Pesticides against the aphids

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Now available at PevGrow, your trusted Growshop, the best pesticides in the entire cannabis market to fight the aphid. The days of aphid tyranny and evil have come to an end.

You're probably wondering what is the aphid and how does it affect your crop? The aphid is one of the most feared pests by cannabis growers, as it has an uncontrolled ability to reproduce and if not caught in time, can cause serious damage to both your plants and your health, as it can spread viruses or diseases.


How can I identify what my plant has aphids?

Aphids are visible at first sight to the human eye, thanks to their colorful characteristics, which vary in a range of colors between green or yellow black. It is also easy to distinguish between adult aphids and newborns, as adults are finned.

But the main characteristic by which they are betrayed is by the ravages they cause in the crop, since your plants begin to lose that precious green color that identifies them and they will have a muted color and little by little the leaves will twist until they fall.

It seems like a difficult battle to win, doesn't it? No, because with pesticides specialized in the fight against aphids, ending their presence in your crop will be a piece of cake.

We have selected the best pesticides against aphids, with 100% organic origins, tested and selected by our professional growers, formed by authentic professionals, and the thousands of experiences that our customers have sent us.


Anti-fouling Insecticide Flower:

Flower Insecticide Anti-Alphids is the best quality/price ratio on the market, with 100% effectiveness guaranteed, which will kill the aphid from the inside, as it works through contact or ingestion. As soon as you apply this product to your plants, any aphid that dares to attack them will be completely K.O.

Chrysoperla Carnea:

Chrysoperla Carnea, is the most ecological and effective way to fight pests, especially aphids. This product consists of a pot containing 200 Chrysoperla larvae, also known worldwide as the greatest enemy of any pest, as it attacks parasites and begins to suck their fluids until it leaves them dehydrated.


Winning the battle against the aphid is a matter of a piece of cake, with pesticides against the aphid, which you can already find in PevGrow, your trusted Growshop.

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