House & Garden




House & Garden is an original brand from Holland, pioneer in the creation of the fertilizers with the bases of nutrients and more complete additives of all the cannabis market, its quality will do that you obtain results like never you had seen them, with portents with an amount of unequalled resin and a few flowers an A+.

House & Garden, has not become one of the most prestigious brands in the entire cannabis market for no reason. It has been earned by its wonderful array of products, with the nutrients typical of House & Garden that makes them skillful for all types of crops, including hydroponics, soil cultivation and coconut cultivation.

What makes this Dutch brand even more wonderful and incomparable is its spectacular House & Garden magazine where you can find all its most outstanding products, with all the detailed information.

As you can see House & Garden, seeks to offer all possible facilities, so that you have easy access to their catalog of products and do not miss the opportunity to prove their effectiveness in the first person.

As if that wasn't enough, you also have the opportunity to access the House & Garden cultivation table, where they explain and detail what you have to do in each phase of the cultivation of your plants, and which products are recommended to use in each case.

However, we are going to recommend some of their top products:

- Hydro A&B House & Garden:

Hydro A&B House & Garden, is the best nutrient base of the whole market for true fans of hydroponic cultivation. If you purchase this product, you will have the highest quality nutrients to feed your crop, nourishing it in a more appropriate way and achieving more remarkable results, with a championship quality.


- House & Garden Shooting Powder:

House & Garden Shooting Powder, is the product that any fan of good cannabis cultivation would like to have in their hands, as it is the best stimulator for the flowering period of the market for its magnificent results, corroborated by the opinions of our loyal customers, who have had the opportunity to try it.

- House and Garden Amino:

This complement for your crop will stimulate the plants of your crop based on amino acids and various nutrients that will enhance the growth and flowering of them. This product is suitable for hydroponics, aeroponics and soil crops.

If you are curious to find out more about House & Garden's products and nutrient bases, don't hesitate to browse their wonderful catalogue and purchase their products, now available in your trusted Growshop. Enjoy them!