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The company Aptus-Holland, is responsible for distributing and designing high quality products such as fertilizers, protectors, corrective substrate, enhancers flowering and ripening.

Aptus has its products divided into 3 categories:

Bioshark: Guards soil, roots and plants and in turn stabilizes the substrate.

PREMIUM COLLECTION: Focused specialized growers.

APTUS: Range designed for the care and development of your plants.

All its products are of high quality and offer optimum performance, and to be used for dispensing small quantities, is also worth noting that, as not mixed with water products, its packaging are small and do not occupy much space for storage .

The 3 categories of products Aptus, Bioshark and Premium Collection, have similar aspects:
- Products of high quality, of greenhouse industry.
- Products, condensates and economic.
- They are 100% organic.
- Substances with active ingredients.
- Products of guaranteed quality.

The company APTUS HOLLAND, is not responsible for manufacturing fertilizer base, why its products should be combined with high-quality fertilizers based, balanced nutrients needed for growing marijuana.

Gives your crop, optimum quality products 100% organic, to enjoy an excellent crop, and amazing results achieved APTUS range of items at the best price, on your confidence grow shop Piensa en Verde !!!