BioBizz is a Dutch company, creator of the most famous fertilizers in the entire cannabis market, due to its 100% biological origins, giving you 100% natural results. Its fame is corroborated by the thousands and thousands of opinions of its most loyal customers, who assure that BioBizz fertilizers for flowering and growth are unequalled.

BioBizz follows a clear premise in the creation of its products, that quality prevails over quantity, since for this prestigious brand, the only important thing is to satisfy all your desires and we assure you that they get it and with honorable registration.

All this can be seen in their products, created both for outdoor and indoor cultivation and with a 100% organic origins, without containing in its composition, any harmful substance or pesticide.


Featured BioBizz Fertilizers:

Among its incredible products, it is worth highlighting its star product, Bio Grow, with this marvel, you will be assured a healthy growth and quality for your plants, getting a harvest rich in flavor and aroma.

Bio Grow is a 100% organic fertilizer, suitable for all types of crops, which pursues a clear objective, to promote as much as possible the growth period of your marijuana plants, giving you as a result harvests with strong ramifications as a rock. With only a dose of 2-4ml per litre of water you will be able to get the most out of this product.

But this does not end here, for the period of growth, BioBizz, offers you another alternative, if the periods of culture are longer, Fish Mix, that will help you to obtain good portents that will become an authentic envy for all that have the luxury of being able to see it.

In spite of all this, the rest of their magnificent catalogue of BioBizz products, do not fall short at all:

Top Max BioBizz:

With Top Max BioBizz, you can be sure that your crop will receive the elements it deserves in its flowering period, since Top Max BioBizz is the best 100% organic stimulant you can find in the entire cannabis market. Use it, and you will harvest the most leafy buds and rich in aroma and flavor.

Biobizz Try Pack Indoor:

Enjoy a pack of fertilizers of the best quality available on the market. Try Pack contains everything you need to get a harvest of unbeatable quality in your indoor crop. Contains 3 containers of 250ml composed of: A fertilizer for flowering, another for growth and finally a stimulator for you to get the best possible plants.

Bio Bloom Dose:

BioBizz has created a totally biological fertilizer 100%. Simply add this fertilizer to the water you use to water your crop and you will get excellent results in the results of your harvest.

Biobizz Light Mix:

This substrate is perfect for crops in dry climates and with a high level of heat, as it allows to retain a large level of water. It is considered one of the best lands to cultivate any type of plant. With this product you will obtain the best results with the maximum quality and production possible.

Root Juice:

Biobizz Root Juice is a powerful root stimulator. If you use this stimulant you will get your plants to generate a root system of superior quality. Your plants will absorb the nutrients more optimally and will therefore grow larger and more vigorous.

Biobizz Alg-A-Mic:

Biobizz presents us with a totally ecological revitalizer to make our plants look healthy green. You can use "algamic" when your crop has a problem of stress due to nutrient deficiencies, an excess of fertilizer or other cases that can weaken the plants of your crop. Biobizz Alg-A-Mic will help you recover the health of the plants without having to say goodbye to them.

Do you want to be a true grower of organic marijuana, using only 100% natural products? BioBizz is your brand, available in your trusted Growshop