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KC Brains Holland, premium quality at the best price


Welcome to PevGrow! You are a lover of the "good" cannabis, and that's why you're in our Growshop online, but the best is yet to come, because we want to present the catalog of feminized Kc Brains Holland. This seed bank began its activity in 1976, and is one of the most veteran and with more history of Holland, very loved by local smokers and much of Europe, for its incredible quality and really affordable prices.

The most special varieties for us

Leda Uno

Entering the sea of feminized varieties of Kc Brains Holland, you will discover incredible strains such as Leda uno, a true champion of the Highlife Cup 1998, and that behaves great both outdoors and indoors. In wardrobe crops, an impressive 450 gr per m2 awaits you in about 9 weeks, depending on the size of the pot and the lighting system you use. I use 7-litre pots and reduce the vegetative phase to its maximum expression. In outdoor crops, if you can afford it, cultivate directly in the soil, if you have worked the plant will get naturally all the nutrients it needs, and you can get between 800 and 1000 gr per plant.

Crystal Limit

Another variety recognized with a first prize in the high life 2002, was Cristal Limit, which is characterized by its ease of cultivation, with which any grower can dare because without problems, will get an excellent productivity. Under a LEC lamp of 315w, and pots of 7 liters, placing 14 plants per m2, are obtained about 500 gr per m2. Under a good dose of sunlight if you feed it as it touches you will give more than 700 grams per specimen.



This strain leaves nothing to chance, and is that its powerful effect but without hangover, with an exceptional organoleptic properties are characterized by a flavor and a sweet aroma and mild, which you will have a hard time resisting. Outdoors, it grows like a real beast, with good resistance to pests, and with which you can collect up to 900 grams per plant. Indoors, its size is reduced and its flowering period is accelerated to 8-10 weeks, being able to collect up to 450 gr per m2.


If this seems a little quiet to you, do not despair, because it is only an aperitif of what Kc Brains Holland is capable of doing, you can find varieties such as Bahia Blackhead, TNR, Kc 36, Sweet Dreams, and a long etcetera, which I invite you to discover, browsing through our online store, and we like to presume that we are your trusted online Growshop for our wide selection of large seed banks and products.

KC Brains Holland Auto: Quality for everyone!

Back in 1976, a seed bank came onto the market which has been very special ever since and which, after more than 30 years of activity, is considered one of the "bosses" of the cannabis world. KC Brains Holland falls in love with thousands and thousands of smokers around the world for the magnificent quality of its varieties at a very affordable price.

Its catalogue of autoflowering varieties does not stand out for its diversity but, as my mother would say, "little is better and good than a lot and bad". Its growing is very simple and its productivity is more typical of a seasonal variety than an automatic one.


Catalogue from KC Brains Holland Autoflowering

KC 48 Auto from KC Brains Holland

KC 48 Auto is an easy- to grow dominant Indica hybrid, perfect for developing SOG crops using cuttings or SCROG with cultivation mesh.

In indoor crops, keeping the percentage of humidity stable, using a hygrometer, you can easily collect about 450 grams per m2. With pots of 7 liters you will have enough space for an optimal development, and in addition you will be able to place up to 14 plants by m2.

In outdoor crops place it in a definitive pot of about 20 liters, thus avoiding transplants and be able to damage the roots and spoil much of the production.


KC 51 Auto from KC Brains Holland

An urban legend says that the autoflowering varieties are not powerful, as they certainly do not know the KC 51 Auto of KC Brains. A weed that stands out precisely for its very powerful effects, as well as for its excellent production capacity.

In indoor crops place it under an LEC focus with 315 w, at 20 hours throughout the crop cycle, and you will see how impressive the results are. More than decent productivity awaits you in just 70 days from germination.

Outdoors the best thing is to place it on a substrate already fertilized as Heavy Mix of Top Crop, with which you will have covered all the necessities of the first month of life to lack of irrigations. 85 grams per plant are waiting for you.


Diamond Queen Kush from KC Brains Holland

This is one of the most outstanding autoflowering varieties in KC Brains Holland's catalogue, a truly productive variety.

In indoor crops you can reach 700 grams per m2, placing it in pots of 7 liters with which you will fit about 14 plants per m2. It's very easy to grow and doesn't need extra care or anything like that, so even the newest grower can make good use of it.

In outdoor crops he likes the sun and good climates, although his ruderalis genetics gives him a good tolerance to the environment and humidity. About 160 grams per plant are waiting for you in the best conditions.


Lemon Sputnik Auto from KC Brains Holland

The Lemon Sputnik Auto is an incredible strain that falls in love with every puff, with a truly exceptional taste.

In indoor crops, its indica structure is perfect for applying a SOG crop and increasing productivity by maximizing profitability in tighter spaces. It can reach 600 grams per m2 in just 74 days from germination, which, as always, we recommend you do in wet napkins.

In outdoor crops is not stretched too much, so it is perfect for not attracting attention and also be able to cultivate it in the small balconies of cities. Its production can reach 100 grams per plant.


Space Mango Auto by KC Brains Holland

Its name comes from a very special variety. A marijuana seed with a fruity and sweet flavor, a few clear touches of tropical mango that turn each puff into a very special smoke.

In outdoor crops its production is stretched to 180 grams per plant, a pass being a marijuana plant that does not exceed 30 cm in height. Its size is its best virtue, because you can place it in small gardens where they will go unnoticed as one more plant if you know how to hide it.


You can now find available in PEV Grow the catalog of autoflowering varieties of KC Brains Holland. Quality, productivity and a price suitable for all pockets. For you smokers!

KC Brains Holland, for lovers of sweet flavours


Kc Brains Holland, is one of the most veteran seed banks in Holland, and as you know, in the cradle of cannabis, do not give away fame at all, in a market so complicated, and good proof of this is that Kc Brains Holland has been creating exquisite varieties for more than 30 years, more specifically since 1976.

On this occasion, we have added to our online store, the catalog of regular varieties of Kc Brains Holland, all of which are characterized by sweet flavors, powerful effects and high productivity, all at an affordable price.

KC Brains Holland Catalogue

KC Brains TNR

Kc Brains TNR, is one of the most prominent regular varieties in the catalog of Kc Brains Holland, and have been especially to be grown outdoors, which does not mean that you can not grow it under the shelter of a good closet. Outdoors, it has an incredible resistance to pests, but hopefully the best thing is not this, but you still need to know that you can harvest up to 1000 gr per plant, crazy! Indoors, I recommend that you use a SOG crop for cuttings, to control their height, and that you place a good HPS focus of 600w.

Northern Light Special

Northern Light Special, has been designed especially for lovers of the Indicas, a version of a classic cannabis, which has enamored thousands of smokers for its incredible narcotic effects. Inside, with 7 litre pots, you will be able to place 14 specimens per m2, and you will be able to extract 350 gr per m2. Outdoors, with a good quality substrate, such as bat guano, you can get large harvests, which can reach 750 grams per plant.

Afghani Special

It is characterized by a spicy aroma and at the same time mystical, traditional Afghani varieties, which undoubtedly have a lot of personality. It becomes a plant of cannabis, very resistant and robust to the attack of fungi outdoors, which will produce an enormous amount of buds that can reach 700 grams per plant. Indoors, under a 450w LED lighting and using 9 liters flowerpot, you will wait about 400 gr per m2, which you can even boost if you use a good fertilizer for flowering as Top Bloom Top Crop.


These wonders and many more like Brains Choice and Haze Special, await you anxiously in our online store, where we bring for you, the best seed banks in the market. Stay with us and discover the potential of Kc Brains Holland!

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