Objects for Hiding

The best way to go unnoticed when you have a smelly bud on you is to use cannabis hiding objects, and here you have all sorts available.Read more

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If you're a cannabis lover, you know you have to deal with discretion by putting all your wits about the camouflage of marijuana. For what purpose? Keep the buds in a safe place, away from people who may get uncomfortable.

Hiding the marijuana?

The cannabis community has found the best places to hide at home. Do you want to know some hiding places and products that will make the camouflage of marijuana child's play?

These are places that go unnoticed and manage to dampen their intense aroma. From books to deodorants to cans and wipes. Any home remedy or smoker's item can save you unnecessary headaches and explanations.

Unfortunately, marijuana has suffered considerable rejection. An uncomfortable hobby for certain people who stigmatize this drug.

Object types for concealment

If you put a little imagination into it, you're sure to find that place or product to mask the drug with. Here are some suggestions:

Junk and junk

Chances are, you've got electronics at home that are getting old. Most of them are easy to dismantle. So, once you've emptied the electronic stuffing, you've got room to store the cannabic content inside. All you need is a screwdriver and the operation will take very little time.

Cans of soda or food

A classic: use a can to store your buds. It's the perfect size for a humble cannabis smoker's kit. A storage method that fits in one hand and can be moved around.

Bathroom accessories

Some people prefer them because they see them as less risky than soda. Any object is useful and valid depending on its size: a bottle of shampoo, an empty pack of wipes or a small shaving gel. Some opt for the deodorant stick, as it is easy to empty and retains the essence of the deodorant stick.

How and where to hide your marijuana?

Red Bull, custom Coca Cola bottles or the Moster Energy can are some of the items PevGrow has to offer for you to save your marijuana. You can even get yourself an ultra-magnetic bottle of concealment, a bottle of oil as a hiding place or a bottle of shaving gel. The possibilities are endless.

Bathroom accessories, which we have already discussed, have the added value of preserving the smell of the product they contain. This way, you can hide the musty smell of buds.

Movies have also inspired marijuana lovers to make gadgets that look like they are not. Among our items you can find the Diamond Marker Hiding Marker.

Magnum Detox Instant Flush and Kleaner

PevGrow is on the cutting edge of everything. That's why it gives you a drug masker that works right out of the box. Its effect occurs in blood, urine and saliva. It lasts, no more and no less than six hours once taken.

Drug or drug testing will be a piece of cake. The fact is that the police controls are not entirely reliable. They test positive 24 hours after using cannabis. With Magnum Detox Instant Flush you will leave behind the 1,000 Euro fines or the withdrawal of 6 points from your card.

How is it used? You have to start by drinking half a litre of water. Then shake the product well and drink it all at once, within an interval of no more than 15 minutes.

As you can see, the cannabis community has at its disposal a wide range of products and resources with which to hide the drug. At PevGrow we help you hide your buds to avoid unpleasant surprises. Are you up for it?

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