Exotic Seeds



Piensa En Verde is pleased to present this time the seed bank cannabis Exotic Seeds, which joins our extensive catalog, providing genetics of great vigor and exotic appeal of your culture provide a unique look !!!
Exotic Seeds has over 20 years of experience in the cannabis world globally, all strains were well studied and tested, getting satisfy growers worldwide.
In this bank what prevails is the quality, good yields in the vegetative development, power, hybrids with fruitful and good resistance, flavor, aroma and unique effect, from other banks in the market.
Exotic Seeds offers a magnificent range of 15 varieties, acquired after many years of hard work, trials and experiments to innovate and deliver the best for beginners and experienced growers.
In this line of seeds we will find, sativa, indica, autoflowering, feminized, powerful as genetics Amnesia, Haze Auto Black, Exotic Colours among others.
Get all these exquisite and delicious Exotic Seeds strains, now available for your enjoyment at the best price on your trusted favorite grow shop !!!