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Exotic Seeds: Feminized varieties that won't leave you indifferent

Attention Cannalovers, we have great news, we are proud to announce that you can find in our online store, the varied catalog of feminized seeds of Exotic Seeds. All Exotic Seeds strains have a common denominator, and they follow to the letter, and are very high quality standards, with high productivity, very selected and worked organoleptic properties and good resistance to pests so that growing them outdoors is a very simple task, and the best of all is that they are within everyone's reach, an unbeatable quality-price ratio!

The origin of Exotic Seeds, goes back more than 20 years, and much work after, very careful selection of the best varieties in the world, and many successes behind it, today is considered one of the great European seed banks, will you be able to choose only one of its varieties, between such a star firmament?


The best feminized seeds from Exotic Seeds:

Amnesia 7

Perfect for lovers of real strong emotions, and this weed will stagger even the most experienced smokers, so watch out! It's a beast! Its origin is the result of the genetic marriage between Amnesia Hy-Pro and a male PP#7, which gives rise to a predominantly Sativa plant, which is characterized by very simple care, making allegory to the famous television ad: "Do you like to drive?", because carrying this crop, is really how to go on wheels. In indoor crops, I recommend that you use 7-litre pots and place 14 pots per m2, so you can collect up to 550 grams per m2. Outdoors, his behavior is exemplary, is a real spartan against the white fly and fungus attacks, but if you use a good fertilizer will reach the maximum stage of splendor, being able to collect up to 900 gr per plant, willing to know the love of your life cannabic?


Tangerine Kush

The Old Lovers are in luck, because Exotic Seeds has thought of them, creating the Tangerine Kush, which has an incredible taste of fresh citrus, combined with a Kush aroma that brings an authentic gourmet experience. Indoors, its behaviour is magnificent if you use 9-litre pots and place 11 pots per m2, with a 600w HPS lighting system you can obtain up to 500 gr per m2. If you are an expert grower, it is perfect for a SOG crop, but if you do not know how to do it quietly, because if you visit our blog you will find an article that explains step by step how to do it, it is not complicated! Outdoors, I always recommend that you work a good substrate so that the plant gets the best possible performance, one of them is bat guano, which also provides extra protection against certain pests. If the plant in full soil you can get 500 to 700 grams of dried flowers per plant, it all depends on the care and care you give them.


Discover these strains and many more such as Lemon Candy, Quick Mass or Blue Monkey in PevGrow, and live an unforgettable cannabis experience, thanks to Exotic Seeds!

Exotic Seeds: Discover the most exotic auto seeds on the market

In this occasion we have the pleasure to incorporate to our catalogue, the autoflowering varieties of Exotic Seeds, characterized all of them by a genetic of great vigor and productivity, as well as a tropical aspect that confers an unpublished beauty, contributing a very distinctive touch to your culture of cannabis.

The origins of Exotic Seeds go back more than two decades, and its fundamental premise is to provide premium quality seeds within reach of all pockets, with a very high productivity, good resistance to pests and inclement weather, and organoleptic properties that will undoubtedly leave you speechless, do you dare with them?


Exotic Seeds autoflowering varieties catalogue:

We have made a small selection of those Exotic Seeds autoflowering varieties that we liked best, either because of their productivity or because of their magnificent flavour, and we have decided to share them with you in case you find them useful.

Russian Automatic

In the first place of podium, our favorite is the Russian Automatic, which is the automatic version nothing more and nothing less than AK47, a legend of cannabis! Its origin is the result of the fusion between Ak-47 x Skunk Auto, giving rise to a plant easy to grow and very grateful. In interior, I recommend you to use 11 litre pots to develop their vegetative growth to the maximum, and also to place them under HPS lamps of 600w, being able to obtain up to 500 gr per m2. Outdoors, it needs temperate and hot climates, and if you have the possibility of cultivating it in mother earth, it will grow to its wide, contributing an incredible amount of quantity of buds that can arrive at the 150 gr by plant.


Auto Monster Hash

In second place in our ranking, we placed the Auto Monster Hash, which is perfect for relaxing after a hard day's work. Its taste and aroma, are a real pleasure for the senses, intense and sweet, with earthy touches that give it a touch of unique personality that you can not forget. If you grow it outdoors, an 18 litre pot will harvest lots of buds full and covered with resin, making it a perfect choice for BHO extractions.

Mango Cream Auto

Closing the podium of our present Mango Cream Auto. This weed is a real delight for the senses, and is that its taste of ripe fruit with citrus touches is a bestiality, all this added to its relaxing effects that will help you to fall into a deep sleep that will take you away from the worldly stress that surrounds us. Outdoors, it behaves well in hot climates so it is not very friendly to cold, so I recommend you plant it at the latest in July (Northern Hemisphere).


This is just a small part of Exotic Seeds extensive autoflowering catalogue, where you can find other strains such as Green Gummy Auto, Black Lemon Auto, Black Haze Auto, Sir Jack Auto, Jungle Fever Auto, and a long etcetera that you can already discover in your trusted online Growshop, PevGrow!

Exotic Seeds: Regular seeds with great resistance

The regular varieties of Exotic seeds, have arrived at our online store, and believe me it is to stay, because these varieties of cannabis are a real treat for your senses. More than 20 years ago, a group of breeders friends joined together to create what we know today as Exotic Seeds, the result of hard research and selection of the best tropical seeds on the planet, and developing their own creations, with a non-negotiable factor, quality.

All the regular seeds of Exotic Seeds, are characterized by their good resistance to inclemency and attacks in outdoor crops, their productivity, their vegetative growth, and their incredible aromas and flavors, which drag a good caterva of followers along the globe.

Discover the catalogue of regular varieties of Exotic Seeds:


Devil Kush Regular

Devil Kush Regular is a regular seed of predominance Indica, with a short flowering period of only 8 weeks, with brutal yields and easy to cultivate, do you need any more argument? This weed originates from the union between a Purple strain x Og Kush male and a Sir Jack model, which is characterised by vigorous growth, developing in a columnar fashion with a large central bud. In indoor crops, I recommend that you use 7 litre pots, and place 14 pots per m2, and you will be able to collect up to 400 gr per m2 giving it 3 weeks of growth.

Under the light of the sun, you must water it with good nutrients so that it shows you its best version, outside, as the professional pack of Top Crop, where you will be able to find the organic fertilizers necessary for each one of the stages of culture, to a price without equal.


Mango Cream Regular

For lovers of quality Gourmet experiences, Exotic Seeds has developed Mango Cream Regular. Its flavor is from another planet, very smooth and sweet with citrus nuances and a Skunk reminiscence that is a real pass, if you try it, you won't be able to forget it! In interior crops, I recommend that you use 11 litre pots, placing 9 specimens per m2, and if you also place it under a 450W Led lamp, you will give your weed the space and time necessary to obtain a very good vegetative growth and be able to obtain up to 550 gr per m2. Outdoors, my advice is to use a quality substrate and mix it with worm humus, if you have no mishap you can collect a good dose of tasty buds.


White Jewel Regular

White Jewel Regular is the most productive variety in the catalog of Exotic Seeds, and its origin is the result of the genetic confluence between S.A.G.E x Devil Kush F1, giving rise to a variety predominantly Sativa, short flowering and a flavor and aroma that undoubtedly mark differences. In indoor, in only 9 weeks you will be able to collect 550 gr per m2, which is said soon, but for it my recommendation is that you use flowerpots of 5,5 liters, placing up to 20 copies per m2. Outdoors, as long as you can, growing in mother soil is a pass, because the plant acquires all the nutrients it needs naturally in the growth phase. You are going to hallucinate with the cerebral high that you are going to experiment with this herb.


Enjoy these regular varieties from the Exotic Seeds catalogue and many more, now available in your trusted online Growshop, PevGrow!

You now have available in our online growshop, the catalog of CBD rich cannabis seeds from Exotic Seeds

Exotic Seeds has been working for more than 20 years, creating very special varieties of marijuana, which converge a common denominator, tremendous quality standards, organoleptic properties more and more impressive and all designed to put up with anything.

To choose Exotic Seeds is to bet on a winning horse for a seed that will surely gift good harvests and that have very high germination rates. With the boom the consumption of CBD has lived in the last decade, thanks to the scientific demonstration of its medicinal properties, all traditional seed banks have get down to business and begun to develop their catalog CBD Rich, and although Exotic Seeds currently only has a catalog rather succinct, is in full development of new varieties.


Exotic Seeds CBD Rich Varieties Catalogue  


Hippie Therapy CBD 

Daughter of a Loudberry and a Hippie Therapy, the boys of CBD Exotic, have obtained a specimen of balanced proportions between THC and CBD with levels of 7% and 8% respectively, what brings it balance and an effect very valued by those who look for rather a medicinal refuge in cannabis. 

In indoor crops, it will be ready for harvest after 9 weeks of flowering. It is a plant quite branched and dense, easy to cultivate, with a good substrate of quality and controlled irrigation, can get to give crops of 600 grams per plant. Outdoors, it will be perfectly ripe at the beginning of October, so you can grow it almost in any climate, as it avoids rain and the cold season. The production is very high, 800 grams per plant, as long as you have many hours of sun and plenty of room to grow without limits. 

Its taste is wonderful, an excellent combination between fruits, with a few sweet touches, which will drive any smoker who prides himself.


Medxotic Pure CBD 

Medxotic Pure CBD is a true wonder, the result of the genetic fusion between a Medxotic CBD and a CBD Therapy S1, achieving a pure strain CBD Rich, with THC levels below 1% and a percentage of CBD close to 10%. Its quality is very high, a weed very worked and in which Exotic Seeds has put in the grill all the firewood. 

Indoors, put it under the influence of a 600w HPS spotlight and a cooltube reflector. Its height is medium and its structure in the shape of a Christmas tree, allows it to exploit the maximum m2 as it does not take up too much space. The production is incredible, 550 grams per m2 after 9 weeks of flowering. Outdoors, put it directly on firm ground, with a substrate with coconut fiber and humus of red worm, in a sunny and dry climate and you will obtain a wonderful plant, that will give high yields. 

Its flavor is pure fantasy, a mixture between melon and orange that as particular advice, I strongly recommend you to vaporize, you're going to hallucinate! 

If you're looking for that medicinal marijuana plant that conquers your senses and fulfills all your expectations, visit Exotic Seeds CBD catalog. Now available at PevGrow! 

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