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In PevGrow we are very proud that you can purchase in our online store, the Harmony E-Liquids. Harmony came to Spain so you can replicate the flavors of the best varieties of cannabis on the planet, with a formula much less aggressive than the usual way of smoking, avoiding the chemical pollution inherent in traditional combustion.

Harmony E-Liquid with CBD are cannabis extractions composed with terpenes that perfectly emulate the original flavor of each variety, with high levels of Cannabidiol that emphasizes its therapeutic properties, eliminating almost completely the presence of THC placing it below 0.2% to be completely legal for use throughout the European Union.


Available formats of the Harmony E-Liquid with CBD:

Harmony's CBD E-Liquids in Spain come in different formats, ranging from different concentrations of Cannabidiol or CBD:

- 30 Mg
- 100 Mg
- 300 Mg
- 600 Mg
- 1000 Mg, for those vapers who want to spice with CBD their favorite e-liquid (Harmony Pure Base).
- 0 Mg Pure Terpenes with no CBD.

Harmony E-Liquids are fully compatible with any electronic cigarette, but it is specially designed with jeweler precision, for the Joyetech eGo AIO, which has an absolutely incredible adaptive steam regulation system.


Characteristics of the Harmony E-Liquid with CBD:

The element that differentiates Harmony from its competitors is none other than its commitment to quality, all the components of its E-Liquids are completely extracted from 100% natural hemp, from organic crops and none of them contains nicotine so it does not generate any kind of addiction.

All opinions about Harmony E-Liquids are more than acceptable, we came to comment that if we could add an extraordinary rating of 6 stars, but we regret to tell you that unfortunately excellence is only measured in 5, although we are aware that for E-Liquids harmony is too short.


Harmony E-Liquid flavors available with CBD:

If all the above were not enough, we will show you all the flavors you have to choose your favorite e-liquid:

- Mango Kush: Travel to the Caribbean with the first puff and discover its incredible organoleptic properties.

- Super Lemon Haze: The flavor of the myth of cannabis, without losing an ounce of exclusivity.

- Og Kush: Strong flavor and personality, citrus, pine and earthy touches make for an unforgettable experience.

- Original Hemp: 100% hemp, totally natural flavor without additives or other complements.

- Moroccan Mint: Intense menthol flavour, have you ever visited a Moroccan tea shop? Simply vape Moroccan Mint.

- Strawberry Wild: Authentic Strawberry Flavor

- Kiwi Skunk: Skunk aroma and flavour, perfect for older smokers.

- Exodus Cheese: Its incredible smell of cured cheese, gives it a touch of exclusivity, which makes it a sales leader in the UK.

- New York Diesel: Its earthy flavour is undoubtedly a delight for those of us who love this type of traditional flavours.

- Critical Mala: A pleasant lemon flavour will give you a gourmet experience that we doubt you can easily forget.

Harmony has kits to get you started in vapeing like the Harmony Pen, perfect for you to start your new journey in the world of vapear e-liquid.

You can discover and buy Harmony e-liquid and the new Harmony CBD crystals in our online shop, enjoy them!

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