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Reggae Seeds 

Reggae Seeds is a Spanish bank marijuana seeds regular and feminized. Although the project did not begin in earnest until 2006 its creators had collected since the nineties, the best genetics they found in the world. Their varieties that can be grown indoors and outdoors, thanks to its size and low branching are ideal for crops with artificial light. If you like regular, you're lucky, this young bank specializes in this type of seed. They believe that male plants, even if they do not produce flowers, are essential for crossing with females and get exclusive genetics. And they offer a wide range of regular seeds to growers so they have the opportunity to experiment with their own plants. Dancehall, was a winner at the Cannabis Champions Cup 2010 in the category of culture within an impressive regular seed. However, if yours are feminized seeds, Juanita the Lagrimosa is a plant that you will never forget. Enjoy!