GHE (General Hydroponic Europe)




GHE, the acronym for General Hydroponic Europe, is a brand known worldwide for manufacturing fertilizers for all types of crops and growers, but whose hallmark is its specialization in hydroponic cultivation.

Its foundation dates back to the 1970s, when Lawrence Brooke, a student with many concerns about the world around him, looked at a mountain stream looking at the vitality radiated by the plants that grew around him. He had a revelation and brought together several chemists and botanists from his university and created the first hydroponic crop. Later, together with his colleague Carl Hermman, who had worked on the NASA, they founded General Hydroponics.

The basic pillars that GHE uses for the manufacture of its hydroponic products and fertilizers are:

- Nature and technology go hand in hand.
- To create simple and high quality products.
- Investment in R&D, for continuous improvement.

The main innovation promoted by GHE is the new aero-hydroponic cultivation technique. It basically consists of plants growing practically in the air, without a fixed substrate in the soil, which are fed through a circulation of nutrients loaded with oxygen, almost completely reducing the appearance of undesirable fungi.

GHE arrives to Spain, hand in hand with PevGrow, where you will be able to discover and analyse in detail all the products of general Hydroponic.

Within the countless products offered by GHE, we can find 3 types: nutrients, supplements and crop maintenance.

Within nutrients, the most outstanding would be Maxi Grow/Maxi Bloom, which can be applied to all types of crops, as well as the GHE FloraNova specially created by GHE for hydroponic crops and which is a liquid fertilizer of very high concentration.

You can find GHE Floraduo one of the best mineral fertilizers composed of biological activators, created for crops that require accelerated growth or the much acclaimed Bio Essentials, which you can use to provide micro-elements to make your crop is healthy and strong and maintains a stable acidity level, without being altered.

In the range of supplements, we would like to highlight the Bio Bloom, which is a growth accelerator, Bio Protect, indicated to offer your plant an extra protection against fires and Ripen, a fertilizer that is used in the last stage of flowering to naturally increase the taste and aroma of your plants.

As if that weren't enough, General Hydroponics Europe has a range of products to protect your crop, such as Aza Max, which is an ecological insecticide based on azadirachtin. Another very useful is Flora Kleen, a product that helps us eliminate all overfertilization, helping in hydroponic crops to eliminate the accumulation of salts that can get stuck.


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