Fertilizers and nutrients Los Ridella



The prestigious company LOS Ridella, originating in 2004, to address the needs of natural cannabis crops, providing high quality products and ecological benefit the environment.

The idea of providing organic products, is developed to see that there were not many alternatives to conventional agriculture, such as agriculture worsened by use of agrochemicals, the quality and productivity of crops, that went along with prices falling in this scope, therefore, address this issue, is born such innovative products for organic farming began and continues in full swing.

The use of organic products, renews the substrate, strengthens it, not harmful to the environment, and ensures vital, healthy and high listing on the crops.

Primarily, the task of Ridella, is to produce a 100% natural fertilizer derived from humus-based worm "Eisenia foetida", this fertilizer has everything you need for optimum substrate enriched natural substances and NPK stable, microbial life, beneficial for large nature plants, flowers, fruit quality, ecological effect has no point of comparison with the use of chemical additives.

If what you want is an environmentally friendly, healthy crop and constantly renewed, acquire LOS RIDELLA Products, available at the best price in Piensa en Verde !!!