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The Bulldog Seeds, authentic quality "made in Holland"


The Bulldog Seeds, arises in 2010, as the dream come true by The Bulldog Amsterdam, responsible for opening the world's first Growshop in the cradle of global cannabis, back in 1973. The Bulldog Seeds, has as objective to commercialize varieties of own elaboration, fruit of a very careful genetic selection during more than 30 years, and that since 2010 they have decided to share with all the smokers of the world, and the truth What a gift!


The Bulldog Seeds Catalogue


All the varieties in The Bulldog Seeds' marijuana seed catalogue are characterised by invaluable quality, stability and reliability, among the highest in the market, the result of genetic selection carried out by its magnificent breeders, and which are a guarantee of totally optimum results.


The preferred varieties of our experts


Northern Light

Direct descendant of a cannabis myth, this version of Northern Light is not going to leave anyone indifferent. This weed, gives an exceptional productivity and its flowers are full of a wonderful resin, but if all this were not enough, we must emphasize its ease of cultivation, which makes it a perfect choice for insiders.

In indoor crops, you will be able to harvest between 500-550 gr per m2, a madness right? The best configuration to achieve this is to place 9 pots of 11 liters per m2, and place them under a HPS lamp of 600w.

In crops under the sun, place it in the area of the terrace where you have more hours of sun, and plant it in a pot of about 50 liters to collect up to 650 grams per plant. Use a good fertilizer such as Top A+B from Top Crop, valid for all stages of cultivation.


Jack Herer

This weed is the result of the combination between Skunk, Haze and Northern Light 5, giving rise to a strain really beast in all its qualities. Starting with their organoleptic properties, they are characterized by a very exotic flavor and aroma, with which you will move to the Caribbean in each puff.

Its THC level is 21%, which causes very active psychoactive and cerebral effects, followed by a slow and progressive descent, which gives you a very beastly body relaxation.


Citral Skunk

This weed falls in love from the first puff, and is that its flavor and aroma are a scandal, a combination of citrus and traditional Skunk, which submerge you in a state of pleasure that will delight your taste buds.

Its effects, powerful and progressive, both mentally and physically, due to its high level of THC which is estimated at 19%.


Now you can look in our cannabis trunk, and discover each and every one of the feminized varieties of The Bulldog Seeds, each is wonderful and have a common factor, and is that all have a premium quality, and the best of all is that unlike what you think, do not have prohibitive prices, because like us, The Bulldog Seeds defends that quality does not have to be expensive. Buy now at PevGrow!

The Bulldog Seeds, a pioneer who is only worth the highest quality


Attention, dear cannalovers! I am proud to announce the new addition to our catalogue of autoflowering seeds, the creations of The Bulldog Seeds. This seed bank, arises as such in 2010, but its real origins move until more than 40 years ago, when in 1973 The Bulldog Amsterdam created the world's first Growshop in the world capital of Cannabis, and creates The Bulldog Seeds as a new business model, with the aim of selling their own marijuana seeds, for which they allied with the best breeders in the world.


The Bulldog Seeds Auto Catalog


The catalogue of autoflowering The Bulldog Seeds, is made up of varieties that are characterized by their impressive productivity, with a very short flowering period, and with a quality that impresses from the first moment, and that is relentless to each and every one of them, as the breeders of The Bulldog Seeds, throw the rest in their creations.


Jack Herer Auto

This weed needs no introduction, because its genetics is one of the most award-winning in the world, as well as one of the most versioned and used. Its genetic origin is the result of the fusion between Jack Herer and a Ruderalis, which stands out for being a plant of discrete size, but with good productivity of raw material and resin.

Its organoleptic properties are very powerful and stimulating for your palate, with a spicy touch that gives it a unique personality. Its effects are powerful, both mentally and physically, with a long duration.


Northern Light Auto

His birth is the result of the genetic confluence between Northern Lights and Ruderalis, where predominant Indian traits prevail, which develops optimally and giving a good dose of buds without the need for too much care, regardless of the culture medium for which you decant.

In indoor crops, to obtain maximum yield I always use 11 litre pots, with which I place 9 plants per m2, thus providing the necessary space for optimal root development, with which to obtain a wider vegetative growth and thus collect more buds.

In outdoor crops, is very resistant to pests and changes in climate, but despite this I recommend you to apply some preventive as neem oil. Also, if you work a good substrate with bat guano, you will notice better results.


Blueberry 420

If you are looking for a quick and bulky result, Blueberry 420 is undoubtedly your weed, as in just 10 weeks from germination you will be able to collect a good number of buds. In addition, you are before all a champion, and is that it was awarded as the best Indica in the High Cannabis Cup 2000, Almost nothing!

Its taste is extremely sweet and stimulating, with hints of blueberries that are a real wonder. All this is accompanied by very relaxing effects, which are perfect for falling asleep, or releasing the stress accumulated during the day.

The Bulldog Seeds, regular seeds with a quality of more than 40 years of experience


The Bulldog Seeds, arises in 2010, as the fruit of the work of more than 40 years of genetic selection by The Bulldog Amsterdam, which opened the first Growshop in the world in 1973, in the city that today is considered the paradise of cannabis. Its varieties are considered legends, and are among the most demanded in the famous Dutch coffeeshops, a true delight!


The Bulldog Seeds' catalogue of regular seeds


In The Bulldog Seeds' catalogue of regular seeds, you will find very stable genetics that are known worldwide, so that either you smoke them or you can create your own hybrids. Who knows if you will ever be able to create your own seed bank?


Choose from these 4 varieties:


White Rhino

A 100% Indica whose Afghan genetics undoubtedly marks its impressive organoleptic properties, marked by a taste of traditional hashish, which will make the delight of the old lovers. You will travel to the very mountains of Afghanistan from the first puff, enjoy it!

Its effects are very intense physically, causing a full relaxation, which is perfect to take at the end of the day and enter into a deep sleep, goodbye to insomnia and stress!


The Bulldog Skunk

It arises from the combination between Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk, becoming a plant of very imposing size and a scandalous productivity. In indoor crops, you can collect about 600 grams per m2, for which you must use pots of 11 liters, which will fit about 9 plants per m2, grow a little slower but their productivity will be "the milk".

In outdoor crops, productivity is still scandalous, use some preventive and you can collect dense flowers full of resin of the best quality.


White Widow Regular

One of the most revered genetics in the market, and that The Bulldog Seeds has versioned giving it its personal touch. Its taste is a real eye-catcher, and it will charm those who are looking for a sweet taste and a fragrant aroma.

Its effects are very medicinal thanks to the high power of relaxation it provides, perfect for forgetting the tensions of the day, and treat states of anxiety, and insomnia.


Regular Caramelicious

Captivating palates for more than 15 years, this is a strain you should certainly try, because The Bulldog Seeds, has thrown the rest with it. Born from the marriage between Californian Orange and Skunk, giving rise to a strain characteristically Indica, fast and simple cultivation.

Indoors, its behavior is exceptional, in just 10-11 weeks you can collect a very good amount of buds, so you can choose a SCROG crop and maximize the productivity of each plant.

Outdoors, if you have the option, use mother earth as a substrate, as Caramelicious will obtain its maximum potential in a natural environment, and where you can get a good dose of tasty buds.


Already in PevGrow, The Bulldog Seeds' catalogue of regular varieties, as you can see there aren't many, but few and good are better than many and bad, that's what my mother always says, enjoy them!

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