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Reggae Seeds, TOP quality seeds "Made in Spain".


On this occasion, I am pleased to announce that we have just added the Reggae Seeds catalogue. This Spanish seed bank began its activity in 2006, but its creators have been collecting genetics from all over the world since the 90s, and working with them to create hybrids of the best quality.

The feminized varieties of Reggae Seeds, are characterized by their ease of cultivation and easy adaptation to the environment, either indoors or outdoors, but thanks to your short stature and low branching, are perfect for placing indoors under artificial light.


Our customers' favourites


We have selected for you, the feminized varieties of Reggae Seeds preferred by our customers:


Juanita La Lagrimosa

The origin of this wonderful weed is fruit of the marriage between Mexico, Afghanistan and Queen Mother original, being born of this combination, a marijuana that has been rewarded in different cannabis contests.

One of the characteristics that most enchants Juanita la lagrimosa, are its organoleptic properties, marked by a citrus aroma and Haze, as well as a fruity flavor with touches Hash, a real enjoyed.

Its effects are powerful, euphoric and very cerebral, perfect for those seeking very strong emotions.



Its origin is the result of the genetic combination between Black Domina and Dancehall, two true champions, which result in one of the most magnificent strains in the catalogue of Reggae Seeds.

In indoor crops, is perfect for SOG crops by cuttings, with which you get its most productive version, getting to collect between 400-600 gr per m2. You know that you can find your best culture cabinets and lighting systems in our Growshop online no?

In outdoor crops, you can get the best results if the culture in a climate like the Mediterranean. To put the icing on the cake, I use Brutal Buds as a stimulator for fattening buds, further enhancing their flavor and aroma, as well as their size.


This is just a small aperitif of what Reggae Seeds is able to do, I invite you to dive into their catalog of feminized seeds and let yourself fall in love with each of their wonderful creations, made with all the affection of breeders whose main obsession is to do a great work.

Reggae Seeds, the kings of regular varieties


The catalogue of regular Reggae Seeds varieties, breaks into our Growshop online, and does so to stay permanently, because at PevGrow we are obsessed with quality products, and I guarantee that regular Reggae Seeds, are a real treat. It was in 2006, when Reggae Seeds officially began its activity as a seed bank, but their breeders have been working since the 90's in the preservation of genetics and the creation of the best hybrids, using the most outstanding genetics of the panorama. The aim of Reggae Seeds, is to bring growers closer to regular marijuana seeds because they are indispensable to cross with females and get exclusive genetics, go ahead, now you can create your own versions!


The most outstanding regular varieties of Reggae Seeds


I have taken the small freedom, to select for you, the regular varieties of the catalogue of Reggae Seeds, which in my opinion are the most prominent:



One of the beasts in the catalogue of regular varieties of Reggae Seeds, whose origin is the result of the genetic fusion between Juanita la lagrimosa and Kalijah, two true goddesses who have had as fruit a weed, which has been awarded the first prize Cannabis Championship Cup 2010 and the Alacannabis Cup 2010 in the category of organic indoor cultivation.

Its aroma of wet earth and incense, combined with its impressive taste of acid fruit, you will live a gourmet experience typical of an authentic Michelin restaurant, you will never forget it!

Their effects are psychoactive, with a prolonged duration in time, in combination are their high levels in CBD, make it a very interesting choice for all lovers of medical marijuana.



One of the stars of Reggae Seeds, faster and more productive, since in only 45-55 days of flowering period, you will be able to collect between 300-400 gr per m2 in indoor crops, for which I recommend that you use 7 litre pots, placing 14 copies per m2 under a 450w LED luminaire. It is important to leave it about 4 weeks of growth before passing it to flowering.

In outdoor crops, productivity is scandalous and can reach up to 700 gr per plant, and is characterized by its flowers are covered with an impressive layer of resin, which makes it a perfect choice for extractions of BHO.


Travel to wonderland with Reggae Seeds and your trusted online Growshop, don't miss this wonderful opportunity. You can smoke them and enjoy an impressive sensation or for those more avid of knowledge, create your own versions, Do you dare? Already in PevGrow!

Reggae Seeds, pioneers in having a complete collection of varieties rich in CBD. They know very well what they are doing!


Dear grower! I am proud to announce the inclusion in our catalogue of the CBD-rich seeds of Reggae Seeds, a Spanish seed bank that has opened a hole in the world based on work and perseverance, and it has been the first seed bank in the world, to have a complete collection of varieties rich in CBD, are you going to miss it?

The guys at Reggae Seeds, know for years that medical marijuana is booming, so they got down to work and developed their own catalog CBD.

All of them are suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, but Reggae Seeds is undoubtedly a lover of indoor cultivation, for the customization that you can apply to your crop, and all its strains are characterized by having a medium or small size and a small branching, perfect for placing in a growing cabinet under artificial light.

In PEV Grow we appreciate very much the opinion of our customers and we have selected for you, the varieties rich in CBD Reggae Seeds preferred by them:



Its genetics is scary, comes from the relationship between Black Domina and Dancehall, two authentic myths, which become a weed winner of several Cannabis cups of great relevance and is not surprising, as their effects are really powerful and cerebral, with very intense psychoactive properties, all accompanied by a quality of another price level.

Medicinally it is perfect for the treatment of depressive states, since the joy that it contributes is perfect to animate itself and to increase the creativity and the desire to do things.

Its very Black Domina aroma with fruity touches derived from the Dancehall, gives it a lot of personality.



Another champion, winner of the first prize in the Cannabis Champions Cup 2010 and another first prize in Alacannabis Cup 2010 in the category of organic indoor cultivation, so you see rehearsing your obeisances because we are before a real queen.

Its cultivation is suitable for indoor and outdoor, but as you know, the characteristics of Reggae Seeds weeds, make them a wonderful option for indoor cultivation. You will be able to harvest in only 60-70 days, between 350 and 500 gr per m2, for which I recommend that you use 11 litre pots under an HPS light of 600w.

In outdoor crops, its size makes it a perfect option to go unnoticed among your neighbors and the best thing is that it will surprise you with a pleasant surprise, and is that it comes full of buds, more specifically 500 gr per plant. For it adds a good substrate with guano of bat, with which you will provide the necessary nutrients to overcome of natural form the attack of numerous plagues.



The new one in the catalogue, but no less important than the others, is that in the short period of time it has been in the market, it has conquered the heart of our customers, and has become one of the references of the Reggae Seeds catalogue. Its effect is energizing and inspiring, and is accompanied by an impressive physical relaxation.

Its organoleptic properties are past, and is that its strawberry flavor leaves a pleasant sensation in the mouth, which is followed by some earthy touches that give it a very attractive final punch, all combined with a fruity aroma that brings freshness and is accompanied by a dense smoke, a delight for the senses!


But remember, this is just a small selection of the 3 weeds preferred by our customers, now it's your turn, dive into Reggae Seeds' extensive catalogue of CBD-rich varieties and find out which weed is your favourite!

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