more compact options - the choice is up to you!

Types and brands of rolling papers

At Pevgrow, we offer a wide selection of rolling papers to suit every need. From ultra-thin papers that allow for a smooth, residue-free burn, to flavored options that add a touch of flavor to your smokes. You can also find pre-rolled papers in the shape of cones, which facilitate the rolling process and ensure a perfect result every time. Among the most popular brands of rolling/smoking papers are the following:

  • Paper Organic Raw: Spanish brand located in Alcoy, in recent years is the one that has expanded worldwide, and in addition to manufacturing papers of all kinds and high quality, also offer a lot of paraphernalia products.
  • OCB: I have to confess that this has been my favorite smoking/liquor paper brand for 20 years, I love its texture, its size is perfect for my little hands, since it is a little wider than the middle, and it has a slow and uniform combustion.
  • Lion Rolling Circus: Although it has not been in the market as long as the 2 previous brands, the rolling papers of this brand have earned a place in the sector, and offer a great variety where the Blunt type papers stand out.
  • G-Rollz: This brand burst into the grow shop market with an unstoppable force, and I have to admit that I was surprised by their quality. They have a great catalog, with surprising models such as the pink rolling papers or the organic pre-rolled cones.

Different materials used to manufacture rolling papers

The most common materials used to make rolling papers include hemp, wood pulp and rice. Hemp paper is prized for its sustainability, as it comes from a renewable plant. Wood pulp offers an even and slow burn, while rice paper is characterized by being extremely thin and light. Each material has its own qualities and offers a unique smoking experience.

Buy rolling papers and smoking cannabis at the best price online at Pevgrow

At Pevgrow, we are proud to offer a wide selection of high quality rolling and smoking papers, including the most recognized brands on the market. Whether you're looking for natural, unbleached, flavored, clear, or fun designs, we're sure you'll find the perfect paper for your needs - discover our collection and take your smoking experience to the next level! Remember that the quality of the rolling or smoking paper influences your smoking experience, so choose wisely. With Pevgrow, you will always count on the best products and an exceptional shopping experience, so get ready to enjoy your smokes to the fullest!

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